9 Jun 2012


I have already written about censorship in Brazil (you can see by clicking on this link) but I would like to talk about it again, due to a polemic revelation one of the most influential Brazilian TV presenter - Brazil's children's television show host Xuxa Meneghel - made last month about being sexually abused until the age of 13. “I was ashamed, kept quiet, I felt bad, I felt dirty," revealed Xuxa, who didn't go into detail about the abuse, but said it occurred many times. The disclosure was broadcasted on TV GLOBO, the dominant Brazilian TV and which one Xuxa works for, in a programme called Fantástico.

Xuxa - "Amor Estranho Amor" (in English, "Love Weird Love")
I was also shocked by the announcement, but not with the same emotion million of people demonstrated towards her, but because Xuxa, before being famous, made a sex film involving a boy aged 12 years old (in Portuguese, the film is entitled “Amor Estranho Amor”). The film, that is censored by Brazilian Justice due to a petition filed by Xuxa, is not allowed to be commercialised in Brazil. Xuxa pays monthly an amount to the film producers (the value is unknown) and so, the producers do not publish the film.

Xuxa also has made some requests to Google Brasil, asking for not having her name associated to words such as “pact with the evil”, “paedophilia”, “naked” and “Amor Estranho Amor”. However, “Google Brasil” did not accept her requests alleging that Google is not responsible for the searches.

It’s impressive that a country which has lived in a military dictatorship years ago, still lives in the shadows of censorship! In Brazil, if you have money, you are able to buy the “Justice” and so, to shut up several mouths!

As you can see, even the “victims” become aggressors...

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