31 Oct 2010

Dilma Rousseff is the next Brazilian President!

Dilma Rousseff, an ex-guerrilla and the preferred candidate of the outgoing President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, has won this Presidential election. She is the first woman who will held such a position in Brazil.
The ballots were closed about 17:30min - Local Time -, and up to now (20:46 LT) more than 95% of total votes were counted. She has around 56% of votes against 44% of his opponent José Serra. More than 135 millions Brazilians went to the polls.

I see no bright future.
She has no experience and has been counting on President Lula to be able to lead the country. Now, my country is covered in red (the colour of PT - Workers Party). PT has an absolute majority in Congress and the Senate.

This race ended up with a divided country and so, she will have to work hard to unite people. I don’t think she has ability enough to do that as well as to manage important things inside and outside Brazil.

Now, some questions come into my mind:
How will she behave towards FARC? Will she do the same as Lula did concerning Iran? What’s her real idea? Up to now, all she did is what her supporters and political advisers told her to do, and now? Will she be able to do something by herself without committing serious mistakes? Will she bring back the “old PT” with its Marxists ideas?

There are so many questions and unfortunately I do not have any answers to them; I have to seat and wait.

Being a Brazilian citizen, I have to cheer her on, after all my country is AT STAKE!

God help and guide us!

The 40º Brazilian President will be chosen today

Today, by early morning, I went to the ballots to cast my vote to choose the next Brazilian President. As usual, everything was calm and organized. I spent only about 10 seconds to sign my name and to press the buttons of the electronic ballot. It’s very positive about Brazilians elections.

Despite voting for José Serra, 68, a former governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil's most populous state, and a former health minister, I’m not sure if he will win this election. President Lula has been campaigning hard for his candidate Dilma Rousseff. Even though Serra is an experienced politician and Dilma has never held any public office, she has the back of the most popular President, so far.

Being Brazilian, I hope my country get the best administration, of course. However, it will be an unknown future, in case Dilma win this run off. She already said that will need President Lula’s advices to lead this country. But, what if he (Lula) was unable to do that? It is very worrying! Brazil would walk aimless!

As Brazil uses an electronic voting system, and final results are expected within hours of the polls closing, by the end of this day we will know who was chosen to be the 40º Brazilian President.

Let’s wait and see.

24 Oct 2010

An excuse to do NOTHING!

Since the beginning of this Presidential race, President Lula has been campaigning for his candidate Dilma Rousseff. It makes sense! After all, she is his pupil. The problem is that HE HAS NOT BEEN WORKING all those days!

Well... it’s OK. He never worked but, how can a President of a country leave its post temporarily to campaign for its candidate? Are the internal (an external) matters less important?

Through his acts, we can see how serious he takes his office!

11 Oct 2010

10 Oct 2010

Tiririca - A Clown for Brazil!

A controversial professional clown, known in Brazil as Tiririca, was elected to occupy a seat at Brazilian Congress as federal deputy. Tiririca, whose real name is Francisco Everardo Oliveira Filho, has won with more than 1.3 million votes, for São Paulo State, the most of any deputy nationwide.

Francisco Oliveira, a 45 year-old television comedian, had as slogan "It couldn't get any worse. Vote for me."
During his campaign he also used in his ads "What does a federal deputy do? I have no idea -- but vote for me and I'll let you know," or “"Vote for me as federal deputy so I can help the needy -- especially my family." He was running for PR (Partido da República) or , in English, Republic Party.

In the spots, he is seen dancing around with a cheesy grin, in a colourful outfit, blond wig and undersize hat, making fun of everything related to politics. Now, he will be part of it.

The big problem is that there’s a suspicious of Tiririca being illiterate! The judge for electoral zone of São Paulo Aloisio Sergio Rezende Silveira, demanded that the clown must prove to the law he is able to read and write since for Brazilian law, this is the minimum required for anyone interested in occupying a public office. If he does not pass the exam, he will lose his office.

In my view, people have cast their votes on him, in a kind of protest. I did not cast my vote on him but I cannot say he will not make a good job, just in case he is proved literate to the justice and go to the Congress. But it is really a risk.

Brazilian people are tired of being “clown” of the government, then have elected a professional one to have a seat at the highest degree of power in Brazil. Corruption, embezzlement, disregard for the people, briberies, prostitution, paedophilia and so forth are part of the news about Brazilian politicians.

If all this is “allowed” why does not have a CLOWN?

Once again, let’s wait and see what will happen to my country!

4 Oct 2010

"Demonising" Dilma Rousseff

I received some comments from readers of France, Brasil and Spain, that say I'm "demonising" Dilma Rousseff. That's not true. I have only been describing a clear view about what we can expect from her (possible) government.

When I say that she is a ex-guerrilla I'm not lying; she was actually a guerrilla in the early 70's. However It doesn't mean she is a rebel. Nevertheless her approach or ideas towards the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) let me in alert. She is prone to think that the President of Colombia should dialogue with this terrorist group instead of fighting them. As there's a stain in her past due to her participation in kidnappings and robbery and other crimes (although she denies it), so it really makes me think if she is the best option to rule this country.

Another question that worries me, is the fact that she never held any elective office. In my view, a person who applies for such a position of responsibility, should at least know by itself how to lead a county, a state or - as it is the actual reality - a country. All her positioning, up to now, is based on President Lula. The President is behind all strategies used to garner votes for her. If it was not for him, for sure she would not have so many votes (the voters cast their ballots on Dilma because President Lula asked for).

Let's imagine (in a very hypothetical situation) that President Lula was not instructing Dilma how to campaign on this election. I may assure you that she would not get the votes she obtained. That's to say, President Lula is doing exactly as the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin did (and still does) to President Dimitri Medvedev. The real governor is in the shadow.

Another issue that led me to believe she is not the best option to my country, is the fact that corruption hovered all over PT government since when President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, took on power. Lying behind his populist mean of governing there's always a looming darkness of corruption. The most famous among so many cases is dubbed "Mensalão" - a scheme of buying votes of legislators, that swept the country into a political crisis.

During the "Mensalão", PT party was seen as fully entangled into this mess and in the throes of this scheme, almost all allies, supporters and main advisers of Lula were involved in vote buying, bribery, embezzlement and so forth (only to give you a clue of the extent of such scandal, José Dirceu - ex-President of PT and ex-Chief of Staff, at that moment - and the closest friend of Lula, had his political rights revoked for 08 years. Lula, as usual, always denied any wrongdoing and still affirms he knew nothing about it.

Nowadays, all the "gang" who took part in this scandal, is still allied of the President Lula and, Dilma Rousseff took over the office from José Dirceu! So, what could I think about that? It is impossible to have faith in something that went so wrong!

Now, to the world, President Lula is a hero as well as for some parts of Brasil. However, any one who keeps updated about what really happens here knows that I'm absolutely right. I cannot stand having such a woman from "rebel" roots and dirty party (PT), ruling my country for more 04 years.

That's the reason I have been saying that I do not support Dilma Rousseff.

I hope you understand my view but you are always free to say what you think about it.

3 Oct 2010

Who will be the next Brazilian President?

Before crawling into my bed, I will leave here the "almost" final result of the election that happened today, after 99,47% of votes counted so far:

Dilma Rousseff (PT) - 46,82%
José Serra (PSDB) - 32,65%

The run-off will occur on 31 October 2010. Let's see what will happen!

Countdown - Brazilian Election 2010

With 94,58% of votes counted so far, Dilma Rousseff has 46,28% of votes against his contestant José Serra with 32,88%. It means that there will be a run-off - AS I HAD PREDICTED HERE! (see next post below).

All voting intention polls were wrong!

03 October 2010 - The future is in our hands

I have just cast my vote today, by early morning. As usual, everything was calm.

People here, in São Paulo, are going to the ballots in this cold and drizzling morning to choose who will rule this country for more four years.

In Brazil, there are over 22.000 candidates running for state and federal offices and more than 130 million voters who will decide how will be the next steps of this giant country.

Brazilian media has been appointing that Dilma Rousseff will win already in the first round. However I believe that there’s a chance of a run-off between José Serra and and Dilma (although I guess she will win the run-off).

Let’s see what will happen.

Being Brazilian, I just want to, - whoever win this election - have people able to manage so many problems and solve them. I hope to do not have to pay my taxes to see my money going down the drain amidst so many scandals of corruption as it’s been happening in the Lula’s government.

Yeah. I’m a dreamer.

2 Oct 2010

What can we expect from Dilma Rousseff?

It is a question that is coming into the minds of millions of Brazilians and foreigners.

For eight years long, we have been ruled by a centre-leftist leader who took as priority to tackle famine in Brazil. To do that, President Lula, created the "Bolsa Família" - a kind of programme where the Federal Government pays a value, monthly, to "poor families", that is supposed to be used by those families to buy vital provisions. The idea of such a programme is very positive and all the world gave kudos to the President Lula, for such an initiative.

However, the main objective of this plan was diverted from its original idea. Little by little, it was changed to a sort of political mean of buying votes. We could realise that, rather than give people job, they prefer to distribute money to them!

That’s the the ‘flag’ that Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT (Labor Party) has been using to win this next election. It is why Dilma Rousseff is far ahead in surveys of voting intentions!

So, what can we expect from this government?
Dilma Rousseff has no experience in anything but as a ministry of Lula’s government! She had never held a position as a Congresswoman, a Mayor, a Governor, a Senator or anything concerning an elective office. Then, who will govern us in case she assumes Presidency? Lula, for sure!

Like in Russia - where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the shadow behind President Dimitri Medvedev - if Dilma win the election tomorrow (03 Oct), I believe that Lula will govern for more 04 years - in the shadows. As it is a leftist government (who adores Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez), we can expect a Marxist government coming up (perhaps, Communism as well...).

It’s time to the world wake up.