24 Jul 2011


I’m still trying to understand how can someone kill so many people and think that it is absolutely necessary to show to the world his/her views on a subject!
In my viewpoint it is called “insanity”.

Afghanistan, Iraq, the USA, the UK - and now Norway?
Osama bin-Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Hussain Osman, Anders Behring Breivik (this last one, is only a suspect so far) and so many others who slaughter innocent people in name of a false moral or ideal..., how can they imagine that what they do (or have done) is a mean of bringing world’s attention to one’s cause? If they had a little of intelligence (even an iota), they should notice that (fortunately) the world still praises that ones who are seeking peace - and not death and destruction!

It’s weird - and sad - to see humankind destructing itself, sometimes using terrorism, sometimes making wars or killing each other in several sorts of reasons.

After seeing what happened in Norway (in my point of view it was a perfect society), I could realise that human beings will always be their own problems wherever they go. There’s no perfect society, there’s no perfect world. Whilst humankind exist, the planet will be at stake - always.
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