31 Oct 2010

Dilma Rousseff is the next Brazilian President!

Dilma Rousseff, an ex-guerrilla and the preferred candidate of the outgoing President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, has won this Presidential election. She is the first woman who will held such a position in Brazil.
The ballots were closed about 17:30min - Local Time -, and up to now (20:46 LT) more than 95% of total votes were counted. She has around 56% of votes against 44% of his opponent José Serra. More than 135 millions Brazilians went to the polls.

I see no bright future.
She has no experience and has been counting on President Lula to be able to lead the country. Now, my country is covered in red (the colour of PT - Workers Party). PT has an absolute majority in Congress and the Senate.

This race ended up with a divided country and so, she will have to work hard to unite people. I don’t think she has ability enough to do that as well as to manage important things inside and outside Brazil.

Now, some questions come into my mind:
How will she behave towards FARC? Will she do the same as Lula did concerning Iran? What’s her real idea? Up to now, all she did is what her supporters and political advisers told her to do, and now? Will she be able to do something by herself without committing serious mistakes? Will she bring back the “old PT” with its Marxists ideas?

There are so many questions and unfortunately I do not have any answers to them; I have to seat and wait.

Being a Brazilian citizen, I have to cheer her on, after all my country is AT STAKE!

God help and guide us!

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