2 Oct 2010

What can we expect from Dilma Rousseff?

It is a question that is coming into the minds of millions of Brazilians and foreigners.

For eight years long, we have been ruled by a centre-leftist leader who took as priority to tackle famine in Brazil. To do that, President Lula, created the "Bolsa Família" - a kind of programme where the Federal Government pays a value, monthly, to "poor families", that is supposed to be used by those families to buy vital provisions. The idea of such a programme is very positive and all the world gave kudos to the President Lula, for such an initiative.

However, the main objective of this plan was diverted from its original idea. Little by little, it was changed to a sort of political mean of buying votes. We could realise that, rather than give people job, they prefer to distribute money to them!

That’s the the ‘flag’ that Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT (Labor Party) has been using to win this next election. It is why Dilma Rousseff is far ahead in surveys of voting intentions!

So, what can we expect from this government?
Dilma Rousseff has no experience in anything but as a ministry of Lula’s government! She had never held a position as a Congresswoman, a Mayor, a Governor, a Senator or anything concerning an elective office. Then, who will govern us in case she assumes Presidency? Lula, for sure!

Like in Russia - where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the shadow behind President Dimitri Medvedev - if Dilma win the election tomorrow (03 Oct), I believe that Lula will govern for more 04 years - in the shadows. As it is a leftist government (who adores Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez), we can expect a Marxist government coming up (perhaps, Communism as well...).

It’s time to the world wake up.

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