16 Jun 2011

Cesare Battisti is officially free!

Through those words, I would like to express my sympathies with Italian people, over the Cesare Battisti case. My sympathies also goes to the families of his victims. I also ask Italian people to do not take it personal against Brazilian people, since the decision of releasing Cesare Battisti was solely made by the ex-President Lula and "its" Court.

Unfortunately, I am not shocked over the decision of Brazilian supreme court to take such an action towards this alleged assassin, since they have only endorsed what the ex-President Lula had ordered. This actual Court has no credit among Brazilians; everybody knows that what they do is only for their own wishes or to promote themselves.

In 2009, the Supreme Court denied asylum to four Cuban athlete that tried to stay in Brazil after Pan-American Games, and now, this same Court, allows a terrorist to live freely in this country. It is really hard to understand such a behaviour!

This is, somehow, good for the world to see how we - Brazilians - are actually governed. This is a leftist government who supports ex-guerrillas and now, ex-terrorists (and which more?). It is a country where corruption reign and where thieves and assassins are free to do what they want. However, this attitude MUST be taken into account by the UN Security Council and so, to block the desired dream of Brazil to have a permanent seat in this Institution.

Can Brazil have a permanent seat if it supports terrorists?

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