31 Dec 2012

A Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s the last post of this year! I have nothing special to say except to thank you for reading my posts and thank God for giving me health to keep up living and writing.
I wish you all the best in the coming year and hope it may be a “relative” pacific year, as peace in the world is almost an impossible thing!

See you in 2013!

Have a wonderful New Year!

30 Dec 2012

Thanks God, I am bad at predicting things!

Another year is coming to an end..., and looking at what I have written here, I could realise how bad I am at predicting things!

I was expecting an IsraeI-Iran conflict due to recent provocative actions of this latter towards Israel. When Israel attacked Gaza months ago, I thought it was only to show to Iran what it could expect if Mr. Ahmadinejad continued saying that Israel should be wiped off the map.  However, I was totally wrong; Iran kept in silence and did nothing but watch what was going on in the Gaza Strip. Of course, I’m glad a war did not take place and hundreds (or thousands) of lives have been spared so far, but I still think it is possible in a near future.

I also thought a Palestinian State would be created in this year, and again, I was absolutely wrong. Rather than having a State, Palestinians have gotten bombs and missiles dropped in their heads due to their stubbornly mania of firing missiles on Israel.

I hope I keep up making mistakes regarding wars and conflicts. Although it is rare the world to live at least one year in peace, my ability to forecast has impressed me! So, I will let registered here that I still believe a war between Israel and Iran will come about... but now, I’m not sure if it will occur in one, two or three years – or even in ten years. The most they keep talking, the best to the world.

Thanks for reading my Blog all this year! Good bye 2012!

Have a Happy 2013!

20 Nov 2012

War Propaganda

War propaganda poster during WWII
By assessing this ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, where the Islamic Jihad launched attacks on Israel, I could realise how important is the use of propaganda on wars. In this fighting, Hamas portray themselves as someone who is being victim of an aggressive “Zionist” country whilst on other hand Israel is seen as someone victim of Hamas atrocities. So, who is correct? Of course, in my opinion, Israel has the right to defend itself from any enemy attack.

However by looking on Facebook and International Forums I take part in (CNN Forum and BBC Global Minds), I could see that propaganda is quick spread out and both sides use it as they please. Pictures of bloodied children being taken in officers’ arms is shown as well as children looking at their fallen homes after an air strike. I could read a Palestinian say that “our people is destroyed by Israel; we do not have water, electricity and food. I look to my little brother and have pit of him”, but, how could he write on the Forum if he does not have ‘electricity’? It was supposed to do not have anything working, including internet, as he said!

I also saw lots of images telling that more than one thousand rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel - and It is another big propaganda! As for the IDF Blog (idfblog.com), the Blog of the Israeli Defence Force, since 4th November when those “new” hostilities began, 667 rockets were hit the country.

In all conflicts, we must pay attention to what is really going on. Both sides will always be victims. Both will use propaganda in its own interest. They will say what they want you to know as well as what they want the enemies and allies to know. Hitler was the master of propaganda and used it to destroy millions of people (including his own people!). Then, let’s be careful with what we see or hear. Propaganda may lead us to believe in what does not exist! During wars, propaganda is nothing but a weapon that, if well handled, has a power of destruction as big as tons of TNT!

Keep you eye open!

15 Nov 2012

Israel x Gaza Strip: What's coming next?

A missile is launched from Gaza Strip
Palestinian militants have launched missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israel's commercial capital Tel Aviv. It’s the first time that it occurs since the Israeli-Palestinian eternal conflict. As might be expected, the IDF has been hitting back and promised to fight on Islamic Jihad.

If you are a reader of my Blog, you know that I have been forecasting a conflict between Israel and Iran still to happen in this year. As it seems, I have slightly made a mistake but I still believe that this war on Islamic Jihad on Gaza, is a harbinger of what is coming next. It’s something like a rehearsal for what is to come, that’s to say, a warning to Iran that Israel is preparing itself and its own people to a looming war.

Let's wait and see what's coming next.

4 Nov 2012


Police officers carrying a fallen mate.

The City of São Paulo has been enduring a painful violence this semester (more than the  “usual” average); so far, 90 police officers have been shot down by bandits since the beginning of the year - this is the “unofficial” number informed by the media, and not by the government which always conceals the number to do not “scare” people. 

What shocks me, besides those aggressions on police officers, is the silence of the Brazilian Human Rights. When a bandit die whether in confrontation with the police or not, the Human Rights always come to spot on TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, etc, to accuse police officers of killing human beings, even if this human being is carrying a gun to kill innocent people. Now, when the victim is the State itself (since the Police is a force of the State), the Human Rights remains in silence. It is something like they are enjoying the assassination of officers.

The burial of an assassinated officer from
the elite troop "ROTA"
The Human Rights in Brazil, has the full support of Catholic Church, which makes the point of going to TV to express “condolences” to families of “the poor” people who are “murdered” by the police, when there are confrontations with them. However, even with the terrible attacks police have been suffering, it keeps with its mouth shout.

Let me open a parentesis:
Perhaps you will think it is a joke what I’m going to say, but unfortunately it is not. In Brazil bandits have more value than a worker and IT IS OFFICIALLY STATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! 

The minimum national wage is R$ 622,00 reais (about US$ 311,00) and the Federal Government pays R$ 915,05 reais (about US$ 457,53) to the family of each prisoner - because as the govern says “if he/she is in jail, he/she cannot work, then the money goes to his/her family and then they can survive”. That’s to say, murderers, robbers, tramps and so far, have more value than a simple worker - who pays taxes and earns less! Visit the page of Federal Government by clicking here (in Portuguese) and you will see it isn’t a joke!

It makes me think: if the govern itself supports bandits, I’m afraid they will do nothing for São Paulo. To them (in my point of view) it is a good idea to let officers die. In the next election they will point out the widespread violence in São Paulo and say “Hey, look, the current government of São Paulo, did nothing to help you; we from PT (Labours Part) have the solution to put an end to all this mess. Vote us!”. It’s all the same history: power.

I hope São Paulo may decrease this scaring number of violent assassinations of officers, and all our Police can recover from all this mess the Federal Government has been doing to us. I believe and support our officers; I believe and get support of God.

Thanks for reading.

7 Oct 2012


What does this word mean to you?
I have been thinking about it...

Does human race still have values? If so, what is that? Money? Perhaps it is the word that comes to our minds when we think of that. Money..., always money!
We are consumerist.
We live in a consumerist society where money is above all. Love, fellowship, friendship, God, aid, etc., are all behind the scenes. “God”? Maybe you think, “it’s a tale, He doesn’t  exist!”, “god is money”! “Love”? “Love without money is nothing!”, etc. Bucks are always over everything. OK, not only money; beauty, as well. Our society is sick for beauty. Money buy beauty and vice-versa. There’s an unflagging search for a perfect body! Men and women praise beauty as much as they praise money! That’s the most important value displayed on advertising boards and televisions, magazines and newspapers, or even in an insignificant toy.

I do like money and admire beauty, but I’m not a slave of them.

Then, money and beauty..., but what more?

If we go further, it’s possible to see a languishing society captive of its lack of sense. I’ve got appalled this week when read on several news magazines that doctors are really concerned about young people who are absorbing alcohol via vagina, anus and eyes (it’s a global concern!). What a moral decay! What has happened to us humans? Isn’t enough shooting ourselves for a pair of trainers? We always find some crazy idea to sink our moral values more and more. Situations like that make me feel ashamed of being human! Are we, actually, civilised?

Drugs, alcohol, violence, hatred, etc, are “great” things... It’s easier to say that we hate someone than that we love somebody. If you drink and get wasted it’s a matter of celebration! It’s wonderful throwing up all your beverage on the streets or in a party! Women are getting drunk more than men - and it is wonderful! Everybody enjoy it! If you do not do drugs, smoke cigarettes or get wasted, you’re considered a square for your pseudo-friends and will be seen with the corner of their eyes. Our society fully embrace such attitudes!

But..., all this have consequences.

Every year new diseases are found out. Each day more people die for their exaggerated lifestyle. Men and women are losing their lives because they are wasting it; they want it (even unconsciously)! Women are losing their babies; disabled children are born in reason of the lifestyle and behaviour their mums had in the past; men and women are passing away or getting invalid because the amount of cigarettes they inhaled and alcohol they drunk (their bodies have rejected them) and... why do not stop with all this? Because it is what society is looking for!

Values are different now.

God is not part of our days any more. For ones He doesn’t exist; for others He is eager to punish men. So, why to believe in this Being? But, thankfully, there’s that ones who believe in a Creator capable of forgiving all our faults. We are human beings; a small grit in the universe, despite seldom acknowledging it. If we are not even able to understand our neighbour that is close to us let alone the One who created the universe and we cannot see, although I can feel Him. But, faith is for few... and in those days, faith has been vanishing through our eyes, minds and soul.
This paragraph for many people will be seen as  a mere ‘fantasy’ of my mind. That’s OK; I haven’t written it because I want you to believe in God; I have written this paragraph because I do believe in Him.

But let’s go back to the money, the most desirable thing of many people on the globe. Persons die for money and kill for it; sell their bodies and steal for it. Lot’s of riches (or not even so riches) love to flaunt their wealth whether to their friends personally or on-line (Facebook is a tool largely used for it). But, why? Are we tied up to bucks more now than in the past? Is it our main value today? It’s weird... We are never satisfied with our possessions! If we have a car, we work a lot to buy one more; if we get the second one we try hard to buy a bigger one; if we buy a bigger one, we want a more sumptuous and etc. It’s like a vicious circle. It is simple: consumerism are dominating our lives.

Whilst men pursue money, women pursue beauty. The female models we see on several kinds of advertising, TVs and magazines, have the dreamed body of millions of women around the world. Beauty if worshipped and praised as some transcendental! Each day we see “normal” women suffering from depression because they do not have the so desired sexy body to impress their boyfriends or husbands. To be loving, kind, attentive, nice, gracious and charming isn’t enough. The woman must be like a doll; this is what our society preach and what we die for.
A sexy model

I see men and women surrounded by friends but always feeling themselves alone. They go to a pub or a party or any other place and take that moment to full enjoy each second (that’s absolutely normal, as everyone enjoy chatting to friends or having fun in parties) but as soon as each one goes to their homes, they feel themselves the loneliest persons in the world. Then, depression come and as result of it, they go on a drinking spree or to drugs. That’s their way out. It’s a type of ‘pretending’ behaviour that “we are happy” to eyes of society but “unhappy” to themselves.

In spite of all this, we still can make difference. We, banding together, can think carefully about our values and behaviours. What sort of life you intend to leave to your offspring? Is this model of society you want your son/daughter to endure? Let’s be less eager for depreciative values. Let’s admire the beauty of life in its totality. Let’s leave with our mind in peace. Let’s give our body the attention it deserves without harming it. Let’s give a chance to believe in God and learn that He can give us more than money and beauty; He can give us peace of mind.

Let’s change our values - for the better!

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

23 Sep 2012


Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

After years of provocative actions - and words - committed by Iranian President Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Israel is ready for the war. It’s a matter of time to the attack to take place.

Now that Israel is prepared for fighting, Iran lowered the tone of its threats. Mr. Ahmadinejad stopped saying threatening words towards Israel. Phrases such as “Israel must be wiped off the map” and "the most detested people in all humanity" are not part of his speeches - for the time being. 

Some time ago he called the extermination of six million Jews during World War II "a myth," claiming that Jews have played up Nazi atrocities during the Holocaust only to extort sympathy for Israel from European governments. Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is always a virulent critic of all supporters of Israel (it means the US and some European countries). He always manifested his hatred not only for Israel but also for all those countries that back it.

But now, his days are coming to and end...

Israeli attack on Lebanon in 2006 -
an image Iran should remember.
Israel will not attack Iran only because its president is a menace when opening his mouth, but mainly in reason of the crescent danger it brings to the world with Iran’s nuclear facilities. Could you ever imagine nukes in the hands of a man who is capable of saying that a country should be wiped out of the globe? If he is brave (or stupid) enough to say that without having working nuclear powers, let alone if he gets it running at 100%!

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provoked Israel to a war and now he must face consequences for his stupidity. The war is getting closer then he can imagine!

Israel is ready for the war.

16 Sep 2012


It’s well known that in Brazil there are lots of places where favelas are spread out around important cities and even in some minor ones. I can cite as a main example the city of Rio de Janeiro, perhaps the most known touristic Brazilian city, in which almost all regions there’s at least one shantytown.
Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro and its "Favelas"

In Rio, there are more than 400 shantytowns (nowadays Brazilian media has been calling favelas as "communities”), the most known internationally is “Cidade de Deus” (City of God, which one was made a film about). There is also “Vigário Geral”, “Rocinha”, “Complexo da Maré” and “Complexo do Alemão”. In Sao Paulo there are more than 100 favelas but they are smaller than Rio’s; the bigger one is “Favela do Paraisópolis”, located in one of the richest neighbourhood of the city – Morumbi.

What surprises me is why governments allow favelas to scatter around the cities! Favelas are always used as hideouts for bandits; it’s a place where drug traffickers can do business freely; it’s a site where the master trafficker dealer imposes his law. 
Trafficker holding a machine gun in Rio de Janeiro
Of course, there are lots of good people living in such a location but it is the minority. Most of persons, who live there, have conditions to pay for a monthly mortgage payment but they do not do it because in favelas they pay NOTHING to live. I mean, they do not pay for using water, electricity and others governments fees, so, why would they get out of a shantytown if living there they can do what they want and do not pay a penny for it? The problem is that we – the called middle class – have to pay for them!
"Paraisópolis" shantytown - a world of contrasts

In Rio, there’s tourism to visit favelas! It’s weird, uh? The taxes tourists pay go straight to the traffickers! Then, I can assume that when a tourist come to Rio and pay a fee to run throughout a favela he/she is not only encouraging crime as well as being supportive of there way of living.

In Brazil - always - the middle class that works a lot and pay for every taxes and bills, also has to pay for the tramps that live in shantytowns!

16 Aug 2012


Mr. Julian Assange
Today, 16 August 2012, Ecuadorian government has awarded Mr. Julian Assange political asylum. For the time being, he remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy, in London, where the compound was surrounded by police, by early morning. The British government informed will not give Mr. Assange any kind of safeguard and will do anything to arrest him. This sort of behaviour British government has been taking towards Ecuador, only shows disrespect not only for Ecuadorian government themselves, but also to all international treaties and agreements.

For sure, there’s someone stronger behind the scenes putting Great Britain under pressure to take such measures (the US? Sweden?). We have already seen British government being subdued due to foreigner interference (“War on Terror” is a good example), so it’s up to them – the British – to go on and show to the world that they are able to manage their own things or will accept outside interference and make this absurd decision of arresting an Ecuadorian Citizen by disrespecting international agreements.


UK Police Officers
I’ve just read an article that says that Ecuador reported it received a report from the UK government that threatens to arrest Mr. Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who requested asylum in the Andean country and is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The information was confirmed by the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, in a news conference in which he ratified, if it does happen, his country will take strong measures to stop this violation of international standards.

The British official communication, announced on this 15 August 2012 the Ambassador of Ecuador in London, Ana Albán, that the Britsh forces are seeking the possibility “of invading” the Ecuadorian embassy, said Patiño.

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister described the British position as a "hostile and unfriendly act" that violates "expressed international standards."
It also revealed that the Ecuadorian government will announce soon the answer to the request for asylum made ​​by Mr. Assange to the Ecuador.

By reading at such news, I ask myself: Why do Britsh authorities would take such a repulsive action against Ecuador? It’s hard to believe that Great Britain is taking a desperate step towards Ecuador without suffering any external pressure. If Britain does it, for sure it will set a dangerous precedent all over the world. By doing so, all countries will have the right to do the same to British, in retaliation. That’s to say, all international treaties regarding Embassies, would be at stake. If you do not respect me, why should I respect you?

I hope Great Britain do not take such an offensive action against international agreements only to satisfy external interests. It actually would be below the belt.

14 Aug 2012

Syrian Uprising - Part 2

It’s been almost 16 months since the beginning of the uprising and Mr. Bashar al-Assad still remains as a powerful dictator in his stronghold. The slaughter of civilians is uncountable; all we know for sure is that the number of casualties is getting higher every day.

President Bashar al-Assad talking to his soldiers
I’m trying to understand what goes through Mr. Assad’s head. Why doesn’t he leave the power? Shouldn’t he think about what’s happening to his people? Doesn’t he think of his people’s suffering? Well, if he really likes Syrian people, it’s reasonable to believe that Mr. Assad would at least try to listen to what his people want to say – unless he believes all this upheaval is part of an Occidental plot to overthrow him, that is, the USA.

It’s well known that all dictators have something in common in their minds: an absurd obsession for power. They see themselves as the only saviour for their people. It, of course, could not be different to Mr. Assad who has been in power since 2000 after the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad, who ruled the country for 29 years.

Syrians refugees
Whilst the world watches comfortably in their sofas the course of those events, several children and the olds are losing their lives amid explosions and shootings. Perhaps, they are also dying of starvation and lack of basic supplies as water and pills but, unfortunately, Mr. Assad doesn’t care about it; the power is far more important than the lives of children.

Why do people are not able to oust Mr. Bashar al-Assad? In my point of view, one of the main reasons is that Syrians have been subdued for decades and so, are not strong enough to maintain a joint direction to depose the dictator. Another reason is that of internal matters, as for example, sectarianism and ethnic. The CIA “World Factbook” summarizes Syria’s cultural make-up as follows:  Ethnic Groups - Arab 90.3%, Kurds, Armenians, and other - 9.7%. Religions: Sunni Muslim - 74%, other Muslim (includes Alawite, Druze) - 16%, Christian (various denominations) - 10%, Jewish - only tiny communities in Damascus, Al Qamishli, and Aleppo. Those groups are not as united as it should be to get rid of President Assad.

Rebels fighting on the streets
For the time being, as they keep killing themselves off, countries such as Israel, the US, France, England and Germany, are just watching... It’s important to them to do not take any measure against Mr. Assad. As Syria is an old enemy of the Western countries, the most Syrians die “the best to the rest of the world”. Why should some country send troops to free Syrian people if the outcome could be this people turning against their “liberators”?

“Let’s Syrian kill each other in peace”.

29 Jun 2012

Mr. JULIAN ASSANGE - Paying for saying the truth

Mr. Julian Assange

Everybody knows who is Julian Assange: a courageous Australian man who spilled the beans about the dirtiness that happens behind the scenes concerning wars and political interests as a whole. Mr. Assange, funder of WikiLeaks - a site that denounces all means governments of all around the world use to get what they want, chiefly the United States - is almost 600 days detained without any legal charge in Great Britain! Yes, in England! The same country who in 2000 decided that the Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet should be freed (he was arrested in the UK at the request of Spain on murder charges).
So, we can see that the UK releases assassins (General Pinochet, Saajid Muhammad Badat, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, etc.) but imprisons a man who all he did is to show to the world how wars and conflicts are made - by writing on a web page!
WikiLeaks came on the spot and started a global debate over its role in the release of thousands of confidential messages about the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the conduct of American diplomacy around the world. Almost at the same time, whilst WikiLeaks was disclosing all those secrets, Mr. Assange was accused of sexual assault in Sweden, embroiling him in a lengthy extradition battle.
By observing it, it’s easy to understand what is behind these accusations: the CIA.
I’m not into theory of conspiracy and I also not watch conspiratorial films, but by evaluating the kind of “damage” he caused to the US Government’s image is easy to understand why he was under house arrest without any charges against him. WikiLeaks brought the US up before the world by presenting facts of prejudicial interests to the American Government. Is it possible that an unknown man until a few years ago was accused of sexual assault in Sweden just after the information about Iraq and Afghanistan was leaked? Coincidence?
Such an attitude of Britain also exposes the power the US has over the UK and other “associates” like Australia. We see that the Australian Government does not do anything to - at least - try to protect its citizen. Australia looks more like a puppet of America that prefer to stay away from the case to go ahead and try to rescue Mr. Assange. It means that after being extradited to Sweden, if it is the case, for sure Mr. Assange will be bound for the US as soon as his “trial” finishes in Sweden - and he will never see the free world again.
It’s easy to figure out Mr. Assange being handcuffed and chained 23 hours per day with two marines on his heels, as if he was the most dangerous man in the world. Of course he would face a trial in the US, as well; a military one with no civil rights and, perhaps, in Guantanamo, a no one’s land where everything is possible.
By reading American and British newspapers such a The New York Times and The Guardian, is quite easy to see that there’s almost a common sense that Mr. Assange is a sort of “spy-terrorist-enemy” of the United States. The American press sees him as the worst man on word for disclosing thousands of secret documents on the Iraq War and Afghanistan. No one of them thanks Mr. Assange for blabbing to the world the dirtiness of interests behind the scenes that lead men to kill men.
There’s also rumours that a “secret grand jury hearing" in Alexandria - an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia - has been considering a Justice Department bid to charge Mr. Assange with espionage and other crimes... It actually sounds weird. Why a small town in the US would have interest in arresting an Australian man? By learning how the CIA works it is easy to understand how it will be handled: to receive the founder of WikiLeaks in American soil, it’s necessary to have an accusation against him so, the theatre was shaped up. It also demonstrates that as soon as Mr. Assange gets in the Swedish hands he will be passed on to American hands.
Mr. Julian Assange has denied all accusations and affirmed it is part of a conspiracy to silence him. A British court ruled in November 2011 that he could be extradited, and on 14th June 2012, the Supreme Court denied his final appeal and said that barring a last-minute intervention by the European Court of Human Rights, he would be on a plane to face his accusers by midnight on 7th July 2012.
About a week later, Mr. Assange sought asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. According to statements from the embassy and officials in Quito, Mr. Assange wanted “protective asylum” from the Swedish and American governments.
Scotland Yard, the British Police, has said that Mr. Assange violated his bail conditions by seeking asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy and is subject to arrest when he leaves the embassy. In other words, he should stay quite and accept all allegations and should not use all his means to keep himself free, giving him in to the Britsh authorities (them to Sweden an so to the US).
In a statement, the British Foreign Office said Mr. Assange was “on diplomatic territory and beyond the reach of the police” as long as he remained in the embassy. If Ecuador denies his appeal for asylum, he will have to leave the embassy and will face arrest and imprisonment. On the other hand, Mr. Assange will have to make a run bound for Ecuador, evading the hands of the British police. Even so, it’s hard to believe that the United States would allow such a happening. It’s well known that the US does not respect treaties when it is of its interest and as Ecuador sees the United States as an empire avid for dominating the world, It’s possible to make an assumption that Mr. Assange would make a stop in some American airport due to “technical problems” in the airplane which would transport him to Ecuador.
Whilst Ecuadorean Government decides about Mr. Assange’s future, all the world just watch without any interest about what will happen to him. The only country which pictures Mr. Assange as the Evil, is the United States of America. The same country who invades countries to “impose its concept of democracy” and kill men in name of freedom.
The error of Mr. Assange? Not publish WikiLeaks before the wars; thousands of lives might be saved. However, kudos for him, after all, he exposed the truth behind the curtains of political decisions around the world.
I hope he may remain free and keep using his knowledge to reveal us what’s the real interest behind all wars.
As for Australia, Mr. Assange's motherland, keeps playing dead to please its master, the United States.
Thanks for reading.

14 Jun 2012


Are you willing to make loads of money in Brazil - quick

See the formula to the success:

If you are a man:
  • be a politician;
  • be a politician’s friend;
  • be a football player;
  • be a singer and sing only wicked songs (harmony isn’t necessary);
  • evade taxes by illegal means.

If you are a woman:
  • show your ass on TV;
  • shake your ass anywhere, in public;
  • be a high-class prostitute;
  • evade taxes by illegal means.

A Brazilian funk dancer

By following the above tips, your chance of getting a quick success are really high! Nonetheless, if you want to rise money by the normal mean (studying and working a lot) so you also have a chance of triumphing - but you will sweat a lot.

That’s it. Welcome to the jungle.

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9 Jun 2012


I have already written about censorship in Brazil (you can see by clicking on this link) but I would like to talk about it again, due to a polemic revelation one of the most influential Brazilian TV presenter - Brazil's children's television show host Xuxa Meneghel - made last month about being sexually abused until the age of 13. “I was ashamed, kept quiet, I felt bad, I felt dirty," revealed Xuxa, who didn't go into detail about the abuse, but said it occurred many times. The disclosure was broadcasted on TV GLOBO, the dominant Brazilian TV and which one Xuxa works for, in a programme called Fantástico.

Xuxa - "Amor Estranho Amor" (in English, "Love Weird Love")
I was also shocked by the announcement, but not with the same emotion million of people demonstrated towards her, but because Xuxa, before being famous, made a sex film involving a boy aged 12 years old (in Portuguese, the film is entitled “Amor Estranho Amor”). The film, that is censored by Brazilian Justice due to a petition filed by Xuxa, is not allowed to be commercialised in Brazil. Xuxa pays monthly an amount to the film producers (the value is unknown) and so, the producers do not publish the film.

Xuxa also has made some requests to Google Brasil, asking for not having her name associated to words such as “pact with the evil”, “paedophilia”, “naked” and “Amor Estranho Amor”. However, “Google Brasil” did not accept her requests alleging that Google is not responsible for the searches.

It’s impressive that a country which has lived in a military dictatorship years ago, still lives in the shadows of censorship! In Brazil, if you have money, you are able to buy the “Justice” and so, to shut up several mouths!

As you can see, even the “victims” become aggressors...

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Thanks for reading.

8 Jun 2012


After two months without writing here, due to my busy work, I’m back and ready to put into words my thoughts.

Today, I would like to talk about the chaos I may predict will occur here in Sao Paulo, during the World Cup. But I’m not going to talk about violence; I will talk about our terrible traffic.

With more than 7 million vehicles circulating on the streets every day, only in the Capital, it’s easy to realise that traffic here is chaotic. According to Time Magazine, São Paulo has the world's worst traffic jams! During the rush hour, we spend several hours to run few kilometres (as an example, from my home to my work, is about 12 kilometres; in the rush hour I spend one and a half hour to go to work - a route that I should drive in 20 minutes if there was no jammed traffic) or several minutes to drive a handful of metres.

View of "Avenida 23 de Maio" during rush hour.
Thinking of it, it’s not secret that Sao Paulo will have trouble in receiving tourists during the mega event in 2014 as it is the World Cup! If we, paulistanos*, have problems to move around, let alone the tourists!

The problem goes further than simply wasting time in the traffic.
Have you ever imagined to be standing up several hours on a crowded bus? Or have you ever figured out how is to be pushed out of a train due to the amount of people entering into the wagon you are in? Unfortunately, those uncomfortable situations are part of paulistanos’ day-to-day and, I see no radical change in our public transportation services until the World Cup.

On the tube
Sao Paulo is overpopulated because people from all corners of Brazil comes up here to  study, to find a better job, a better life; Sao Paulo is different from the rest of Brazil. 
While a huge part of Brazil still lives in the shadows of rogue governments which do not give people education, Sao Paulo has a high level of educated persons who do not allow to be tricked by those kinds of governments. The consequence of it, is a city which does not stop and never sleeps and is always overcrowded, in reason of this uncontrollable immigration.

"Sé" - The most overcrowded underground station
But let’s leave political problems aside and think in public transportation only.
Despite the “high level of education” of the people, the traffic is turning normal people into monsters. Drivers are always peeved and tenses. There’s a constant war against motorcyclists (most know as “mad dogs” or “motoboys”) who usually do not respect signalisation and ride their motorcycles throughout the “corridor” that is formed between the cars (it is forbidden by law, but traffic control is not enough to restrain million of motorcyclists doing so every day).

"Motoboys" overtaking cars in a dangerous way.
Pedestrians also suffer with all this mess and always pay a high price for this chaos. Only in the State of São Paulo, in 2011, there was an average of 1.800 running overs monthly! Of course it doesn’t mean dead toll, but an expressive number of them lost their lives in the traffic. If we consider that there’s 7 million cars riding on the streets only in the city, the number is proportionally low, but the value of a life is priceless!

Zebra crossings seldom are respected. Drivers are always in haste and are egoistic. As I said before, all education goes downhill when the subject is traffic and It affects mental and physical health, as well. We get stressed, tired, ill, and so forth, because the traffic.
Changes ahead?

A touristic map of the "Metrô" of São Paulo
New undergrounds (subways) are being built as well as new projects to deal with the chaotic system of transportation. Will they be ready on time for the Cup? I hope so, since tourists deserve a good stay in our city. However, as it is still under construction, and at slow speed, all I can do is to hope they work it out - and quick!

For the time being, we keep surviving in this jungle of stones.
Let’s wait and see.

*Paulistano: a person who was born in São Paulo.

8 Apr 2012


The STJ - Supremo Tribunal de Justiça (Brazilian High Court of Justice), acquitted a man who was accused of raping three underage girls, all of them aged 12.

During the controversial judgment, the Supreme Court decided that “not always having sex with a minor under 14 years can be considered rape”. In this specific case, the accused had relationships with three minors who allegedly “were prostitutes”. Given this information, the court concluded that the presumption of violence in the crime of rape can be removed “in some circumstances”, like in this case.

As for the STJ, "If there is violence or serious threat, the defendant should be punished. If there is sexual exploitation, the defendant should be punished. The High Court only allowed the accused to produce evidence that the conjunction occurred with the consent of the alleged victim." In other words, if a minor has sex with an adult and this minor has “consented” it, so there’s no crime. It means that sexual abuse of kids has received green light from the Brazilian High Court.

How can a kid defend herself/himself against an adult before the court? 
Some things, I believe, only occurs in Brazil!

Now, for sure, the sexual exploitation of children will increase due to this “understanding” and an open precedent. Foreigners who come here intending to do so, will be free to do what they want to Brazilian children - with the protection of STJ.
That’s the kind of Justice we have here: a blindfolded one!

Read the article, in Portuguese, clicking here.

31 Mar 2012

Drugs on the Screen

Only one comment:
War on drugs should also occur in the cinema. 
There are so many films that shows up drugs being consumed normally in all types of society!!

22 Feb 2012


Tension have been rising amid Israel and Iran. In my point of view, there’s a high probability of a war between both countries, still in this year (perhaps, in this first semester).

Israel versus Iran - The war is coming...

Since when Mr. Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map and denied the Holocaust, I realised he was looking for trouble. His demonstrations of power (several militaries manoeuvres in the Gulf) was not without any purpose; a country that seeks peace, does not act like this. It also let me thinking that its Atomic plan (for peaceful purposes, as he use to say) is, in reality, for belligerent aims. Why would someone say that is constructing a nuclear power station for peaceful goals if at the same time it shows to the world that is looking for war?

Israel should think carefully about stopping Iran right now! It is still time to do it. However, if it take longer, perhaps, Iran will be able to build its so dreamed Atomic bomb - and we all know what is like to let a stupid man handle powerful weapons.

I smell smoke in the air...