8 May 2011

Good riddance, Osama.

On 1st May 2011, the world was taken aback by the news saying that the world’s most wanted terrorist was shot dead. His name? Osama bin Laden (or Usama, for other translations).

The President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, went to TV to tell to the world that a small team of SEALS (it stands for Sea, Air, Land), an elite force of the Navy, had killed bin Laden when he was in his home, at the first hours of May.

Such a news, at first, sounded like an utopia. “Osama bin Laden dead?” I asked myself several times in front of TV. Is Mr. President Obama correct or my English is at such extent so bad that I cannot understand what he is speaking? I was altogether confused! However, after a couple of minutes, my brain started absorbing that news (I was shifting channels between CNN and BBC, besides some Brazilian news) and - yes! - I was correct: the world’s most wanted terrorist was deceased.

Today, 4th February 2011, this is still the most important subject all around the world and so, as we could imagine, alI kinds of specialists in this matter have been coming to light.

For the time being, the most significant discussions are about:

Is the US right for assassinating bin Laden?
Should the US bring Osama alive to face justice?
Have the SEALS dropped his body at the sea? Is it true?
Is there any picture of Osama’s body?
Have CIA known the name of bin Laden’s courier thanks to the “water-boarding” and other sorts of torture?
Is it a political battle?
Has Obama done it only because elections are coming?
Had the SEALS used a new sort of stealth helicopter?
Was it a political manoeuvre?
Is it the end of al-Qaeda?

Well, as you can see, there are lots of questions and few answers. Maybe some experts have the answers but, I believe that a huge part of them will only conjecture about, since that, for some of those questions, the correct response is related to national security.

Nevertheless, I will also be part of that ones who can only make assumptions about this matter. But I will try to do it without any sense of patriotism or hatred. I’m only going to depict what I saw and what I think about.

In my point of view, the United States is altogether right in killing a man who murdered thousands of innocents.
Why should the US take him up to face a tribunal (only to bring attention of lots of lawyers around the globe)? It would also attract attention of “jihadist” and other sorts of terrorists.
I can even imagine several kidnappers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other critical countries going to the action only to use the hostages as a bargaining chip, to get back Osama bin Laden. Of course, this is only speculation but I would not be surprised if it did happen. To have the world’s most wanted terrorist in jail is not a good idea; the problems would be bigger than to have him dead.

Now, let’s analyse the role of Pakistan in all this.

Bin Laden was living in a compound just a few kilometres of the Pakistani barracks, in the outskirts of Abbotabad. The house (that the media around the globe have been describing as a “mansion” - and had absolute nothing to to with it) looks like a fortress and, apparently, has nothing interesting to get attention from; it was chosen (or given) for Osama to be his hideout. But, did the government know nothing about his compound? How could the world’s most wanted man stay hidden inside Pakistan, near the Army? It is, - at least - weird! Or Pakistani Secret Service is totally inefficient and desultory or someone was being paid for hiding him. I believe that Osama has left important notes about his supporters... Let’s wait and see.

(Text to be continued).

2 May 2011

Osama bin Laden dead!

I have never celebrated death so far, but to wake up today and see the news about Osama bin Laden’s death was actually a sense of relief!

I’m going to write more about this during this week!