23 Jun 2011


Only in the first half of last year, Google was forced by the Brazilian authorities to close down 398 newspaper articles. It was world’s record for that period. It’s the double of the second of the list, Libya. Those data is from the report of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), released on 15 February, in Sao Paulo. Moreover, in the final days of the presidential race, judges issued 21 orders of censure, says a survey of the Knight Center for Journalism, Texas (USA). Many news agencies have also been fined or had to remove content.

"This picture shows that the censorship and self-censorship that comes along, reaching high levels, are very serious in Brazil," summarised Carlos Lauria, CPJ coordinator, who came to Brazil to present the survey “Attacks on the Press” in 2010. He handed out yet another smaller text on the situation in Latin America, in a meeting promoted by the Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji). "Our surveys show that 44 journalists were killed on duty and 145 prisoners around the world last year,".

Censorship at the one of the Brazil's biggest journal “O Estado de São Paulo”, now has reached almost 600 days and it is the highlight of the opening survey about the continent. "It is astonishing that in a country like Brazil, a major newspaper is banned from reporting about a major scandal involving political figures (in this case, the President of the Senate of Brazil - and ex-President of Brazil José Sarney, who demanded this censorship). I can not imagine the Washington Post being forbidden to publish anything about a former American president," said him. Lauria went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he met with officials of the “Planalto” (the Congress), the Secretariat of Communications and with Human Rights representatives. The agenda included a visit to the Supreme Court (STF).

This information was extracted from the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”.

22 Jun 2011

Brazil is (almost) Gay!

Since the beginning of this year (or the end of the last one), Brazilian media have been running on the spot about the gay rights. Whether through soap operas, news or magazines, they have  been constantly showing to the people that homosexuality is absolutely normal and we must accept it as something natural. In a nutshell, they are forcing it into our minds.

Last month, the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Brazilian High Court), unanimously voted for recognition of homosexual union. By this decision, gay couples have right to marry, adopt children, leave an inheritance for his companion, as well as it dependent on the statements of income and the health plan. That’s to say, they may build a family.

Some Senators also want to give them a special treatment or, in other words, to make a new law to protect them of any assumption of homophobia - and It is really hazardous.
Let’s suppose that a gay does not get a job in a competition with other heterosexual. With this supposed law, he/she could allege that did not get the job because its sexual orientation, and so, to fill a lawsuit against the company that did not contract him/her.

The article 5 of the Federal Constitution says that “Everyone is equal before the law without distinction of any kind.” If it was true, why to make such a law?
Well, if you are a Brazilian, you know that the article 5 is a bullshit! But it is not the case...

Ok. Gay couples do not have to be shunned by society for being homosexuals. It is their option and it ought to be respected. But, why to try to force it into our minds? I will always respect any one who respects me, that’s it! If you shows respect towards me, so I will do the same towards you and it has nothing to do with sex, race or colour!

I am not homophobic and think that all people must be respected regardless its sexual orientation, religion, colour or race. Nevertheless it doesn’t come into my mind that it is  normal. It does not make any sense because a male and a female fit together perfectly - and this is Nature Law (lex naturalis)!

If you want to be gay, Ok, but do not come forward to say that it is normal. In my point of view it is not; it is only a type of faddism.

Cesare Battistti was given a permanent visa

The Brazilian National Immigration Council (CNIg) decided at the meeting this Wednesday,  22 June 2011, to grant permanent visa to former Italian activist Cesare Battistti. The former activist had asked for the visa since he left prison, in early June, after the Supreme Court (STF) decided to deny his extradition to Italy.

That’s Brazil. All kinds of people ”shunned” by their society is welcome here (even if that person is accused of killing people in its country).

And my country wants to look serious before the world...!

16 Jun 2011

Cesare Battisti is officially free!

Through those words, I would like to express my sympathies with Italian people, over the Cesare Battisti case. My sympathies also goes to the families of his victims. I also ask Italian people to do not take it personal against Brazilian people, since the decision of releasing Cesare Battisti was solely made by the ex-President Lula and "its" Court.

Unfortunately, I am not shocked over the decision of Brazilian supreme court to take such an action towards this alleged assassin, since they have only endorsed what the ex-President Lula had ordered. This actual Court has no credit among Brazilians; everybody knows that what they do is only for their own wishes or to promote themselves.

In 2009, the Supreme Court denied asylum to four Cuban athlete that tried to stay in Brazil after Pan-American Games, and now, this same Court, allows a terrorist to live freely in this country. It is really hard to understand such a behaviour!

This is, somehow, good for the world to see how we - Brazilians - are actually governed. This is a leftist government who supports ex-guerrillas and now, ex-terrorists (and which more?). It is a country where corruption reign and where thieves and assassins are free to do what they want. However, this attitude MUST be taken into account by the UN Security Council and so, to block the desired dream of Brazil to have a permanent seat in this Institution.

Can Brazil have a permanent seat if it supports terrorists?

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