22 Feb 2012


Tension have been rising amid Israel and Iran. In my point of view, there’s a high probability of a war between both countries, still in this year (perhaps, in this first semester).

Israel versus Iran - The war is coming...

Since when Mr. Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map and denied the Holocaust, I realised he was looking for trouble. His demonstrations of power (several militaries manoeuvres in the Gulf) was not without any purpose; a country that seeks peace, does not act like this. It also let me thinking that its Atomic plan (for peaceful purposes, as he use to say) is, in reality, for belligerent aims. Why would someone say that is constructing a nuclear power station for peaceful goals if at the same time it shows to the world that is looking for war?

Israel should think carefully about stopping Iran right now! It is still time to do it. However, if it take longer, perhaps, Iran will be able to build its so dreamed Atomic bomb - and we all know what is like to let a stupid man handle powerful weapons.

I smell smoke in the air...

18 Feb 2012

BBB 12

If you have already read my old posts, you know what I think about “Big Brother Brasil” (Big Brother Brazil, or BBB), since I have written something about BBB11 in the last year (see this link).

BBB12 contenders making sex
For me, this programme is nothing but a waste of time and moral. It’s a sort of programme developed to bring people’s attention through images of bad behaviours and sex scenes. It is a type of programme who praises sculptural bodies and unprincipled conducts. Contenders mustn’t have moral as their main concern - since everything is exposed and their intimacy become public. Intelligence is not needed; competitors must be unmoral. The most amoral one is, the highest her/his probability of being successful in the future (in Brazil, of course).

Whilst Brazilian TVs usually do not show sex scenes during prime-time, “TV Globo” – the most important broadcasting organisation in Brazil - dishes it up through BBB. It looks like contenders are oriented to make sex during their stay in the house. It also seems that they are oriented to do not use too much pieces of clothes. The less clothing, the more asses, and then… more audience.

In this is scene the man was accused of rapping the girl. (BBB12)
OK. Being a man and enjoying women, I do love women wearing G-strings but… not in such a way. Big Brother is neither a film nor a beach; it is a (pseudo-) reality show.  I do not understand how a programme like that has an audience! Why should we learn about others' life that we do not even know? 

The BBB12, has been showing itself as one of the most controversial since its launch in Brazil. There’s a contender who has been accused of rape during the reality show (and Police has initiated an investigation into this case); there’s a girl who left her boyfriend to stay with another guy; there’s other girl who made sex with a participant and cried in the morning of the following day, because she had just cheated on her boyfriend that she “loved”, etc. (in this case, it was funny (or sad) to read about her surprised mother telling that she was astounded by her daughter’s behaviour in front of the cameras).*

It lets me thinking: Is the behaviour of most of Brazilians becoming so low-level that we do not care about what we are watching? Are we being obliged to swallow this sort of garbage? Is curiosity stronger than sound judgment?

I hope we Brazilians may rethink our demeanours and see that such a kind of programme bring us nothing but silliness and stupidity. I’m of the mind that EDUCATION should be priority in this country, then, people could have better judgment on choosing what to watch.

But, our politicians think on the contrary (and so does “TV Globo”)... 

*I do not waste my time watching such a useless programme. However, it’s impossible to do not know what’s going on in this “reality show” due to Yahoo! web page where I have an e-mail account. I believe that Yahoo! gets paid to publish news about this show since you are almost obliged to read it when you access its page (see below screen of the captured page recorded today - 18 Feb 2012):

The main headline says:"Globo (TV) gives up censoring sex on BBB12". In the upper right
corner you see everything about Big Brother Brasil 12.  Readers are induced to click on those links. 

12 Feb 2012


I usually use this site to write about international (and national) politics, conflicts, sensitive subjects and so forth, but today I will do some different: I’ll give you a general view of my Are you coming out to Brazil? So, read it.

Brazilian People

We Brazilians are generally very happy in spite of all problems we’ve got surrounding us. We love having fun, laughing, music, football (soccer), hanging about with friends or just staying home with our families. We love living. For us, life is a blessing and we thank God for each day we wake up in good health.

We are a mixed race. We originated from Indigenous people from our own land (the Natives) and people from Africa, Europe (Portugal, Italia and Germany), and Asia (Japan). Since the discovery (or exploration) of Brazil by Portugal in 1500, our race turned out a combination of several ethnics. It is very positive at some extent, because we inherited usages and habits of a wide and rich range of cultures.
If you go to the North and Northeast of Brazil, you will find African influence in that region. If you go to the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in the South, you will see a German style and if you visit São Paulo, in the Southeast, you will see Italian habits everywhere. The outcome of this miscegenation is what we are today: happy with a large variety of habits and culture.

Brazil is a very big country and it doesn’t matter if you’re going to Rio or Fortaleza, São Paulo or Amazonas; wherever you go, you will find people eager to meet and help you - even if he/she doesn’t speak your language. Of course there are exceptions, but in general Brazilian people is very amicable.

It’s quite common for foreigners to come here and look at us with suspicion; in their minds, we are a band of uneducated people and they think the whole Brazil is the Amazon. Aliens imagine that will find on the street, lions, elephants, tigers and all of those sorts of animals that do not exist in Brazil!

Other common attitude is to believe that we are all criminals. From the time of the disembark in the airport to the way to the hotel, usually, they look afraid of being robbed - and haplessly it happens sometimes; unfortunately it is a reality. If you come to Brazil, you must be careful; safety concerns is a good thing to think about. However, you ought not to think that every one is a bandit - this is a minority, happily.

Brazilians love meeting persons from abroad. Usually, we don’t care if we don’t know the people we are talking to! We start a conversation about anything or simply start asking questions such as “Where are you from?”, “What are you doing here?”, “Why did you choose Brazil to visit?” - and tourists think we are interested in taking advantage of something they own - but alI that we want is only to get to know them; it’s nice to see people from several parts of the world in our land! Tourists are very welcome!

Another thing that is very uncommon for foreigners, is the Brazilian hospitality. Don’t be surprised if after getting to know a Brazilian he/she ask you to go out to have some fun! It could be an invitation to have a lunch with friends or only have some coffee. For your information, It only means that he/she liked you and as an welcomed guest, it’s a pleasure to chat to someone and learn a new culture. Don’t worry: if you refuse it, we will not take it amiss; we understand and respect decisions (nowadays, such a kind of invitation has becoming more rare but it is still common somewhere in the country).
We love making friends.
Normally, our conversation vary from corruption (yep, you will always listen to some Brazilian complaining about our politicians) to sex. We are very open-minded to several subjects but before talking about sex, for example, is better to wait for your Brazilian counterpart to initiate the dialogue. If you do not, it’s possible that he/she will think that you came on here only for sexual reason and will sniff at you.

To summarise, there’s a high probability for you to make lots of friends here. Brazilian people is very friendly and will enjoy drinking a beer or a coffee in a bar or just having a nice chat with you.