31 Jul 2011

Is Dilma Rousseff different from Lula?

Despite still being reticent about President Dilma Rousseff (in reason of her being an ex-guerrilla and accused of participating in robberies and shootings), I could notice that she is a little different of ex-President Lula.

In her government we have been seeing lots of corrupts of Ministry of Transportation being  deposed. When Lula was President, he was used to covering up his ministries or friends even if it was proved that they were corrupts. As an example, I can mention “Mensalão” case: José Genoino, José Dirceu, Antonio Palocci, etc., all accused of corruption and friends of Lula. At that time, Lula said he did know nothing about corruption inside his government - what a chutzpah!

As I have said earlier, I do not trust in her government, but I can say that, at least, it looks like she will not allow some corrupts to take part in her office.

I hope I’m right!
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