3 Apr 2011

The Quran Burning and Two Idiots

Controversial American “pastor” Terry Jones, who oversaw the burning of the Quran by “pastor” Wayne Sapp, may be deemed as an idiot! Yeah, he and his counterpart, Mr. Sapp.

By burning Quran, we can not notice any difference between a radical Christian and a Muslim one. Those kinds of “pastor” just put evangelicals at stake with so mediocre attitude towards their “enemies”. They shouldn’t be considered “pastor”! Do you know why? Because in the Bible, Jesus Christ says to love our enemies! OK, it’s very hard to do that. To tell you the truth I do not love any enemy but I’m not so stupid to provoke them if I have something at stake!

I mean, with so many American soldiers fighting on Muslim countries, only being a dumb to do not understand that such an act would rise tension in those countries and put soldiers (more) at risk! The both (Mr. Terry Jones and Mr. Wayne Sapp) should pay for every life that will be take out in reason of this bird-minded act! Government around the globe have been doing every effort to try to ease those well-known problematic countries and a “pastor” put everything away!

Those “pastor” are not an example to be followed; they are as radical as their enemies! They should preach about peace and love and not about hatred and vengeance. They are the sole responsible for all atrocities that have been happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc, due to their irresponsible acts!


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