27 Nov 2011

NATO Ruins an already shaky relationship with Pakistan

The killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at two military outposts, hit by NATO choppers near the border area, has ruined American efforts to calm a relationship that had been rocked by Pakistani anger at America. Such a fatal error has been hampering all efforts America had been doing to get Pakistan at its side, as it was in the past. Now the relationship of both countries are teetering on the edge of a collapse.

It also show us, that all propaganda about “intelligent weapons” and “intelligence services” are nothing but exactly it: ‘propaganda’. Such a mistake should never occur! How could an ally kill other allies so grotesquely? Now It’s time to see if Pakistan will fully cooperate with America (and NATO forces) or will only pretend is cooperating to keep receiving money for allowing them to use their soil to attack others.

In my humble viewpoint, I can forecast a turncoat Pakistan gradually stopping fighting terrorism (if it has not being doing it) and helping those terrorists groups, in some way, to attack America and NATO, as a whole. All this, because NATO has been proving that it has no respect for Pakistan.

The price will be high.
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