22 Feb 2012


Tension have been rising amid Israel and Iran. In my point of view, there’s a high probability of a war between both countries, still in this year (perhaps, in this first semester).

Israel versus Iran - The war is coming...

Since when Mr. Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map and denied the Holocaust, I realised he was looking for trouble. His demonstrations of power (several militaries manoeuvres in the Gulf) was not without any purpose; a country that seeks peace, does not act like this. It also let me thinking that its Atomic plan (for peaceful purposes, as he use to say) is, in reality, for belligerent aims. Why would someone say that is constructing a nuclear power station for peaceful goals if at the same time it shows to the world that is looking for war?

Israel should think carefully about stopping Iran right now! It is still time to do it. However, if it take longer, perhaps, Iran will be able to build its so dreamed Atomic bomb - and we all know what is like to let a stupid man handle powerful weapons.

I smell smoke in the air...
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