31 Dec 2010

2011 with LOVE in our hearts!

It’s time to think...; to think about our relationship with our neighbourhood.

Hatred, xenophobia, rage, selfishness, egocentrism, disrespect, disregard, atrocities, corruption, envy and all sorts of malevolence are permeating this world faster than we could ever expect.

Wars are declared in name of a Religion, a god or a belief. Conflicts are made “simply” by disrespect, corruption, greed and desire for power. Money speaks aloud. People sells themselves for a bunch of dough without thinking in consequences. Drugs have been used as a “manner of getting away from problems and to show to others that it is nice to do it - as if it was part of a high society”. God, the Creator, has been put aside as an imaginary Being who never existed and He is nothing but a interesting “tale”.

Lots of money have been spent every day in researches to discover another weapon or a mean to destroy human beings quicker and easier than the ones the countries have nowadays - whilst these money could be used to feed millions of people around the world.

I see “we”, humans, as prisoners of our desires and wishes. We have forgotten that the best things on Earth are FREE. However, we do prefer paying a large amount of money to fulfill our uncontrollable will for consumerism, to enjoying our freedom. Yes... we prefer to pay for our joy...

The wind blowing over our faces, the shadow of a tree, the sunrise and sunset, the sweet sound of the rain hitting on the ground, the flowers and their scents, the sense of freedom and happiness we’ve got as we walk through the meadows, the rivers and their magic-nonstop course, a small stream and its little fishes, the magnificent view of the ocean and its endless sound of waves shocking among themselves, the lakes and their magic mirrors, the mountains appearing in the horizon concealing their secrets, the beauty of the snow, the wild life, the stars and the Moon, the Planets, our health and so many other marvellous things we can enjoy...! All this is FREE! The Creator gave us EVERYTHING and we say we did not receive it from a Creator, but all this was originated from an explosion, instead...!

It's crazy, isn't?

Rather than believing we were created, we are lead to believe that all those beauty and amazing things were sprout up in consequence of a big explosion! It’s really crazy...
I’ve never seen anything good emerge from an explosion! How could it be? When I heard this world - explosion - what comes into my mind is destruction, war, conflicts and all types of bad things..., ending in death.
OK. I respect your view if it is different of mine but I will never believe in this.

Folks, it’s so good to go to the bed with my mind in peace...! No anger, no hatred, no selfishness... but only PEACE and LOVE!
LOVE..., is it a magic world? What does it mean? We were born to love...

In my point of view, LOVE is a word that means ALL real nice things in our lives- in only four letters (in Portuguese, it’s four letters as well; we say “AMOR”). Love is magic. Love transforms people. Love changes minds and brings relaxation and pleasure. Love is the fuel of life. Without love it is almost impossible to live.
We were born to love and to be beloved.

In this coming year - 2011 - all I wish is LOVE!

This little word is capable of changing minds and hearts as well as bringing PEACE to our minds.

Say ‘YES’ to LOVE and ‘NO’ to wars.

God bless us!

See you next year (tomorrow! :-) and thanks for reading my Blog through this year of 2010!
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