7 Oct 2012


What does this word mean to you?
I have been thinking about it...

Does human race still have values? If so, what is that? Money? Perhaps it is the word that comes to our minds when we think of that. Money..., always money!
We are consumerist.
We live in a consumerist society where money is above all. Love, fellowship, friendship, God, aid, etc., are all behind the scenes. “God”? Maybe you think, “it’s a tale, He doesn’t  exist!”, “god is money”! “Love”? “Love without money is nothing!”, etc. Bucks are always over everything. OK, not only money; beauty, as well. Our society is sick for beauty. Money buy beauty and vice-versa. There’s an unflagging search for a perfect body! Men and women praise beauty as much as they praise money! That’s the most important value displayed on advertising boards and televisions, magazines and newspapers, or even in an insignificant toy.

I do like money and admire beauty, but I’m not a slave of them.

Then, money and beauty..., but what more?

If we go further, it’s possible to see a languishing society captive of its lack of sense. I’ve got appalled this week when read on several news magazines that doctors are really concerned about young people who are absorbing alcohol via vagina, anus and eyes (it’s a global concern!). What a moral decay! What has happened to us humans? Isn’t enough shooting ourselves for a pair of trainers? We always find some crazy idea to sink our moral values more and more. Situations like that make me feel ashamed of being human! Are we, actually, civilised?

Drugs, alcohol, violence, hatred, etc, are “great” things... It’s easier to say that we hate someone than that we love somebody. If you drink and get wasted it’s a matter of celebration! It’s wonderful throwing up all your beverage on the streets or in a party! Women are getting drunk more than men - and it is wonderful! Everybody enjoy it! If you do not do drugs, smoke cigarettes or get wasted, you’re considered a square for your pseudo-friends and will be seen with the corner of their eyes. Our society fully embrace such attitudes!

But..., all this have consequences.

Every year new diseases are found out. Each day more people die for their exaggerated lifestyle. Men and women are losing their lives because they are wasting it; they want it (even unconsciously)! Women are losing their babies; disabled children are born in reason of the lifestyle and behaviour their mums had in the past; men and women are passing away or getting invalid because the amount of cigarettes they inhaled and alcohol they drunk (their bodies have rejected them) and... why do not stop with all this? Because it is what society is looking for!

Values are different now.

God is not part of our days any more. For ones He doesn’t exist; for others He is eager to punish men. So, why to believe in this Being? But, thankfully, there’s that ones who believe in a Creator capable of forgiving all our faults. We are human beings; a small grit in the universe, despite seldom acknowledging it. If we are not even able to understand our neighbour that is close to us let alone the One who created the universe and we cannot see, although I can feel Him. But, faith is for few... and in those days, faith has been vanishing through our eyes, minds and soul.
This paragraph for many people will be seen as  a mere ‘fantasy’ of my mind. That’s OK; I haven’t written it because I want you to believe in God; I have written this paragraph because I do believe in Him.

But let’s go back to the money, the most desirable thing of many people on the globe. Persons die for money and kill for it; sell their bodies and steal for it. Lot’s of riches (or not even so riches) love to flaunt their wealth whether to their friends personally or on-line (Facebook is a tool largely used for it). But, why? Are we tied up to bucks more now than in the past? Is it our main value today? It’s weird... We are never satisfied with our possessions! If we have a car, we work a lot to buy one more; if we get the second one we try hard to buy a bigger one; if we buy a bigger one, we want a more sumptuous and etc. It’s like a vicious circle. It is simple: consumerism are dominating our lives.

Whilst men pursue money, women pursue beauty. The female models we see on several kinds of advertising, TVs and magazines, have the dreamed body of millions of women around the world. Beauty if worshipped and praised as some transcendental! Each day we see “normal” women suffering from depression because they do not have the so desired sexy body to impress their boyfriends or husbands. To be loving, kind, attentive, nice, gracious and charming isn’t enough. The woman must be like a doll; this is what our society preach and what we die for.
A sexy model

I see men and women surrounded by friends but always feeling themselves alone. They go to a pub or a party or any other place and take that moment to full enjoy each second (that’s absolutely normal, as everyone enjoy chatting to friends or having fun in parties) but as soon as each one goes to their homes, they feel themselves the loneliest persons in the world. Then, depression come and as result of it, they go on a drinking spree or to drugs. That’s their way out. It’s a type of ‘pretending’ behaviour that “we are happy” to eyes of society but “unhappy” to themselves.

In spite of all this, we still can make difference. We, banding together, can think carefully about our values and behaviours. What sort of life you intend to leave to your offspring? Is this model of society you want your son/daughter to endure? Let’s be less eager for depreciative values. Let’s admire the beauty of life in its totality. Let’s leave with our mind in peace. Let’s give our body the attention it deserves without harming it. Let’s give a chance to believe in God and learn that He can give us more than money and beauty; He can give us peace of mind.

Let’s change our values - for the better!

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.
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