11 Sep 2011


Ten years have passed since the attacks inside the heart of the United States of America.

I still have pictured in my mind the airplanes colliding with the buildings, the fire and smoke, the dust, the firefighters wandering the streets of New York amid chaos, the police officers covered in dust, the sirens, the people running off, the flabbergasted expression  on ex-President Bush’s face and the silence that followed all this. It actually  looks like a film and not something that really took place - but it did.

Everything was broadcasted as if all this was big show. A theatre, perhaps. The world was shocked by the events. After all, the US was being attacked in their own soil! The United States of America, at this time, were the victim.

American people were thirst for vengeance. They should go somewhere and kill somebody! “It’s not time to think about anything; it’s time to do something”.
Ex-President George W. Bush, in an address to a joint session of Congress on 20th September 2001 said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." This sentence meant: “if you are not joining us to the battle to come, you will be deemed as our enemy”.
Well.., by doing this, he got more enemy than ever! Not that kind of terrorists that he preached tirelessly, but ordinary people around the world that had no sympathy for American policy of invading and killing any one they wanted, without UN Security Council’s consent.

During that days, the name “Osama bin-Laden” started popping up on televisions and newspapers, as well as specialists in terrorism all over the world presented this name as the mastermind of the attacks.
Well..., I think that everything started with Talebans, then, Osama bin-Laden.

So, the consequences.

The ex-President George Bush had to take some measures to show to the American people, and to the world, that America would do anything to catch up the perpetrators of this terrorist and coward attack. He had an obligation to demonstrate that, even with America being taken aback (similar to what happened to Pearl Harbour in 1941), America had everything under control. A false presumption, of course. Nevertheless, as he was a leader of  one of the most important countries in the world, he had to show strength despite being weak.

Then, he and his cabinet composed of Vice-President Dick Cheney, the CIA director Robert M. Gates, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) General Colin L. Powell (in my point of view the most important figure in his team) and the diplomat and, perhaps, the world’s most influent woman at that time - Condoleezza Rice, and other prominent people, decided that at first, Iran should pay for what Osama bin-Laden had done.

On 07th October 2001, American and British forces launched “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghani soil. As you can see, another catchphrase: “...Enduring Freedom”! Yeah, let’s kill for freedom! What a nice name! Nobody would take into account the death toll that was to occur, because soldiers were killing for freedom! They were taking civilians’ peace out and changing for freedom but..., of course all the world knew it was a serious mistake, except G. Bush and his allies.

Now the CIA had “confirmation” that Osama bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for attacking the USA on the 11th September 2001, had established himself in Afghanistan. He, the redoubtable terrorist, was giving support to the Talebans by giving them money and training, among other things.

Let me pause here:
During that days, I was not used to hearing words such as “al-Qaeda”, “Talebans”, “insurgents”, “IEDs” (improvised explosive devices), “WMDs”, “War on Terror”, Muslim, etc. These words now are part of my repertory since then. It’s impossible to see an explosion somewhere in the world and do not think “Gosh! Al-Qeda has exploded a pub in Sri-Lanka!” or “Was that petrol station blown up by a terrorist group or it was only an accident?”. The US made al-Qaeda powerful and famous around the world. I think al-Qeda  enjoys this sort of attention they get.
Any mad guy who try to kill somebody by shooting or throwing off a Molotov cocktail or whatever “weapon of mass destruction” he may use, will be deemed as a terrorist. It’s like a brainwash.
We were taught to believe that anyone surrounding us who do not have any sympathy for   the Occident is a real threat for us and for the world and is a a menace until proven innocent.

Bullshit! I think with my own brain and not with another’s mind.

Going back to Afghanistan:

After almost 10 years, coalition forces searched high and low for Osama bin-Laden inside Afghanistan - and he was not there.

What’s more, coalition invaded Iraq on 20th March 2003.
In their distorted view, Saddam Hussein was a real treat to America and should pay for it. The UN Security Council had not believed in it and so, had not approved of what General Collin Powell was saying about Iraq. The only country which supported such a false idea was England (well, let’s be fair here: ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair was to blame and not England or Great Britain as a whole, since British people had not supported such an attitude).

At first, the aim was to find out weapons of mass destruction (WMD) the Iraq had produced on a large scale in the 1980’s, according to “feasible sources” from inside the CIA. Then, the speech changed and G. Bush began to say that Saddam and Osama were friends.

Iraq was a bankrupt government and had absolutely nothing that the world could be afraid of. It was not a threat as it was thought it was. Over the years, the world started blaming the allies for the mess in Iraq and then, the US covertly changed the way they were managing this war and stopped speaking about WMDs. They chose another name to justify the war. A name that sounded like a great Hollywood film: “War on Terror”. Yes,  another name of great impact! By using this phrase, they could invade any country that “was not for America”! It wasn’t dependent of searching for weapons of mass destruction anymore. These words, “War on Terror”, means anything! It only depends on who says that.

Thousands of civilians and soldiers were dead and Saddam Hussein was made prisoner. Like a great show, the media around the world broadcasted each step of this “War on Terror”, ranging from the firsts days of the invasion to the capture and hanging of Saddam Hussein. The cruel dictator was in custody - but the war was still in the full swing. But, for that matter, we knew that it would be an almost endless conflict. Since Iraq was invaded because Saddam was accused of making WMDs besides being accused of being bin-Laden’s friend, and neither Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction nor Saddam was Osama’s friend, so the outcome was already known: a conflict without any real purpose and an outcome of mess, hatred, killings, revenge and all bad things that a war brings to a country.

Until then, America had no condition of thinking rationally. Everything they had done was based on emotion. Names and phrases such as “Freedom”, “God bless America!”, “We Can!” and any other exciting word that could be used to flourish patriotism in American people were widely used by the government.
After all this, and over the years, American people started waking up. Bush was wrong. If Saddam was dead why to keep up with struggle in Iraq? Insurgents, of course! That’s the name: Insurgents! It’s other word commonly used by this very government, to brainwash the world.

If a group of people were killed, they were insurgents. If soldiers invaded a house with children inside, there was no problem, they were looking for insurgents. An airstrike killed civilians? No problem. There were insurgents among them. Have you seen on TV a soldier pointing out a rifle to a crying little Iraqi girl, about 06 years old, as she raised their hands? It’s a strong scene I will never forget. I know you know: he was looking for insurgents in her house! Insurgents, insurgents, insurgents... a magic word capable of cover up everything!

How many civilians have died since the attacks on 11th September 2001?
As for the “Daily News”, the official death toll of this day in America, was 2977 victims, plus hundred of bodies that were never identified. It’s sad, very sad. Civilians do not have to pay for anything they have never done.
OK, but my question is “how many civilians have died since the attacks on 11th September 2001?”. If you pay attention to this question, you will notice that we are so brainwashed about this happening that we are almost unable to think of civilians who died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., ever since.
How many civilians were killed in those countries? 10.000? 50.000? 100.000? Nobody cares! They were not American! Children of these countries do no have blue eyes and use weird clothing and, perhaps, will grew up and learn how to hate America. So, why do not kill them?

In this sad day, ALL civilians should be remembered. Even that ones we will never know the name. However, CNN, BBC (the big ones) and others small groups of (still) dependable media are American and British, and for sure, they will never say any name of civilians killed by air strikes or allied fire. We are lead to believe that there’s only ONE victim in all this: America. However, it is wrong. The US have their victims and they deserve all respectable tributes BUT they also have killed thousands of civilians ever since and those civilians also deserve respect. Tell me, why not?

Hmmm... I know; nobody cares.

Finally, Osama was killed by Obama. Ops! It’s not a pun!
After searching in Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama bin-Laden was found... in Pakistan! It only proves that Bush was totally wrong about his stubborn viewpoint on making war on Iraq. The UN Security Council was right and the US were wrong.

Barack Obama, the first and (till now) only black President the US have ever had, caught Osama bin-Laden!
He nailed it!

He accomplished his promise of searching and capturing the world’s most wanted terrorist! Obama caught Osama! The world was appalled! Was it real? Osama bin-Laden was dead? How come?

On 2nd May 2011, Operation Neptune Spear was carried out. The aim: to kill Osama, the terrorist. A Special Force went into Pakistan, invaded a house (his private compound) where he was assumed to be in, and shot bin-Laden to dead.
Finally, a great news after so many lies about this guy. The man who assassinated thousands of innocents around the globe, now was dead. The world would live in peace, in the end..., well, it is what came into my mind. But it wasn’t like that.

After eyewitness thousands of civilians being assassinated in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Muslim world restarted preaching their hatred for America. Before September 2001, al-Qaeda was the only known group to hate the US. After that happenings, hundreds of groups were born with this sick idea.

So, may I deem the world safer after all those conflicts and death of Osama? Sure, not! The world is far less safe than before the attacks!
As a result of all this, we lost part of our freedom. Yep, the same FREEDOM the US talked so many times! Now, we are prisoners of their acts towards others.
Although everything is made in name of security, we cannot travel by plane anymore carrying our briefcase with a simple bottle of water. “Take out your belt and shoes off” - it’s what we hear before embarking. WE, ordinary citizens, are suspect till proven innocent! It’s weird, isn’t? All the world is paying the same price for stupidity committed by others. They fought for freedom, but we lost ours.

On this day, 11th September 2011, let’s think with our own brains. Let’s not be swayed by televisions or other’s minds who make of this day a big theatre to sell images to the media all over the globe.

Let’s pray for ALL victims of this tragic day. Not only American casualties but ALL of them who lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Remember: powerful media broadcast only what they want you to see. It doesn’t mean they tell us lies, but it means they may tell you only part of the true or only one side of the history.

Eventually, I tried throughout these words, to express my thoughts about what I saw during these 10 long years. I watch a lot BBC and CNN as well as I read at the same extent, newspapers and magazines such as “The Washington Post”, “Times”, “The Guardian”, and so forth. All of them, are well-respected means of communication. Although they are good source of news, they tend to be prone to one side only. After all, they are American and British and will not tell the part of the history when both countries could be entangled in some critic situation. Why would they tell to the world “We killed ‘x’ thousands of children, so far”?

My sympathies goes to all families of American, Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani people who lost their loved ones in reason of a twisted ideal that we will never understand: FREEDOM.

Thanks for reading.
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