22 Oct 2011


If you have been following international news, for sure you know that Muammar Khaddafi (or Qaddafi or Gaddafi, depending on the language), the famous dictator who had been in charge of Libya since the end of 1969, has died after being arrested by “rebels” (in my point of view, he was executed after his arrest, since it’s possible to find images on the internet of a Qaddafi imploring for his life after being shot - see TV Al-Jazeera).

This revolution began, after Qaddafi responded with brutality when protesters took the streets to demand him to leave power. And, as we could see, his plan backfired.
He was a crazy guy with a terrorist curriculum on his shoulders.

Now, I ask myself (and you): What’s next for others dictators in the Middle East?

In a couple of years before, Hosni Mubarak, from Egypt, was deposed by a rebelled people tired of corruption, poverty and social inequality, among other things. Now, he is under military arrest.
Muammar Qaddafi, was shot dead after being captured.
Well..., there are still dictatorship in Jordan and Syria and in this last one, the President Bashar al-Assad (son of the dictator Hafez al-Assad who governed this country from 1970 to 2000), has been doing exactly what Qaddafi has done to his own people, that’s to say, killing then indiscriminately because they also want to be free of this sort of government. As for the Jordan, it’s another kind of dictatorship, since there, the man who leads the country is a king (King Abdullah II). If I was one of them, I would be very concerned about being ousted soon.

Dictators throughout this region should take into consideration that Western countries look at them with the corner of eye, since a huge part of Middle East and Africa has oil in their soil. So, any crazy dictator brave (or crazy) enough, who start killing its own people, will observe ‘rebels’ being armed by external forces which want them wiped out of the map.

The death of Muamar Qaddafi should be an alert mainly to Bashar al-Assad whom has been killing his people exactly as did Qaddafi. Perhaps he is the next dictator to be overthrown in the region. People are just tired of dictators.

And now, what’s next for Libya?
Let’s wait and see.
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