23 Jan 2011

BBB 11 - Big Bullshit Brazil

What to expect of this kind of stuff? Of course, nothing!

This sort of programme is nothing but rubbish - that’s it: only rubbish! However, to make things get worse, the reality show “Big Brother Brasil” aka Big Bullshit Brazil - presented by “TV Globo” - has been coming down the level at such extent that the word ‘decay’ isn’t enough to describe it!

“TV Globo” does everything to get audience’s attention. This year, among the participants, there’s a transsexual and other sorts of people. Everything in name of audience - who cares about ethics?

OK. It is not only about “TV Globo”. In Brazil, the only channel worth watching is “TV Cultura”; the rest is only trash.

But, going back to BBB, I was astonished into seeing educated people paying attention to such a garbage! How can this be? Are we becoming slaves of television and so we watch anything?
You may think how I know that, right? I do not waste my precious time in front of TV looking at this. But, it’s impossible to do not know anything about if I have to go online to access my Yahoo! Brazil account. In the first page of this e-mail service provider most of headlines are about BBB. So, even if you are not interested in this litter you are obligated to learn what’s going on inside “the House”. It’s the price I pay for having a free e-mail service.

I have no idea if this reality show is so decadent in other parts of the world as it is in Brazil but, for sure, even if it isn’t “so decadent” is one of the most useless on TV!

Do not waste your precious time watching such a programme; go and do something useful for your mind and body, instead! For sure, your brain will thanks you.