31 Dec 2012

A Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s the last post of this year! I have nothing special to say except to thank you for reading my posts and thank God for giving me health to keep up living and writing.
I wish you all the best in the coming year and hope it may be a “relative” pacific year, as peace in the world is almost an impossible thing!

See you in 2013!

Have a wonderful New Year!

30 Dec 2012

Thanks God, I am bad at predicting things!

Another year is coming to an end..., and looking at what I have written here, I could realise how bad I am at predicting things!

I was expecting an IsraeI-Iran conflict due to recent provocative actions of this latter towards Israel. When Israel attacked Gaza months ago, I thought it was only to show to Iran what it could expect if Mr. Ahmadinejad continued saying that Israel should be wiped off the map.  However, I was totally wrong; Iran kept in silence and did nothing but watch what was going on in the Gaza Strip. Of course, I’m glad a war did not take place and hundreds (or thousands) of lives have been spared so far, but I still think it is possible in a near future.

I also thought a Palestinian State would be created in this year, and again, I was absolutely wrong. Rather than having a State, Palestinians have gotten bombs and missiles dropped in their heads due to their stubbornly mania of firing missiles on Israel.

I hope I keep up making mistakes regarding wars and conflicts. Although it is rare the world to live at least one year in peace, my ability to forecast has impressed me! So, I will let registered here that I still believe a war between Israel and Iran will come about... but now, I’m not sure if it will occur in one, two or three years – or even in ten years. The most they keep talking, the best to the world.

Thanks for reading my Blog all this year! Good bye 2012!

Have a Happy 2013!