25 Sep 2010

Dilma Roussef is coming...

I’m trying to prepare myself psychologically to have Dilma Rousseff (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) from Labours Party as the next Brazilian President, but it isn’t easy. My mind just cannot afford such an absurd! How could it be different? How can I accept a woman who is accused of killing two police officers in the earlier 70’s besides taking part in robberies and other kinds of crimes as being President? I am assured that she will destroy my country politically and economically.

A woman who has as friends, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, scares me, and she supports the FARC (the revolutionary army of Colombia)!
In the presidential debate with José Serra (PSDB contestant) and other candidates she said that Colombia should negotiate with the FARC rather than struggling them! (I liked when José Serra argued that it is the same to say to Barack Obama to negotiate with Osama Bin Laden rather than fighting him).

President Lula, for sure, has been laughing aloud! He is behind all this! With his populist way of being, he has got support of the entire North and Northeast of Brazil - the poorest and most underdeveloped region in this country.
Instead of creating jobs for those people, he formulated a shrewd plan to give money for them. So, automatically he “bought” votes for him and all his minions - and it is the main reason for Dilma to have such a boom of voting intentions.
If people receive money for doing nothing, why should they work?

The state of São Paulo, lying in the southeast of Brazil, is the richest state. The capital, also called São Paulo, is the largest city in South America and the state as whole is dubbed as “locomotive of Brazil”, since it is responsible, alone, for more than 34% of Brazilian GDP.

This state has been led by PSDB (Partido da Social Democracia do Brasil) or Social Democratic Party of Brazil for 16 years long and will lead it for more 04 years (I’m predicting that the PSDB candidate Geraldo Alckmin will win this polls with a comfortable victory).
Do you understand what I mean?

São Paulo grows because it is not in PT hands and people from North and Northeast do not realise it! São Paulo “works” nonstop 365 days a year to be what is today, while the people there rest in the splendour of their laziness just awaiting for the money they get from the “father Lula” - as some call him. The result of all this is: São Paulo gets overpopulated because people from all those areas come here to look for a job or better condition for a living!

OK, it isn’t wrong!

São Paulo is always open for every one! We receive everybody from all corners of the world! However, what people from poorest parts of Brazil do not see, is that they also could have a rich state if they looked for work - and not only easy money! But, to change it, they should have a better education and so, to learn how to choose a candidate (and it is exactly what some politicians do no expect they have).

Of course, Im not generalising! It doesn’t mean the entire region (North and Northeast) are just after easy money! It refers only to the majority in the country who do not have education. The government take advantage of this to keep in control of the country!
Those people are only hostages of their own ignorance - but I will pay a high price for that!

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