17 Sep 2011

Sarney, the Brazilian Godfather

We, Brazilians, unfortunately are used to seeing impunity in every political sphere, in a daily basis. Only to register one more to the statistics, Senator Jose Sarney, one of the most influential and powerful Brazilian politician, has won a battle in Court where he was accused of of several white-collar crimes such as money laundering, among others. 

Jose Sarney and Lula
The Federal Police Officer Chief Marcos Leôncio Sousa Ribeiro, unburdened: “such situations lead to wear of the Judiciary, which pays a huge price for the lack of credibility because it dissociates from reality." He also added “This type of conduct serves only an elite.” Leôncio, who I believe will pay a high price for having saying these words (and he is absolutely right) said “There is no country in the world with a law as restrictive as ours. And we still have to endure the judiciary that serves an elite. The background of the judiciary is at the service of elites."

Here I want to pay a tribute for our Federal Police men and women that do a good job in trying to arrest the most powerful politicians in Brazil. Although our Judiciary system serves only who owns money and power, we believe that one day, we will have a fair Justice and judges.
Keep doing this great job.
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