14 Jun 2012


Are you willing to make loads of money in Brazil - quick

See the formula to the success:

If you are a man:
  • be a politician;
  • be a politician’s friend;
  • be a football player;
  • be a singer and sing only wicked songs (harmony isn’t necessary);
  • evade taxes by illegal means.

If you are a woman:
  • show your ass on TV;
  • shake your ass anywhere, in public;
  • be a high-class prostitute;
  • evade taxes by illegal means.

A Brazilian funk dancer

By following the above tips, your chance of getting a quick success are really high! Nonetheless, if you want to rise money by the normal mean (studying and working a lot) so you also have a chance of triumphing - but you will sweat a lot.

That’s it. Welcome to the jungle.

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