16 Aug 2012


Mr. Julian Assange
Today, 16 August 2012, Ecuadorian government has awarded Mr. Julian Assange political asylum. For the time being, he remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy, in London, where the compound was surrounded by police, by early morning. The British government informed will not give Mr. Assange any kind of safeguard and will do anything to arrest him. This sort of behaviour British government has been taking towards Ecuador, only shows disrespect not only for Ecuadorian government themselves, but also to all international treaties and agreements.

For sure, there’s someone stronger behind the scenes putting Great Britain under pressure to take such measures (the US? Sweden?). We have already seen British government being subdued due to foreigner interference (“War on Terror” is a good example), so it’s up to them – the British – to go on and show to the world that they are able to manage their own things or will accept outside interference and make this absurd decision of arresting an Ecuadorian Citizen by disrespecting international agreements.
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