31 Oct 2010

The 40º Brazilian President will be chosen today

Today, by early morning, I went to the ballots to cast my vote to choose the next Brazilian President. As usual, everything was calm and organized. I spent only about 10 seconds to sign my name and to press the buttons of the electronic ballot. It’s very positive about Brazilians elections.

Despite voting for José Serra, 68, a former governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil's most populous state, and a former health minister, I’m not sure if he will win this election. President Lula has been campaigning hard for his candidate Dilma Rousseff. Even though Serra is an experienced politician and Dilma has never held any public office, she has the back of the most popular President, so far.

Being Brazilian, I hope my country get the best administration, of course. However, it will be an unknown future, in case Dilma win this run off. She already said that will need President Lula’s advices to lead this country. But, what if he (Lula) was unable to do that? It is very worrying! Brazil would walk aimless!

As Brazil uses an electronic voting system, and final results are expected within hours of the polls closing, by the end of this day we will know who was chosen to be the 40º Brazilian President.

Let’s wait and see.
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