3 Oct 2010

03 October 2010 - The future is in our hands

I have just cast my vote today, by early morning. As usual, everything was calm.

People here, in São Paulo, are going to the ballots in this cold and drizzling morning to choose who will rule this country for more four years.

In Brazil, there are over 22.000 candidates running for state and federal offices and more than 130 million voters who will decide how will be the next steps of this giant country.

Brazilian media has been appointing that Dilma Rousseff will win already in the first round. However I believe that there’s a chance of a run-off between José Serra and and Dilma (although I guess she will win the run-off).

Let’s see what will happen.

Being Brazilian, I just want to, - whoever win this election - have people able to manage so many problems and solve them. I hope to do not have to pay my taxes to see my money going down the drain amidst so many scandals of corruption as it’s been happening in the Lula’s government.

Yeah. I’m a dreamer.
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