4 Nov 2012


Police officers carrying a fallen mate.

The City of São Paulo has been enduring a painful violence this semester (more than the  “usual” average); so far, 90 police officers have been shot down by bandits since the beginning of the year - this is the “unofficial” number informed by the media, and not by the government which always conceals the number to do not “scare” people. 

What shocks me, besides those aggressions on police officers, is the silence of the Brazilian Human Rights. When a bandit die whether in confrontation with the police or not, the Human Rights always come to spot on TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, etc, to accuse police officers of killing human beings, even if this human being is carrying a gun to kill innocent people. Now, when the victim is the State itself (since the Police is a force of the State), the Human Rights remains in silence. It is something like they are enjoying the assassination of officers.

The burial of an assassinated officer from
the elite troop "ROTA"
The Human Rights in Brazil, has the full support of Catholic Church, which makes the point of going to TV to express “condolences” to families of “the poor” people who are “murdered” by the police, when there are confrontations with them. However, even with the terrible attacks police have been suffering, it keeps with its mouth shout.

Let me open a parentesis:
Perhaps you will think it is a joke what I’m going to say, but unfortunately it is not. In Brazil bandits have more value than a worker and IT IS OFFICIALLY STATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! 

The minimum national wage is R$ 622,00 reais (about US$ 311,00) and the Federal Government pays R$ 915,05 reais (about US$ 457,53) to the family of each prisoner - because as the govern says “if he/she is in jail, he/she cannot work, then the money goes to his/her family and then they can survive”. That’s to say, murderers, robbers, tramps and so far, have more value than a simple worker - who pays taxes and earns less! Visit the page of Federal Government by clicking here (in Portuguese) and you will see it isn’t a joke!

It makes me think: if the govern itself supports bandits, I’m afraid they will do nothing for São Paulo. To them (in my point of view) it is a good idea to let officers die. In the next election they will point out the widespread violence in São Paulo and say “Hey, look, the current government of São Paulo, did nothing to help you; we from PT (Labours Part) have the solution to put an end to all this mess. Vote us!”. It’s all the same history: power.

I hope São Paulo may decrease this scaring number of violent assassinations of officers, and all our Police can recover from all this mess the Federal Government has been doing to us. I believe and support our officers; I believe and get support of God.

Thanks for reading.
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