4 Oct 2010

"Demonising" Dilma Rousseff

I received some comments from readers of France, Brasil and Spain, that say I'm "demonising" Dilma Rousseff. That's not true. I have only been describing a clear view about what we can expect from her (possible) government.

When I say that she is a ex-guerrilla I'm not lying; she was actually a guerrilla in the early 70's. However It doesn't mean she is a rebel. Nevertheless her approach or ideas towards the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) let me in alert. She is prone to think that the President of Colombia should dialogue with this terrorist group instead of fighting them. As there's a stain in her past due to her participation in kidnappings and robbery and other crimes (although she denies it), so it really makes me think if she is the best option to rule this country.

Another question that worries me, is the fact that she never held any elective office. In my view, a person who applies for such a position of responsibility, should at least know by itself how to lead a county, a state or - as it is the actual reality - a country. All her positioning, up to now, is based on President Lula. The President is behind all strategies used to garner votes for her. If it was not for him, for sure she would not have so many votes (the voters cast their ballots on Dilma because President Lula asked for).

Let's imagine (in a very hypothetical situation) that President Lula was not instructing Dilma how to campaign on this election. I may assure you that she would not get the votes she obtained. That's to say, President Lula is doing exactly as the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin did (and still does) to President Dimitri Medvedev. The real governor is in the shadow.

Another issue that led me to believe she is not the best option to my country, is the fact that corruption hovered all over PT government since when President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, took on power. Lying behind his populist mean of governing there's always a looming darkness of corruption. The most famous among so many cases is dubbed "Mensalão" - a scheme of buying votes of legislators, that swept the country into a political crisis.

During the "Mensalão", PT party was seen as fully entangled into this mess and in the throes of this scheme, almost all allies, supporters and main advisers of Lula were involved in vote buying, bribery, embezzlement and so forth (only to give you a clue of the extent of such scandal, José Dirceu - ex-President of PT and ex-Chief of Staff, at that moment - and the closest friend of Lula, had his political rights revoked for 08 years. Lula, as usual, always denied any wrongdoing and still affirms he knew nothing about it.

Nowadays, all the "gang" who took part in this scandal, is still allied of the President Lula and, Dilma Rousseff took over the office from José Dirceu! So, what could I think about that? It is impossible to have faith in something that went so wrong!

Now, to the world, President Lula is a hero as well as for some parts of Brasil. However, any one who keeps updated about what really happens here knows that I'm absolutely right. I cannot stand having such a woman from "rebel" roots and dirty party (PT), ruling my country for more 04 years.

That's the reason I have been saying that I do not support Dilma Rousseff.

I hope you understand my view but you are always free to say what you think about it.
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