24 Dec 2011


For Brazilians, public safety is among the main concerns of society. We live trapped in our own homes with fear of getting out and being surprised with an unpleasant burglar trying to enter into our houses or, when we are walking on the streets, we are always afraid of being robbed by some tramp – to do not say, afraid of getting a bullet into the brain due to a robbery. That’s as we live today.

The “Instituto Sangari” (Sangari Institute), a reference in researching violence in Brazil, has just launched a new map of violence with a summary of the last three decades. This study concludes that there is a tendency of stagnation of violence (it does not mean it is better now than before), and also reveals that homicides are migrating to regions that were considered calm or pretty quiet few years ago.

States that for years were considered relatively quiet, away from this homicidal rage, get into a maelstrom of accelerated violence. Others which have traditionally occupied leadership positions in the national violence now see their rates falling down, in some cases, dramatically. As an example, it’s mentioned the State of São Paulo, that a decade ago was deemed as very violent and now registers a decreasing 63,2% in its rate of homicides.

Nine metropolitan areas - Belém, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre – were part of this study. To these nine, was aggregated to the metropolitan area of ​​Vitória which, despite being much more recent, had a specific interest to examine the deadly violence in the country.

I feel necessary to bring up to the spot an astonishing number of violent deaths in this last three decades: more than one million people have died due to some sort of violence in Brazil. It’s far more than the number of death tool in countries that live in conflicts for ages! The rates of assassinations increased more than 259% from 1980’s to date – and population has increased only 60%.

I list below the States of Brazil, according to the research of “Instituto Sangari”. It shows in order of States more violents; the rate is per 100.000 inhabitants.

1º - Alagoas – 66,8
2º - Espírito Santo – 50,1
3º - Pará – 45,9
4º - Pernambuco – 38,8
5º - Amapá – 38,7
6º - Paraíba – 38,6
7º - Bahia – 37,7
8º - Rondônia – 34,6
9º - Paraná – 34,4
10º - Distrito Federal – 34,2
11º - Sergipe – 33,3
12º - Mato Grosso – 31,7
13º - Amazonas – 30,6
14º - Ceará  - 29,7
15º - Goiás – 29,4
16º - Roraima – 27,3
17º - Rio de Janeiro – 26,2
18º - Mato Grosso do Sul – 25,8
19º - Rio Grande do Norte – 22,9
20º - Tocantins – 22,5
21º - Maranhão – 22,5
22º - Acre – 19,6
23º - Rio Grande do Sul – 19,3
24º - Minas Gerais – 18,1
25º - São Paulo – 13,9
26º - Piauí – 13,7
27º - Santa Catarina – 12,9

Looking at this list and knowing that there were more than one million deaths within three decades, I may consider myself a survivor. Public safety is still a great concern among Brazilians but it is also related direct to education. The more education people have, the less violence to the future of people. Unfortunately, there are some governments that do not care about education, on the contrary, they think that the most uneducated people they have under “their” rules, the most votes they have to keep up governing them. They also depend on uneducated people to manage quietly their bribes, orgies and corruption.

Welcome to Brazil!

27 Nov 2011

NATO Ruins an already shaky relationship with Pakistan

The killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at two military outposts, hit by NATO choppers near the border area, has ruined American efforts to calm a relationship that had been rocked by Pakistani anger at America. Such a fatal error has been hampering all efforts America had been doing to get Pakistan at its side, as it was in the past. Now the relationship of both countries are teetering on the edge of a collapse.

It also show us, that all propaganda about “intelligent weapons” and “intelligence services” are nothing but exactly it: ‘propaganda’. Such a mistake should never occur! How could an ally kill other allies so grotesquely? Now It’s time to see if Pakistan will fully cooperate with America (and NATO forces) or will only pretend is cooperating to keep receiving money for allowing them to use their soil to attack others.

In my humble viewpoint, I can forecast a turncoat Pakistan gradually stopping fighting terrorism (if it has not being doing it) and helping those terrorists groups, in some way, to attack America and NATO, as a whole. All this, because NATO has been proving that it has no respect for Pakistan.

The price will be high.

28 Oct 2011


By evaluating Qaddafi attitude towards its own people and comparing him to his counterpart Bashar al-Assad, of Syria, I came to a conclusion that this one will be the next fall. But..., no; it’s not going to be a simply fall. If he continue to kill Syrians as he has been doing during these days, I presume that he has a great chance of being beheaded!

Think about it.

Qaddafi used his army to shoot civilians; al-Assad has been doing the same. A little difference between them is that, at least in Lybia, there were a few journalists who could transmit images from some cities and tell the world about the horrendous slaughter that was taking place there. In Syria, as a good dictator that al-Assad is, all International News  Broadcastings weren’t allowed to stay in the country. It means that he can commit murders as much as he can, without any concerning of being on the spot.

These kinds of men think that they are like gods and will last forever as the head (and “owners”) of their nations. Nevertheless, they forget that they should respect people’s wishes - and not to be against their wills.

How can a man in perfect sanity, instruct an army to kill his own people only to keep power in its hands? How can a man kill lots of people and go to bed and sleep peacefully? How can a dictator believe that his govern will last forever? I do not believe dictators are smart enough to learn that, in the history, dictators are always overthrown whatever by their own people or by a foreign country. Nobody likes them!

I would appreciate if I turned on my TV and saw the fall of Bashar al-Assad. It should be a tribute to democracy and one less dictator in the world. Dictators are cowards. They only think about themselves (and their families) and kill if they find someone who does not support their (usually) crazy ideas.

Bashar al-Assad, your day will come!

22 Oct 2011


If you have been following international news, for sure you know that Muammar Khaddafi (or Qaddafi or Gaddafi, depending on the language), the famous dictator who had been in charge of Libya since the end of 1969, has died after being arrested by “rebels” (in my point of view, he was executed after his arrest, since it’s possible to find images on the internet of a Qaddafi imploring for his life after being shot - see TV Al-Jazeera).

This revolution began, after Qaddafi responded with brutality when protesters took the streets to demand him to leave power. And, as we could see, his plan backfired.
He was a crazy guy with a terrorist curriculum on his shoulders.

Now, I ask myself (and you): What’s next for others dictators in the Middle East?

In a couple of years before, Hosni Mubarak, from Egypt, was deposed by a rebelled people tired of corruption, poverty and social inequality, among other things. Now, he is under military arrest.
Muammar Qaddafi, was shot dead after being captured.
Well..., there are still dictatorship in Jordan and Syria and in this last one, the President Bashar al-Assad (son of the dictator Hafez al-Assad who governed this country from 1970 to 2000), has been doing exactly what Qaddafi has done to his own people, that’s to say, killing then indiscriminately because they also want to be free of this sort of government. As for the Jordan, it’s another kind of dictatorship, since there, the man who leads the country is a king (King Abdullah II). If I was one of them, I would be very concerned about being ousted soon.

Dictators throughout this region should take into consideration that Western countries look at them with the corner of eye, since a huge part of Middle East and Africa has oil in their soil. So, any crazy dictator brave (or crazy) enough, who start killing its own people, will observe ‘rebels’ being armed by external forces which want them wiped out of the map.

The death of Muamar Qaddafi should be an alert mainly to Bashar al-Assad whom has been killing his people exactly as did Qaddafi. Perhaps he is the next dictator to be overthrown in the region. People are just tired of dictators.

And now, what’s next for Libya?
Let’s wait and see.

17 Sep 2011

Sarney, the Brazilian Godfather

We, Brazilians, unfortunately are used to seeing impunity in every political sphere, in a daily basis. Only to register one more to the statistics, Senator Jose Sarney, one of the most influential and powerful Brazilian politician, has won a battle in Court where he was accused of of several white-collar crimes such as money laundering, among others. 

Jose Sarney and Lula
The Federal Police Officer Chief Marcos Leôncio Sousa Ribeiro, unburdened: “such situations lead to wear of the Judiciary, which pays a huge price for the lack of credibility because it dissociates from reality." He also added “This type of conduct serves only an elite.” Leôncio, who I believe will pay a high price for having saying these words (and he is absolutely right) said “There is no country in the world with a law as restrictive as ours. And we still have to endure the judiciary that serves an elite. The background of the judiciary is at the service of elites."

Here I want to pay a tribute for our Federal Police men and women that do a good job in trying to arrest the most powerful politicians in Brazil. Although our Judiciary system serves only who owns money and power, we believe that one day, we will have a fair Justice and judges.
Keep doing this great job.

11 Sep 2011


Ten years have passed since the attacks inside the heart of the United States of America.

I still have pictured in my mind the airplanes colliding with the buildings, the fire and smoke, the dust, the firefighters wandering the streets of New York amid chaos, the police officers covered in dust, the sirens, the people running off, the flabbergasted expression  on ex-President Bush’s face and the silence that followed all this. It actually  looks like a film and not something that really took place - but it did.

Everything was broadcasted as if all this was big show. A theatre, perhaps. The world was shocked by the events. After all, the US was being attacked in their own soil! The United States of America, at this time, were the victim.

American people were thirst for vengeance. They should go somewhere and kill somebody! “It’s not time to think about anything; it’s time to do something”.
Ex-President George W. Bush, in an address to a joint session of Congress on 20th September 2001 said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." This sentence meant: “if you are not joining us to the battle to come, you will be deemed as our enemy”.
Well.., by doing this, he got more enemy than ever! Not that kind of terrorists that he preached tirelessly, but ordinary people around the world that had no sympathy for American policy of invading and killing any one they wanted, without UN Security Council’s consent.

During that days, the name “Osama bin-Laden” started popping up on televisions and newspapers, as well as specialists in terrorism all over the world presented this name as the mastermind of the attacks.
Well..., I think that everything started with Talebans, then, Osama bin-Laden.

So, the consequences.

The ex-President George Bush had to take some measures to show to the American people, and to the world, that America would do anything to catch up the perpetrators of this terrorist and coward attack. He had an obligation to demonstrate that, even with America being taken aback (similar to what happened to Pearl Harbour in 1941), America had everything under control. A false presumption, of course. Nevertheless, as he was a leader of  one of the most important countries in the world, he had to show strength despite being weak.

Then, he and his cabinet composed of Vice-President Dick Cheney, the CIA director Robert M. Gates, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) General Colin L. Powell (in my point of view the most important figure in his team) and the diplomat and, perhaps, the world’s most influent woman at that time - Condoleezza Rice, and other prominent people, decided that at first, Iran should pay for what Osama bin-Laden had done.

On 07th October 2001, American and British forces launched “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghani soil. As you can see, another catchphrase: “...Enduring Freedom”! Yeah, let’s kill for freedom! What a nice name! Nobody would take into account the death toll that was to occur, because soldiers were killing for freedom! They were taking civilians’ peace out and changing for freedom but..., of course all the world knew it was a serious mistake, except G. Bush and his allies.

Now the CIA had “confirmation” that Osama bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for attacking the USA on the 11th September 2001, had established himself in Afghanistan. He, the redoubtable terrorist, was giving support to the Talebans by giving them money and training, among other things.

Let me pause here:
During that days, I was not used to hearing words such as “al-Qaeda”, “Talebans”, “insurgents”, “IEDs” (improvised explosive devices), “WMDs”, “War on Terror”, Muslim, etc. These words now are part of my repertory since then. It’s impossible to see an explosion somewhere in the world and do not think “Gosh! Al-Qeda has exploded a pub in Sri-Lanka!” or “Was that petrol station blown up by a terrorist group or it was only an accident?”. The US made al-Qaeda powerful and famous around the world. I think al-Qeda  enjoys this sort of attention they get.
Any mad guy who try to kill somebody by shooting or throwing off a Molotov cocktail or whatever “weapon of mass destruction” he may use, will be deemed as a terrorist. It’s like a brainwash.
We were taught to believe that anyone surrounding us who do not have any sympathy for   the Occident is a real threat for us and for the world and is a a menace until proven innocent.

Bullshit! I think with my own brain and not with another’s mind.

Going back to Afghanistan:

After almost 10 years, coalition forces searched high and low for Osama bin-Laden inside Afghanistan - and he was not there.

What’s more, coalition invaded Iraq on 20th March 2003.
In their distorted view, Saddam Hussein was a real treat to America and should pay for it. The UN Security Council had not believed in it and so, had not approved of what General Collin Powell was saying about Iraq. The only country which supported such a false idea was England (well, let’s be fair here: ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair was to blame and not England or Great Britain as a whole, since British people had not supported such an attitude).

At first, the aim was to find out weapons of mass destruction (WMD) the Iraq had produced on a large scale in the 1980’s, according to “feasible sources” from inside the CIA. Then, the speech changed and G. Bush began to say that Saddam and Osama were friends.

Iraq was a bankrupt government and had absolutely nothing that the world could be afraid of. It was not a threat as it was thought it was. Over the years, the world started blaming the allies for the mess in Iraq and then, the US covertly changed the way they were managing this war and stopped speaking about WMDs. They chose another name to justify the war. A name that sounded like a great Hollywood film: “War on Terror”. Yes,  another name of great impact! By using this phrase, they could invade any country that “was not for America”! It wasn’t dependent of searching for weapons of mass destruction anymore. These words, “War on Terror”, means anything! It only depends on who says that.

Thousands of civilians and soldiers were dead and Saddam Hussein was made prisoner. Like a great show, the media around the world broadcasted each step of this “War on Terror”, ranging from the firsts days of the invasion to the capture and hanging of Saddam Hussein. The cruel dictator was in custody - but the war was still in the full swing. But, for that matter, we knew that it would be an almost endless conflict. Since Iraq was invaded because Saddam was accused of making WMDs besides being accused of being bin-Laden’s friend, and neither Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction nor Saddam was Osama’s friend, so the outcome was already known: a conflict without any real purpose and an outcome of mess, hatred, killings, revenge and all bad things that a war brings to a country.

Until then, America had no condition of thinking rationally. Everything they had done was based on emotion. Names and phrases such as “Freedom”, “God bless America!”, “We Can!” and any other exciting word that could be used to flourish patriotism in American people were widely used by the government.
After all this, and over the years, American people started waking up. Bush was wrong. If Saddam was dead why to keep up with struggle in Iraq? Insurgents, of course! That’s the name: Insurgents! It’s other word commonly used by this very government, to brainwash the world.

If a group of people were killed, they were insurgents. If soldiers invaded a house with children inside, there was no problem, they were looking for insurgents. An airstrike killed civilians? No problem. There were insurgents among them. Have you seen on TV a soldier pointing out a rifle to a crying little Iraqi girl, about 06 years old, as she raised their hands? It’s a strong scene I will never forget. I know you know: he was looking for insurgents in her house! Insurgents, insurgents, insurgents... a magic word capable of cover up everything!

How many civilians have died since the attacks on 11th September 2001?
As for the “Daily News”, the official death toll of this day in America, was 2977 victims, plus hundred of bodies that were never identified. It’s sad, very sad. Civilians do not have to pay for anything they have never done.
OK, but my question is “how many civilians have died since the attacks on 11th September 2001?”. If you pay attention to this question, you will notice that we are so brainwashed about this happening that we are almost unable to think of civilians who died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., ever since.
How many civilians were killed in those countries? 10.000? 50.000? 100.000? Nobody cares! They were not American! Children of these countries do no have blue eyes and use weird clothing and, perhaps, will grew up and learn how to hate America. So, why do not kill them?

In this sad day, ALL civilians should be remembered. Even that ones we will never know the name. However, CNN, BBC (the big ones) and others small groups of (still) dependable media are American and British, and for sure, they will never say any name of civilians killed by air strikes or allied fire. We are lead to believe that there’s only ONE victim in all this: America. However, it is wrong. The US have their victims and they deserve all respectable tributes BUT they also have killed thousands of civilians ever since and those civilians also deserve respect. Tell me, why not?

Hmmm... I know; nobody cares.

Finally, Osama was killed by Obama. Ops! It’s not a pun!
After searching in Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama bin-Laden was found... in Pakistan! It only proves that Bush was totally wrong about his stubborn viewpoint on making war on Iraq. The UN Security Council was right and the US were wrong.

Barack Obama, the first and (till now) only black President the US have ever had, caught Osama bin-Laden!
He nailed it!

He accomplished his promise of searching and capturing the world’s most wanted terrorist! Obama caught Osama! The world was appalled! Was it real? Osama bin-Laden was dead? How come?

On 2nd May 2011, Operation Neptune Spear was carried out. The aim: to kill Osama, the terrorist. A Special Force went into Pakistan, invaded a house (his private compound) where he was assumed to be in, and shot bin-Laden to dead.
Finally, a great news after so many lies about this guy. The man who assassinated thousands of innocents around the globe, now was dead. The world would live in peace, in the end..., well, it is what came into my mind. But it wasn’t like that.

After eyewitness thousands of civilians being assassinated in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Muslim world restarted preaching their hatred for America. Before September 2001, al-Qaeda was the only known group to hate the US. After that happenings, hundreds of groups were born with this sick idea.

So, may I deem the world safer after all those conflicts and death of Osama? Sure, not! The world is far less safe than before the attacks!
As a result of all this, we lost part of our freedom. Yep, the same FREEDOM the US talked so many times! Now, we are prisoners of their acts towards others.
Although everything is made in name of security, we cannot travel by plane anymore carrying our briefcase with a simple bottle of water. “Take out your belt and shoes off” - it’s what we hear before embarking. WE, ordinary citizens, are suspect till proven innocent! It’s weird, isn’t? All the world is paying the same price for stupidity committed by others. They fought for freedom, but we lost ours.

On this day, 11th September 2011, let’s think with our own brains. Let’s not be swayed by televisions or other’s minds who make of this day a big theatre to sell images to the media all over the globe.

Let’s pray for ALL victims of this tragic day. Not only American casualties but ALL of them who lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Remember: powerful media broadcast only what they want you to see. It doesn’t mean they tell us lies, but it means they may tell you only part of the true or only one side of the history.

Eventually, I tried throughout these words, to express my thoughts about what I saw during these 10 long years. I watch a lot BBC and CNN as well as I read at the same extent, newspapers and magazines such as “The Washington Post”, “Times”, “The Guardian”, and so forth. All of them, are well-respected means of communication. Although they are good source of news, they tend to be prone to one side only. After all, they are American and British and will not tell the part of the history when both countries could be entangled in some critic situation. Why would they tell to the world “We killed ‘x’ thousands of children, so far”?

My sympathies goes to all families of American, Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani people who lost their loved ones in reason of a twisted ideal that we will never understand: FREEDOM.

Thanks for reading.

31 Jul 2011

AIR FRANCE Flight AF447: Blame on Pilots, Shame on BEA

Brazilian Navy on the wreckage of AF447
According to BEA, Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses, the French air investigation, the accident of the flight AF447 that occurred in 2009, could be avoided by the pilots after the plane lost speed readings.

Analysing it rationally, It should not be any surprise, since the pilots are dead and cannot defend themselves.

As the report says, the pilots could have saved the plane after it temporarily lost its speed readings. Instead, they did the opposite of what was required pulling the aircraft up to a height at which it stalled and fell from the sky at 10,000ft per minute, "The situation was salvageable," Jean Paul Troadec, BEA director told reporters.
Brazilian Navy and the AF447 wreckage
Air France, immediately  defended its pilots in a statement released at the same time as the report was made public, saying the altitude alert system had malfunctioned.

Let’s analyse it: “the plane ‘temporarily’ lost its speed readings” and “the altitude alert system had malfunctioned”. What does it mean? The airplane had a problem - not the pilots. In this case, Airbus was to blame and not the pilots.
However, the BEA’s recommendation was to train all pilots on how to manage, fix and behave in such a situation.

Representatives of the victims' families have rejected pilot error as the primary cause, suggesting the economic issues at stake may mean a playing down of mechanical failures.

Airbus said on Friday it "welcomed the latest BEA interim report on the AF447 accident as a further step towards gaining a full understanding of the chain of events that led to this tragic accident".

Paying attention to Airbus statement, we can realise a sense of relief (or almost happiness) as the BEA report does not blame on Airbus; the guilty for this tragic event are all dead. They - the pilots - had a problem in their hands and did not know how to fix it! They are to blame! Ironically, to launch an airplane with defective parts is absolutely common, but the men who risk their lives to transport passengers around the skies, should be perfects.

I fully agree with victims’ families; this report is only useful for Airbus.

Something similar occurred in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2007 at Congonhas Airport. On 17th July of this year, an Airbus A320, TAM flight 3054 (JJ3054) operating as a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Porto Alegre and São Paulo, crashed upon landing. The twin-engined turbofan aircraft overran the runway, crossed a major thoroughfare during rush hour, crashed at high speed into a TAM Express warehouse adjacent to a gas station and exploded.There were 187 people on board: 181 passengers, 19 of them TAM employees, and 6 crew members. All passengers and crew were killed in the crash, in addition to twelve people on the ground.
TAM Flight JJ3054

zAt that time, TAM's president, Marco Antonio Bologna, and the airline's vice president Ruy Amparo, confirmed that the reverse thruster wasn't working and had been turned off. According to them, however, this didn't represent any danger to the plane, since the jet's manual in these cases only recommend that the failed equipment be checked in ten days, but DOESN'T TELL to stop flying the aircraft. ... ".

As you can see, TAM and Airbus should have find a way to fix this problem prior to any occurrence, but they didn’t. As well as it happened to the Air France 447, the pilots were to blame for that accident because “they were unable to cope with a critic situation when  it was needed”. That’s to say, it’s something like “we are going to put you, the crew and passengers to fly in a pressurised tube and this tube might have some defect, but you (pilots) are responsible for anything that cause harm to any one”.
TAM accident in 2007

Perhaps you want to know who, the final report released by Brazilian Authorities, have been accused for the TAM accident. I will say only the main one: ANAC! Yes, the “Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil”. It was blamed for allowing an airplane to land in a wet runway that was in bad conditions.

The losers of all those accidents are the victims’ families and the victims themselves. Airbus will continue to sell its airplanes as well as TAM and Air France will continue to sell tickets to people. The main difference between flights AF447 e JJ3054 is that Air France released a statement rejecting BEA’s report, whilst TAM did not make any mention to save the reputation of its crew.

I hope the real true may emerge some day and someone brave enough can say that the failure of the pilots (if there was some) was not the chief cause of the accident of Flight AF447, but a mechanical failure of the Airbus.

Shame on BEA.

In the end, the money always speaks aloud.

Is Dilma Rousseff different from Lula?

Despite still being reticent about President Dilma Rousseff (in reason of her being an ex-guerrilla and accused of participating in robberies and shootings), I could notice that she is a little different of ex-President Lula.

In her government we have been seeing lots of corrupts of Ministry of Transportation being  deposed. When Lula was President, he was used to covering up his ministries or friends even if it was proved that they were corrupts. As an example, I can mention “Mensalão” case: José Genoino, José Dirceu, Antonio Palocci, etc., all accused of corruption and friends of Lula. At that time, Lula said he did know nothing about corruption inside his government - what a chutzpah!

As I have said earlier, I do not trust in her government, but I can say that, at least, it looks like she will not allow some corrupts to take part in her office.

I hope I’m right!

24 Jul 2011


I’m still trying to understand how can someone kill so many people and think that it is absolutely necessary to show to the world his/her views on a subject!
In my viewpoint it is called “insanity”.

Afghanistan, Iraq, the USA, the UK - and now Norway?
Osama bin-Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Hussain Osman, Anders Behring Breivik (this last one, is only a suspect so far) and so many others who slaughter innocent people in name of a false moral or ideal..., how can they imagine that what they do (or have done) is a mean of bringing world’s attention to one’s cause? If they had a little of intelligence (even an iota), they should notice that (fortunately) the world still praises that ones who are seeking peace - and not death and destruction!

It’s weird - and sad - to see humankind destructing itself, sometimes using terrorism, sometimes making wars or killing each other in several sorts of reasons.

After seeing what happened in Norway (in my point of view it was a perfect society), I could realise that human beings will always be their own problems wherever they go. There’s no perfect society, there’s no perfect world. Whilst humankind exist, the planet will be at stake - always.

23 Jun 2011


Only in the first half of last year, Google was forced by the Brazilian authorities to close down 398 newspaper articles. It was world’s record for that period. It’s the double of the second of the list, Libya. Those data is from the report of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), released on 15 February, in Sao Paulo. Moreover, in the final days of the presidential race, judges issued 21 orders of censure, says a survey of the Knight Center for Journalism, Texas (USA). Many news agencies have also been fined or had to remove content.

"This picture shows that the censorship and self-censorship that comes along, reaching high levels, are very serious in Brazil," summarised Carlos Lauria, CPJ coordinator, who came to Brazil to present the survey “Attacks on the Press” in 2010. He handed out yet another smaller text on the situation in Latin America, in a meeting promoted by the Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji). "Our surveys show that 44 journalists were killed on duty and 145 prisoners around the world last year,".

Censorship at the one of the Brazil's biggest journal “O Estado de São Paulo”, now has reached almost 600 days and it is the highlight of the opening survey about the continent. "It is astonishing that in a country like Brazil, a major newspaper is banned from reporting about a major scandal involving political figures (in this case, the President of the Senate of Brazil - and ex-President of Brazil José Sarney, who demanded this censorship). I can not imagine the Washington Post being forbidden to publish anything about a former American president," said him. Lauria went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he met with officials of the “Planalto” (the Congress), the Secretariat of Communications and with Human Rights representatives. The agenda included a visit to the Supreme Court (STF).

This information was extracted from the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”.

22 Jun 2011

Brazil is (almost) Gay!

Since the beginning of this year (or the end of the last one), Brazilian media have been running on the spot about the gay rights. Whether through soap operas, news or magazines, they have  been constantly showing to the people that homosexuality is absolutely normal and we must accept it as something natural. In a nutshell, they are forcing it into our minds.

Last month, the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Brazilian High Court), unanimously voted for recognition of homosexual union. By this decision, gay couples have right to marry, adopt children, leave an inheritance for his companion, as well as it dependent on the statements of income and the health plan. That’s to say, they may build a family.

Some Senators also want to give them a special treatment or, in other words, to make a new law to protect them of any assumption of homophobia - and It is really hazardous.
Let’s suppose that a gay does not get a job in a competition with other heterosexual. With this supposed law, he/she could allege that did not get the job because its sexual orientation, and so, to fill a lawsuit against the company that did not contract him/her.

The article 5 of the Federal Constitution says that “Everyone is equal before the law without distinction of any kind.” If it was true, why to make such a law?
Well, if you are a Brazilian, you know that the article 5 is a bullshit! But it is not the case...

Ok. Gay couples do not have to be shunned by society for being homosexuals. It is their option and it ought to be respected. But, why to try to force it into our minds? I will always respect any one who respects me, that’s it! If you shows respect towards me, so I will do the same towards you and it has nothing to do with sex, race or colour!

I am not homophobic and think that all people must be respected regardless its sexual orientation, religion, colour or race. Nevertheless it doesn’t come into my mind that it is  normal. It does not make any sense because a male and a female fit together perfectly - and this is Nature Law (lex naturalis)!

If you want to be gay, Ok, but do not come forward to say that it is normal. In my point of view it is not; it is only a type of faddism.

Cesare Battistti was given a permanent visa

The Brazilian National Immigration Council (CNIg) decided at the meeting this Wednesday,  22 June 2011, to grant permanent visa to former Italian activist Cesare Battistti. The former activist had asked for the visa since he left prison, in early June, after the Supreme Court (STF) decided to deny his extradition to Italy.

That’s Brazil. All kinds of people ”shunned” by their society is welcome here (even if that person is accused of killing people in its country).

And my country wants to look serious before the world...!

16 Jun 2011

Cesare Battisti is officially free!

Through those words, I would like to express my sympathies with Italian people, over the Cesare Battisti case. My sympathies also goes to the families of his victims. I also ask Italian people to do not take it personal against Brazilian people, since the decision of releasing Cesare Battisti was solely made by the ex-President Lula and "its" Court.

Unfortunately, I am not shocked over the decision of Brazilian supreme court to take such an action towards this alleged assassin, since they have only endorsed what the ex-President Lula had ordered. This actual Court has no credit among Brazilians; everybody knows that what they do is only for their own wishes or to promote themselves.

In 2009, the Supreme Court denied asylum to four Cuban athlete that tried to stay in Brazil after Pan-American Games, and now, this same Court, allows a terrorist to live freely in this country. It is really hard to understand such a behaviour!

This is, somehow, good for the world to see how we - Brazilians - are actually governed. This is a leftist government who supports ex-guerrillas and now, ex-terrorists (and which more?). It is a country where corruption reign and where thieves and assassins are free to do what they want. However, this attitude MUST be taken into account by the UN Security Council and so, to block the desired dream of Brazil to have a permanent seat in this Institution.

Can Brazil have a permanent seat if it supports terrorists?

PS.: See my older posts on this subject:
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8 May 2011

Good riddance, Osama.

On 1st May 2011, the world was taken aback by the news saying that the world’s most wanted terrorist was shot dead. His name? Osama bin Laden (or Usama, for other translations).

The President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, went to TV to tell to the world that a small team of SEALS (it stands for Sea, Air, Land), an elite force of the Navy, had killed bin Laden when he was in his home, at the first hours of May.

Such a news, at first, sounded like an utopia. “Osama bin Laden dead?” I asked myself several times in front of TV. Is Mr. President Obama correct or my English is at such extent so bad that I cannot understand what he is speaking? I was altogether confused! However, after a couple of minutes, my brain started absorbing that news (I was shifting channels between CNN and BBC, besides some Brazilian news) and - yes! - I was correct: the world’s most wanted terrorist was deceased.

Today, 4th February 2011, this is still the most important subject all around the world and so, as we could imagine, alI kinds of specialists in this matter have been coming to light.

For the time being, the most significant discussions are about:

Is the US right for assassinating bin Laden?
Should the US bring Osama alive to face justice?
Have the SEALS dropped his body at the sea? Is it true?
Is there any picture of Osama’s body?
Have CIA known the name of bin Laden’s courier thanks to the “water-boarding” and other sorts of torture?
Is it a political battle?
Has Obama done it only because elections are coming?
Had the SEALS used a new sort of stealth helicopter?
Was it a political manoeuvre?
Is it the end of al-Qaeda?

Well, as you can see, there are lots of questions and few answers. Maybe some experts have the answers but, I believe that a huge part of them will only conjecture about, since that, for some of those questions, the correct response is related to national security.

Nevertheless, I will also be part of that ones who can only make assumptions about this matter. But I will try to do it without any sense of patriotism or hatred. I’m only going to depict what I saw and what I think about.

In my point of view, the United States is altogether right in killing a man who murdered thousands of innocents.
Why should the US take him up to face a tribunal (only to bring attention of lots of lawyers around the globe)? It would also attract attention of “jihadist” and other sorts of terrorists.
I can even imagine several kidnappers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other critical countries going to the action only to use the hostages as a bargaining chip, to get back Osama bin Laden. Of course, this is only speculation but I would not be surprised if it did happen. To have the world’s most wanted terrorist in jail is not a good idea; the problems would be bigger than to have him dead.

Now, let’s analyse the role of Pakistan in all this.

Bin Laden was living in a compound just a few kilometres of the Pakistani barracks, in the outskirts of Abbotabad. The house (that the media around the globe have been describing as a “mansion” - and had absolute nothing to to with it) looks like a fortress and, apparently, has nothing interesting to get attention from; it was chosen (or given) for Osama to be his hideout. But, did the government know nothing about his compound? How could the world’s most wanted man stay hidden inside Pakistan, near the Army? It is, - at least - weird! Or Pakistani Secret Service is totally inefficient and desultory or someone was being paid for hiding him. I believe that Osama has left important notes about his supporters... Let’s wait and see.

(Text to be continued).

2 May 2011

Osama bin Laden dead!

I have never celebrated death so far, but to wake up today and see the news about Osama bin Laden’s death was actually a sense of relief!

I’m going to write more about this during this week!


23 Apr 2011

Unrest in the Arab World

At least 10 people died today after Syrian security forces opened fire on protesters who turned out across the country to mourn dozens of demonstrators slain the day before - and there’s no word from the UN!

It’s intriguing that - with regards to Syria - the US, the UK and the UN took no action. When Qaddafi started killing its people, in Libya, the UK, the US, France and others countries promptly condemned its actions and planned and attack on Qaddafi forces. However, towards Syria there’s no move.

What’s the difference between Qaddafi and President Bashar al-Assad? Aren’t both crazy dictators or there’s no oil in Syria?

Whilst there’s no action - including from the UN - al-Assad will continue slaughtering his own people!

Those dictators are all a band of bastards!

3 Apr 2011

The Quran Burning and Two Idiots

Controversial American “pastor” Terry Jones, who oversaw the burning of the Quran by “pastor” Wayne Sapp, may be deemed as an idiot! Yeah, he and his counterpart, Mr. Sapp.

By burning Quran, we can not notice any difference between a radical Christian and a Muslim one. Those kinds of “pastor” just put evangelicals at stake with so mediocre attitude towards their “enemies”. They shouldn’t be considered “pastor”! Do you know why? Because in the Bible, Jesus Christ says to love our enemies! OK, it’s very hard to do that. To tell you the truth I do not love any enemy but I’m not so stupid to provoke them if I have something at stake!

I mean, with so many American soldiers fighting on Muslim countries, only being a dumb to do not understand that such an act would rise tension in those countries and put soldiers (more) at risk! The both (Mr. Terry Jones and Mr. Wayne Sapp) should pay for every life that will be take out in reason of this bird-minded act! Government around the globe have been doing every effort to try to ease those well-known problematic countries and a “pastor” put everything away!

Those “pastor” are not an example to be followed; they are as radical as their enemies! They should preach about peace and love and not about hatred and vengeance. They are the sole responsible for all atrocities that have been happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc, due to their irresponsible acts!


18 Mar 2011

Muammar Ghadafi - A Crazy Dictator

This terrible earthquake that played havoc with Japan suited Muamar Ghadafi down to the ground! It came exactly when he needed.

I will explain.

While the world is keeping an eye on the Japanese atomic crisis (as a result of the earthquake and tsunami), Ghadafi is taking advantage of this to kill his own people who want to see him out of power. Almost all TV around the world have been showing more about Japan than Lybia (and it is reasonable).

Today, the UN has approved a no-fly zone over Lybia and it means that military action against the Muammar Gadhafi regime could begin in the coming hours. It’s a little bit late, but it is still worth it.

The UN should react faster in cases like that. It’s almost the same that happened to Curds when Saddam Hussein killed thousands of them – and, at that time, the UN did nothing to stop such insanity. A dictator is a dictator no matter where he uses his power to subjugate people. In this especial case, it’s ironic to remember that only a year ago Ghadafi received a kind of “pardon” from some Western countries, related with his terrorist support on the Lockerbie case.

I hope the world can take some measure against this mad dictator and his son, Saif al-Islam. Different to Iraq, Libyans want to get rid of his leader and so, the world should help them. It’s time to oust those “godfathers” who use their influence to live like kings while people surrounding them have been living under oppression and in misery.

13 Mar 2011

8 Mar 2011

Corruption; that's it.

It’s not a surprise.

Senator Paulo Duque, friend of  José Sarney  (pictured) and “President of Counsel of Ethics” of Brazilian Senate, acquitted this latter of all denunciation of corruption.
Mr. Duque who is member of the same political party of Mr. Sarney (PMDB), archived all process against Senator Sarney because, as he said, "The public opinion is voluble; it changes quickly, to be fair or unfair."

Those politicians are proof that thieves govern us and are free to do what they want without fearing justice (after all they are in power of Justice)!

This is Brazilian politics.

6 Feb 2011

Arrested for making SEX!

Stacy Schuler, 32, a health and physical education teacher at Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, has reportedly been indicted on allegations of sexual misconduct with five students, most of them football players.

Reportedly, Schuler was indicted by a Warren County grand jury on 16 counts of sexual battery - to one student - and three counts of offences for offering alcohol to underage persons. All students are supposed to have between 16 and 17 years old.

By reading this report, I was wondering “why this teacher was arrested”! Is our society becoming so hypocrite to be able to act like that? Do you really believe that a 16 y.o. guy is a “child” and has never made sex with no one? In her case, does she have to be arrested for having (and giving) pleasure? It sounds weird! It doesn’t come into my mind that a human being doing what it is supposed to be done, have to go to jail for doing that!

Our society is made of hypocrisies! Surfing on the web, we can see that pornography is everywhere and perhaps, these very “teenagers” could be more perverted than this teacher!

I’m not writing here to advocate that she is right, but just to say that most of all of us like sex, enjoy doing it, and when we see a case like that we think it is “horrible” - but (we) keep imagining “Oh, it would be wonderful if I was her student!”.

3 Feb 2011

Unrest in Egypt and the moderation of the US

It's only a small comment to bring up to you:

President Hosni Mubarak is a "dictator elected democratically" who has always been supported by the US.

However, after lots of journalists being arrested, besides several Egyptian people, we can see an America without knowing what direction to take!

Which side is America now? Hosni Mubarak or Egyptian people?

Tough question to the White House!

23 Jan 2011

BBB 11 - Big Bullshit Brazil

What to expect of this kind of stuff? Of course, nothing!

This sort of programme is nothing but rubbish - that’s it: only rubbish! However, to make things get worse, the reality show “Big Brother Brasil” aka Big Bullshit Brazil - presented by “TV Globo” - has been coming down the level at such extent that the word ‘decay’ isn’t enough to describe it!

“TV Globo” does everything to get audience’s attention. This year, among the participants, there’s a transsexual and other sorts of people. Everything in name of audience - who cares about ethics?

OK. It is not only about “TV Globo”. In Brazil, the only channel worth watching is “TV Cultura”; the rest is only trash.

But, going back to BBB, I was astonished into seeing educated people paying attention to such a garbage! How can this be? Are we becoming slaves of television and so we watch anything?
You may think how I know that, right? I do not waste my precious time in front of TV looking at this. But, it’s impossible to do not know anything about if I have to go online to access my Yahoo! Brazil account. In the first page of this e-mail service provider most of headlines are about BBB. So, even if you are not interested in this litter you are obligated to learn what’s going on inside “the House”. It’s the price I pay for having a free e-mail service.

I have no idea if this reality show is so decadent in other parts of the world as it is in Brazil but, for sure, even if it isn’t “so decadent” is one of the most useless on TV!

Do not waste your precious time watching such a programme; go and do something useful for your mind and body, instead! For sure, your brain will thanks you.