6 Feb 2011

Arrested for making SEX!

Stacy Schuler, 32, a health and physical education teacher at Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, has reportedly been indicted on allegations of sexual misconduct with five students, most of them football players.

Reportedly, Schuler was indicted by a Warren County grand jury on 16 counts of sexual battery - to one student - and three counts of offences for offering alcohol to underage persons. All students are supposed to have between 16 and 17 years old.

By reading this report, I was wondering “why this teacher was arrested”! Is our society becoming so hypocrite to be able to act like that? Do you really believe that a 16 y.o. guy is a “child” and has never made sex with no one? In her case, does she have to be arrested for having (and giving) pleasure? It sounds weird! It doesn’t come into my mind that a human being doing what it is supposed to be done, have to go to jail for doing that!

Our society is made of hypocrisies! Surfing on the web, we can see that pornography is everywhere and perhaps, these very “teenagers” could be more perverted than this teacher!

I’m not writing here to advocate that she is right, but just to say that most of all of us like sex, enjoy doing it, and when we see a case like that we think it is “horrible” - but (we) keep imagining “Oh, it would be wonderful if I was her student!”.
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