23 Apr 2011

Unrest in the Arab World

At least 10 people died today after Syrian security forces opened fire on protesters who turned out across the country to mourn dozens of demonstrators slain the day before - and there’s no word from the UN!

It’s intriguing that - with regards to Syria - the US, the UK and the UN took no action. When Qaddafi started killing its people, in Libya, the UK, the US, France and others countries promptly condemned its actions and planned and attack on Qaddafi forces. However, towards Syria there’s no move.

What’s the difference between Qaddafi and President Bashar al-Assad? Aren’t both crazy dictators or there’s no oil in Syria?

Whilst there’s no action - including from the UN - al-Assad will continue slaughtering his own people!

Those dictators are all a band of bastards!
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