30 Dec 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!

Another year is coming to an end and this one was not very good for Brazil... 

Inflation on the rise, criminality out-of-control, exorbitant interest rates, lack of investment in education and public health, transport, etc., not to mention corruption that is a fundamental part of this Government where the few prisoners accused of white collar crimes have all the perks and bonuses in prisons, as if they were guests of hotels. 

The World Cup is approaching and with it, the makeup prepared by Government to show the tourists that here is a paradise. I really want to be wrong about it and I'm rooting for the success of this event in my country, but I'm very afraid that this is will be a great mess. If the Government has no ability (or willingness) to give basic  conditions such as transport, health and security for its own people, let alone to foreigners! 

Among all these worries, what scares me most is the uncontrolled violence that plagues the country (did you know that more than 50,000 people are murdered every year in Brazil? See this link, in Portuguese: http://g1.globo.com/fantastico/noticia/2013/08/numeros-oficiais-de-homicidios-deixam-de-registrar-86-mil-assassinatos-por-ano.html) , apart from 86 thousands homicides per year that are not registered by authorities!

This is the country of the party, Carnival, the beautiful beaches, the beer and the hot women, that is circulated all over the world! However it is not disclosed to you, tourist, that you run the risk of dying for a fistful of dollars. You also may be kidnapped or your wife or daughter may be raped by criminals. 

Yes, this is my country that I love so much and at the same time brings me so much concern and fear! Fear of a violent future, where corruption will reign forever…

It isn't Iraq; it is Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Brazil is a spectacular country, but it's a shame that is ruled by politicians where their only real interest is their own benefits. While they shrug all those problems off, Brazilians kill Brazilians and tourists, whether in robberies or other crimes, at a frightening rate of more assassinations than in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars!

Welcome to the jungle!

8 Dec 2013

An Advice (if you're intending do come to Brazil)

For God's sake, are you coming out to Brazil in the next year to see the World Cup? Be prepared. Violence is getting worse - not only in the main cities but also in other towns - and tourists are always potential victims of gangs. And do not think that security will improve during the matches' days; the Brazilian law was written to protect bandits - and not you and me!!

That's my advice: do not be lured by 'naked women', 'beer', 'sex' and 'football', as (unfortunately) those are the adjectives do 'describe' Brazil. You should be concerned about 'robberies', 'rapes' and 'murder'.

Take it into consideration!!

17 Nov 2013

Dilma Rousseff and Angela Merkel, both were bugged by the NSA

It’s well known that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, had its mobile and other data hacked by the National Security Agency and, it’s almost forgotten that Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, was the first leader to bring this issue to light and to accuse formally the US for hacking her data.

However, Dilma hasn't had the same international attention Merkel received in such a matter - and it is very understandable. I will explain:
First, the German Chancellor is a long-time friend of the US; it’s shocking to learn that she has been spied for years by a “friend” country. Differently, Dilma is prone to communism and prefer to keep herself away of the US and make approaches to countries like Iran, Venezuela and other leftist nations. Having this in mind is easy to know why USA has shrugged her off and paid attention only to Angela Merkel complaints. The US has nothing to lose with Dilma but lots of worries in losing an important ally in Europe like the German Chancellor.

14 Oct 2013

Brazil is frustrating me...

It’s been some time since I last wrote here. 

Despite enjoying writing, I have become increasingly dismayed by my country. I see the High Court of Justice protecting criminal and corrupt politicians, I see that we do not have safety to walk the streets, I see that money laundering is considered almost normal by businessmen and politicians, I see lots of robberies happening on the streets (and the so called Human Rights protecting bandits), etc. That’s to say, all those mentioned cases are some of the reasons that let me upset and unmotivated to write down about Brazil. I would like to write nice things about my country but I cannot do this by looking at the situation I’m surrounded.

Step by step Brazil is getting “red”. The Brazilian government supports Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela and all I can do is to watch it without having strength to change anything. Four thousand Cuban doctors were brought to work in Brazil as an excuse that it will improve Brazilian health but, in fact, it’s a mean that this Brazilian government found to circumvent economic sanctions against that country (fifth per cent of the doctor’s salary will go to Cuban government).

I’m also very concerned about the hazardous foreigners will face during the World Cup. I would like to be totally wrong about that but I’ve the feeling that lots of them will be robbed or will suffer some kind of violence due to criminality. 

And finally, do not see me as being pessimistic; I’m only realistic.

1 Aug 2013

Edward Snowden is Free, in Russia

Edward Snowden
Finally the novel about the asylum for Edward Snowden has come to an end; he was granted asylum in Russia for a year. As his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said, “Snowden has left a Moscow airport to a safe place that will not be disclosed and during this period he may choose to stay in Russia or find another country to live”.

Taking advantage of this situation, American authorities keeps hammering away at him by saying he is a traitor and should be given back by Russian authorities to be judged in American soil. But, using the press, they do not mention absolutely anything about what Snowden leaked, that’s to say, that NSA and other spy agencies tapped almost all we do online besides listening to millions of call phones around the world. That’s a spy strategy – to focus on a target and to keep ears and eyes away of the main subject. The aim is Edward Snowden.

A war of spies has started since them. In one hand, CIA and several spy American agencies working hard to do not lose track of Snowden in Russia and, in the other hand, the Russians FSB and GRU doing everything they can do to hinder them. For the Russians, Snowden is a small problem – and also a reason for amusement. After all, he has done nothing but to say that NSA spies Americans and the entire world, things that are not new to the Russians (perhaps they do similar things).

Russia is not a safe place to Snowden. There’s a potential hazard of Russians agencies using him as bargaining counter in the future. The US will put Russia under pressure to release him as soon as possible and it would not be surprise if in this meantime some Russian ‘spy’ agent gets arrested in America – and so, Snowden would be the bargaining counter.

It’s amazing how easily governments around the world (not only in the US) use media, press, etc. to brainstorm people’s minds. In this case only what Edward Snowden did is widely discussed by the press with rare mention to what has taken him to do this. Everybody is drawn to believe that this man is dangerous and should be locked up as soon as possible. But, the true is that there is something bigger behind all this: you are being monitored by spy agencies without having a clue what’s going on. Rather than talk about it, media as general, prefer to talk about Snowden. The press, aware or not, is the tool spy agencies use to transmit their wishes.

I know very little about how spy agencies work in the shadows but in cases like that, I would risk myself to say that the pressure will come over the shoulders of Edward Snowden’s family. The CIA, FBI, NSA and so forth will make all efforts to use Snowden’s parents (mainly) and relatives to convince him to come back to United States. They will use all psychological methods to achieve what they want, such as saying that in Russia his life is at risk; that the he will have a fair judgment in the US; that is better to stay close to his family; that Russian spies could endanger him; that things could be worse to their family if he does not cooperate.

All this is part of the dirty game spy agencies use to achieve their goals. 

Of course Snowden is being followed step by step not only by Russian agents but also by American spies (that are not necessary American). His life has changed forever. If he comes back to United States, probably he will spend at least 30 years in prison or, the worst, he will never be free again. On the other hand, if he’s granted to live in Russia and be a Russian citizen, there’s a high probability of being poisoned by some defector Russian agent at American’s behest. It looks like a utopia and fancy, but I can affirm; it is real and true.

Mr. Obama may also ask his Russian counterpart, Mr. Putin, to easy this entire situation for him and may use his power and influence to show how disappointed he is with his colleague. However, It doesn’t mean too much to Putin. He usually doesn’t care about American threats and will shrug it but for sure will be very attentive if Obama offers something very important or valuable in exchange for Snowden.

While both sides are fighting psychologically one another, Snowden is preparing his next step. Will he remain in Russia or would he go to a South American country? Maybe neither. He is a smart guy and is aware of the tsunami he created. He will study all options and will choose a country where he can live free without fear of being chased to death. And, when things get calm, after years, he may face a trial in the US.

19 Jul 2013

The Rapist is Free; the Victim is arrested - That's Dubai!

Four months after complaining about a rape that had happened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Norway's girl Marte Deborah Dalelv was sentenced to 16 months in prison for it!

It’s outrageous but it’s true. 

According to the local law, a rapist may only be sentenced if he confesses the crime or is seen
Marte Dalelv
practicing rape by four MALE witnesses. As she reported the rape, Marte was convicted of having sex outside of marriage and for perjury. She also was found guilty of having ingested alcoholic beverages on the night she suffered rape (in the UAE, drinking is not allowed).

According to information from the Norwegian website “VG.no” in the day she complained, Marte was subject of mockery of the authorities, they would have asked her if she "was making the complaint for not having enjoyed the sex."

Looking at this I ask myself: What a heck does Dubai is? Do they still live in the Stone Age? All that apparent modern society is to hide its prehistoric mind? Do women mean nothing for them? Is it the Emirati concept of modernism?

It’s hard to believe that a rape VICTIM is sentenced to spend 16 months in prison while the rapist is free! I see that Dubai is only one more Arabic country pretending has changed its way of thinking about the world, while conceals its true roots.

You will never read this Blog, Marte  Dalelv, but at this exactly instant my prays go all for you. I really hope you can get out of this country as soon as possible and so, go back to Norway and your family.

9 Jul 2013

Brazil will Investigate NSA in Illegal Spying Activities

Almost all Brazilian News have been telling us about how American spying agency NSA has been doing to spy countries around the world, including Brazil, for years, as the leaking of documents by American whistleblower Edward Snowden states. After the release of the  document to the O GLOBO Newspaper detailing how the American government did to track millions of  Brazilians by using internet tools such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail besides telephone calls and so forth, the Brazilian government took drastic measures to find out if there’s any Brazilian company involved behind it.

It was said that Brazil, alongside with Russia, China, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela, is among the most tracked countries in the world. Brazil, as the document says, is the Latin America’s most ‘bugged’ country and the NSA not only spied on ordinary people, but also Companies and the government as well. Armed with this information, Brazilian Federal Police and government agencies initiated criminal probe of NSA spying.

Federal law enforcement officials and other agencies announced yesterday, with the support of the President Dilma Rousseff and Ministers, that they will conduct far-reaching criminal and civil investigations of the US National Security Agency's illegal spying activities carried out in Brazilian soil or abroad if it involved Brazilian nationals.

There’s a possibility of the American ambassador to Brazil in Brasilia (the Capital of Brazil), Thomas Shannon, being summoned to attend a closed-door meeting in the Congress and Senate still this week, to explain why it did occur and how long it’s being happening, among other issues.

Thomas Shannon denied any wrongdoing by the American spying agencies and preferred to blame Brazilian media of doing “sensationalism”. He also played down all those information and said that the “excellent relationship with Brazilian intelligence services and police was distorted” - by the documents obtained by the O GLOBO.

My point of view:

More than five years ago while talking to my friends, the subject “spying through internet” was aroused. At that time, we were asking ourselves, why “free” services such as Google, Skype and Facebook were available for any one without (us) paying even a cent for using them. I remember when I said that it could be an American army’s tool to track down anybody they want around the globe, keeping themselves almost invisibles. Well, now we know that it was not used by American army (or at least it was not proven yet), but by the American spying agencies.
I’ve come closer than ever!

Now, Edward Snowden, the whistleblower, is living somewhere - supposedly in an Russian airport - and several countries, mainly the Latin American ones, have offered him asylum. If he chooses to go back and stay in China, there’s a high probability of he never being caught by the American Justice. If he decides to go to Russia, for sure he will be squeezed by the Russian secret service FSB and could be used as high bargaining counter when some Russian spy is arrested in American soil.

If I was Snowden, I would remain in China and would not stay in Russia or any Latin American country. China is one of the world’s fewest countries where the hand of the US does not reach out. As we could see in the last week, the President of Bolivia’s airplane was delayed flight from Moscow and was held up in Europe under suspicious that Edward Snowden was aboard. Bolivia said the plane from Moscow was forced to land in Austria after Italia, France, Spain and Portugal denied permission for it to enter their airspace. The Bolivian President Evo Morales has since blamed the US government for pressurising the European countries into the ban, which has caused a diplomatic furore.

Attitudes like those above mentioned countries, show us that they are totally dependent on the US and will do everything they want to please their master. They showed no respect by the President of a nation and preferred to obey the US by forcing the airplane to land in Austria. If European countries are submissive at this level, what to expect from them if Snowden come to a South American country? An end of relationship? A war? An invasion?

Perhaps is exactly this lack of respect by the US and some European countries, that Latin America is getting ‘red’ and is approaching more and more of Russia and China. The most disrespectful those countries become to Latin countries, the most South America is prone to approach and trade with China and Russia.

I have already said before, that the fewest institutions we still have faith in, in Brazil, is the Federal Police that always does excellent jobs. Let’s see what they will discover behind all this. If actually there’s something wrong, for sure, they will find out something; I’m not sure if they will be allowed to say what they will discover, but I’m keen on getting news about it. If the US had really spied on us, we will know it; all is possible. Perhaps Snowden has talked too much and most of all this is bullshit, but perhaps it is true and the mess is worse than we can expect.

We must wait and see.

1 Jul 2013

At the End, Dilma Rousseff did not Attend the Match - World Confederations Cup 2013

The Brazilian team has beaten World Champion Spain 3-0 yesterday, but the coveted trophy was not handled over by the President of the country, as it is usual. The reason? Because the president Dilma Rousseff, was wary of being booed again and did not attend the match!

Yes! We Brazilians are tired of corruption and disrespect and are taking to the streets to
Protesters near the Maracanã Stadium
show off our discontentment with governments. Neither the vice-president Michel Temer went to the Maracanã Stadium! Almost hidden, who delivered the trophy to the players was the Federal Deputy of Brazilian Communist Party - PC do B - Aldo Rebelo.

You’re time is coming, corrupts...

23 Jun 2013

Protest Throughout Brazil

At this time, I have chosen some banners, signs and displays, people are carrying during the protests that have been taking place all over Brazil. Some sign come from abroad, from Brazilians who also took to the streets in the country they are living in, to show their support to São Paulo (and Brazil as a whole).

"There's no lack of doctors. There's lack of better working conditions"

"Japan, I change our football for your education"

"We want schools and hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"We've come out of the Facebook"

"São Paulo is like the whole world; all united against oppression"

"We sorry for the inconvenience, we are changing Brazil"

"Or (politicians) stop robbery or we stop Brazil"

"We want hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"If it (government) will import Cuban doctors to improve health system,  I want
Swedish politicians to put an end to corruption in Brazil..."

"Political reform, NOW"

"Brazil without corruption"

"End the secret ballot" (Politicians in Brazil vote secretly during debates)

21 Jun 2013

President Dilma Roussef Speech on Protests

Finally, President Dilma Rousseff came to TV to unveil her plans in an attempt to change  her image and to show that what people have been demanding in the protests, such as education, public transportation, health service and so far will be taken seriously. She also has said will take one hundred percent of oil royalties to invest in education, as well as “thousands” of foreigners doctors will be drafted from abroad to improve health service. 

For sure, when she said it, millions of Brazilians have thought: “Why does she intend to bring foreigners doctors in to work here if what we actually want is investment in hospitals, ambulances, equipments, etc ?!”

She did not convince me. I may forecast more protests ahead...!

Dilma Rousseff is Mesmerised by the Protests

As for governor of State of Ceará, Cid Gomes, President Dilma was mesmerised by the protests that have spread throughout the country. Even so, after a cabinet meeting today, Dilma is not sure if go to TV and make an official announcement or if she stays away of all those protests. Her advisers say that if she goes and make an speech she will bring the problem to her arms but if she does nothing it would not be a good idea as well. But, for the time being, she will prefer to stay out of all this and pretend those manifestations are not because her government, but only because the 20 cents!

What a President we have!!

Let's remember it in the next election. 

20 Jun 2013

Protests in São Paulo

A police officer refuses to obey order and had to hand over his gun to his commander and go away!

This happened last Thursday when the police attacked protesters when they're pacific demonstrating on the streets.

Dilma Rousseff Playing Dumb on TV

While protests go all over Brazil, president Dilma Rousseff went to TV to say that she "is proud that to many people are fighting for a better country." As if she had nothing to do with it!! It's unbelievable to see the president playing dumb on TV!

17 Jun 2013

Brazilians are waking up! Protests now are all over the country!

Finally, Brazilian people has woken up!

A protest that has started in Sao Paulo two weeks ago, it is now gaining strength and has been spread all over the country! It's commenced because the rising of public transport fares but the real intention is to bring people's attention to corruption that is almost part of this government. 

Let's go Brazil! Let's show our dissatisfaction with those parties and politicians that only think in their pockets!

Riot police firing gas and rubber bullets on pacific protesters.
Those police action prompted other protests!

Today, 17th June, protesters started marching heading to Paulista Avenue.

15 Jun 2013

Dilma Rousseff booed at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013

President Dilma Rousseff was booed today at the opening of the Confederations Cup before the match between Brazil and Japan, at the National Stadium Mané Garrincha, in Brasilia. At the rostrum, she made a brief speech, declaring officially opened the competition, but received boos from the public that packed the arena in the federal capital city.

Seeing the public reaction to Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who was beside her on the tribune and also made an official pronouncement, asked fans to have education. "Friends of Brazilian football, where is the respect and fair play, please?" Said the Swiss leader, increasing the embarrassment of the moment.
Before that, Blatter made ​​a short speech. "Dear friends of football, we all gathered today for a veritable spirit of football in the country five times champion of the world. A great pleasure, on behalf of FIFA, to welcome and thank the Brazilian authorities, led by President Dilma Rousseff," said FIFA president in Portuguese.

Dilma was twice booed by the audience when it was officially announced and when it was cited by Blatter. She stayed with the face closed off beside the Fifa chief and just declared open the competition. "I declare officially open the Fifa Confederations Cup 2013," told visibly embarrassed by the situation.

Despite a recent poll indicates that she would win a second term in the first round (in 2014), it is a sign of people’s dissatisfaction with her government. 

It seems Brazilians are getting tired of populism..., at least there's some kind of manifestation showing so, and I do hope we get rid of this burden. 

14 Jun 2013

Protest Against the Bus Fare or Something Else?

An estimated 10,000 protesters converged on the streets of Sao Paulo's central area on last Thursday - the fourth day of the protests, against bus fare raises.

A protester is seen here defying the Police - Sao Paulo, 13th June (Photo by José Patricio AE)
The protesters clashed with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd who have been protesting in the financial heart os Sao Paulo, at the Paulista Avenue.

A man attacking the police with a stick
According to the Police there’s no exact number of injured but the main newspapers of Brazil say that there are more than 100 injured so far. The Police also said that 13 officers have been injured in confrontation. Two journalists of “Folha de Sao Paulo” newspaper have been wounded with shots of rubber bullets in the face.
State Governor Geraldo Alckmin branded the rioters "vandals" and promised to act hard to avoid a repeat of the violence that occurred Thursday. For him, "The police acted with professionalism," he said, rejecting claims that they had used excessive force.

Demonstrations have been also taking place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the host cities for the Confederations Cup which starts on 15th June. It looks like it is not only because R$0,20 cents of Real that people are protesting.  On the contrary, it’s a sign of dissatisfaction with the actual Brazilian politics. The trigger for this chaos started when months ago the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced that the government would have to spend more than US$18 billion to be able to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 - whilst there’s no investment in basic stuffs such as education, health, social programmes, etc - besides endlessness scandals of corruption in all spheres of government.

In a few days, if the Police do not shot protesters with real bullets (I hope they do not do it), 
A riot police officer firing non lethal weapon (I suppose so)
demonstrations will spread all over the main States of Brazil to show to the government that we are not satisfied with lies an false promises.

So, an act who started as a protest against the bus fare, will be known as a protest against corruption in Brazil!

4 Jun 2013

Brazil - Violence without an end in sight

Violence, violence, violence... Brazil is getting worse than ever! 

Everyday there’s a new case of violence. This country has been delivered to bandits - by our governments! Rapes, kidnappings, assaults, shootings, arson, stabbings, assassinations, etc. are almost “common” in the news. Every day there’s news about a new case of banditry.

I’m really concerned about the poor tourists who will come to the World Cup thinking that Brazil is a heaven... For the assailants they will be like a delicious cake in a big party!
I feel myself ashamed for having to live in such a country where bandits have more value than workers...

Are you coming to the World Cup? Be prepared to be robbed (or dead).

I’m sorry but this is true.

This image shows a taxi driver being robbed.

14 May 2013

Communism in Brazil? The Country is Getting "Red"...

Hammers and sickles started shinning on Brazilian skies 

After the President Dilma Rousseff announced that will hire six thousands Cuban doctors to work in Brazilian hospitals, besides secretly giving Cuba 175 million dollars to help to reconstruct Cuban airports, I’m prone to believe that what I had suspected years ago – that this government is Communist, disguised of “good Samaritan” – has been coming true.
By observing the method of the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Labors Part) has been leading the country, it is easy to see that leftism is getting stronger than ever. The PT (part of the “acclaimed” ex-President Lula), has approached to countries like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc., where governments use populism to achieve their goals. 

To the world – that does not know what’s going on here – Lula administration is an example to be followed. However, we do know how corrupt PT is : the vote-buying scandal known as “mensalão”, is the worst in Brazilian history; Lula’s son “Lulinha”, was a zoo employee till 2003 and now is the master of telecommunications in this country; some Lula’s ex-ministers and politicians were tried, convicted of corruption besides other white collars crimes but were not arrested (Ex. Jose Genoino, Jose Dirceu, Joao Paulo Cunha, etc.). 

The Federal Police (perhaps the only Institution in Brazil that we Brazilians do have faith in) does an excellent job of investigation, try to arrest all of them but, justice free all suspects due to PT having justice in its hands.

The President Dilma Rousseff and ex-President Lula
It’s absolutely amazing the power and influence of Lula in the world. One of the most corrupt governors we have experienced so far has won lots of prizes from several countries and renowned universities (mainly for his ability of “combating famine and poverty”). He’s also invited by the New York Times to write a column weekly in its newspaper! Like Hitler, he uses his ability with words to convince people he is a good guy and cares for the poor – while fulfilling his desire power.

I hope I’m wrong but I see my country getting red... 
Comunism is getting closer than ever and all the world does is to congratulate this administration for eradicating misery. But, what should I hope from a President that’s an ex-guerrilla? Dilma Rousseff is just showing Brazilians her true colour, as it is impossible to keep wearing a mask forever.

The hammer and sickle has just started blinking.

23 Apr 2013

The Carandiru Prison "Massacre"- and the Human Rights

The Carandiru massacre took place in 2nd October  1992 in the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil, when military police invaded the facility following a prison riot. The massacre, which left 111 prisoners dead (102 shot by the police; 9 killed by other inmates), is considered a major “Human Rights” violation in the history of Brazil.

The text above mentioned was widely spread all over the world and something similar to it was cover of several magazines and newspapers in the globe. Human Rights was (and still ‘is’) the main centre of all this; they fully accuse police officers of massacring defenceless inmates by shooting all them, mercilessly.

Riot police officers dominating the rioters
For the Human Rights, the inmates are victims of society; are victims of police. The prisoners were good Samaritans that were already paying for their prejudice to society. In their views, the military police is the real cause of all this. It doesn’t matter if the inmates were assassins or not; what really matters is that the police stormed the penitentiary and shot human beings.

What the Human Rights never see is the violence committed by those bandits that kill for a pair of sneakers, for a watch or for a bike. In Brazil, What the Human Rights never see is how many police officers have fallen down during their duties – by that one’s the Human Rights will defend!!

Military Police ready to invade Carandiru in 1992
In 2012, more than 200 police officers were assassinated in São Paulo by bandits (some of those murders were commanded by the criminal faction ‘PCC’). It’s astonishing but, the so called Human Rights did not raise its voice to condemn the criminals or to defend the officers. The Human Rights remained in silence during all the period of the assassinations! Then, we Brazilians have learnt, that Human Rights in Brazil is the voice of bandits; they exist to protect them, solely.

This week, after passing more than 20 years of the “massacre”, some of police officers who took part in
the invasion were condemned to more than 120 years in prison, each one. The Human Rights celebrated this as a milestone in the Brazilian justice! For them, it is what should have done decades ago. The world also vibrated with this news (as if the countries really knew what happens here). But, we Brazilians do not see this fact with the same eyes they see. We Brazilians live in fear of violence. We Brazilians live in houses surrounded by barbed wires to avoid being invaded by the assassins that the Human Rights will defend one day. We Brazilians know that there are errors and mistakes committed by the police but we also know that they put their lives at risk to protect us.

What let me frustrated is to know that the Human Rights only exists in Brazil to protect bandits. The common citizens, the commuters, the police officers, the society as a whole, are not part of its “human” views. I have never heard anything coming out from Human Rights Watchdog in regards to the death of hundreds of military police officers who died to protect citizens, in 2012! It has never happened! But it is ready to point out officers when assassins are killed by police.

Assassins, burglars, thieves, pickpockets, muggers, rapists, etc. are all well protected by the law – and by Human Rights.

Blood is seen on the ground after the confrontation
By watching “the show” of the trial, we were presented with the police officers being accused of killing a band of good men and, the bandits who died, portrayed as the best men, husbands, brothers, uncles, etc. on earth. They were unarmed and so, should not be killed (in the prosecution’s view).

If you are not Brazilian, perhaps will not understand why I’m supporting the police after such a “massacre” and why I’m so angry and frustrated with our “justice”. Well, violence committed by bandits around here is of such seriousness that it is impossible to argue the contrary! Every day there are news about thefts, rapes, stabbings, shootings and so forth. As if it was not enough, now, bandits have been attacking victims inside restaurants... We have no peace even to have a dinner with a friend or family!  Underage guys (16, 17 years old) take advantage of the law to lead robberies! They cannot be arrested and so, they kill and do everything they want to humiliate their victims. My country, Brazil, is governed by corrupts that do not care about safety and education... It’s sad, but it is true. Burglars, assassins, paedophiles, etc. will always find refuge around here; unfortunately.

After dominating Carandiru, police officers prepare to transfer the inmates
I do support our police officers. For me, all of them are heroes! They killed people who deserved to be killed. They killed assassins, thefts, rapists and so forth. One hundred and eleven bandits have died but it is nothing compared to thousands of police officers and victims who have been dying every day for decades! The Human Rights doesn’t see it; human for them is only bandits. However, to me, the real “Human” is the one who wears a uniform to combat criminals – and not the one who will try to kill me to take my wallet.

The only thing I’m really sorry for, is the inmates’ families. Their mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in many cases had nothing to do with it. They also paid a high price.

Thanks for reading.

2 Apr 2013

A Rape in Rio de Janeiro - A Shocking News

The criminals
Saturday, 30th March, two foreigner students were brutally attacked by three monsters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The couple had not their names divulged by authorities so far, but it’s known that the man is French, 23yo and the girl is an American aged 21.

Both students came to Rio on an exchange. They lived in an apartment in Copacabana, and also studied at a college in South Zone. On Saturday night, the couple decided to go to Lapa, but the night that was supposed to be of fun, turned into a nightmare.

This shocking news came to spot after the confirmation by police officers that have arrested three men accused of doing this unthinkable act, in a van, used to transport commuters.

The couple underwent moments of terror for about six hours - time that remained under the violence of those criminals. The young Frenchman, 23, was handcuffed and beaten with a wheel wrench, while, according to investigators, was forced by criminals to see the American girlfriend of 21 years, being beaten and raped repeatedly.

The abuses occurred throughout the way to Lapa. The vehicle stopped just long enough for the suspects take turns to rape the student and to drive the van. From Rio, they went to Niterói, in the metropolitan area, where the monsters used used the card’s victims to withdraw cash and buy drinks and energetics in a petrol station. The investigator said that those drinks would be used to the "party of evil", as a criminal confessed.  According to the officer, their intention was to "satisfy their lust”.

Well, I do not want to proceed with details of this absurd! It is too horrible to me to continue with this narrative.

I feel deeply sorrow for this couple who came to Brazil to have fun and find a terrible situation like that. What drives me crazy and frustrated is to learn that politicians do not care about it!! The Brazilian Criminal Law, from 1940 (yes, our criminal law dates from earlier 40’s!!) will not change in years to come! What lets me ashamed is to know that those men (if no one kill then in jail, as for the “criminals’ rules” rapist must be killed), will be freed in 05 to 10 years – and then, ready to commit crimes again!

I’m tired of violence in Brazil! I’m tired of living in fear; I’m tired of being ashamed for living in a country where politicians just think about themselves, are not worried about population needs and steal money and hopes!

By looking at disgraceful news like that, my hopes start vanishing... I would like to believe on the contrary, but I have no reasons to think so.

I would love to live in a country where I could go out without fear of being robbed or stabbed. I would love to live my life free of these terrible thoughts that surrounds me since when I wake up to go to work till the way back home late night. But it is my burden. I’m Brazilian; I have to cope with this.

I’m sorry for this American girl and her French boyfriend; I feel frustrated. All I can do is to pray for them and their families...

My hopes are dying out...

26 Mar 2013

A Coffin in the Parking Lot

Five tanks with formaldehyde and corpses, as well as a coffin with remains inside, are seen
A coffin is seen in the parking lot
in a parking lot. This real story has been dragging on for more than eight months at the Biomedical Institute of UNIRIO (University Federal of Rio de Janeiro); since the campus of Anatomic started its repair works. Students are not having practical lessons of anatomy, so far.

— They started working during a strike, but have not finished it, yet. And at this very low pace it’s not going to end anytime soon. – said a student who preferred not to say its name.
In a note sent by the press office, the UNIRIO claims that problems in the conclusion of construction materials and design changes led to delay the works, but the prediction is that the recovery of the room will be finished at the end of May.

The note adds that the parking lot was chosen "due to the urgent need of Anatomical recovery and the impossibility of transporting the bodies to another location". According to UNIRIO, acquired pools are being used for this purpose and filled with formaldehyde solution, ideal for proper conservation of bodies.

The University also states that the pools have been routinely monitored to verify its integrity and that the canvases that are covering the tanks are not becoming focus of mosquitoes, although the use of formaldehyde in the water already impedes the proliferation of larvae.
The most incredible in of this is that, nobody really cares about coffins standing in a parking lot with bodies inside. It’s something like “it’s normal; it could be anywhere”. The main concern is if mosquitoes will be widespread due to the accumulation of water on the canvases. There’s no respect for the corpse that was once a human being and now is being used for studies.

I ponder whether it could happen in the USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea and all over the countries that take education seriously... Of course, it would never happen! I guess that such news in those countries sounds like something surreal! Coffins in a parking lot? It only happens in Brazil!

Whilst education is not priority in this country, all kinds of absurd news come to surface – and I’m listing only one curious (and sad) fact. I hope one day we have a serious government, not a populist one, which really makes every effort to improve education around here.

23 Mar 2013

Flying Through Bumpy Weather

In Brazil, the government is always against air companies and it does everything they can do to jeopardise airlines, whether charging absurd taxes to revise a manual or charging high taxes on fuel and licenses. It’s weird as Brazilian government behaves towards airlines; it does not look at this mean of transportation as something that helps to improve the country’s economy. On the contrary, the government visualises air companies as a source of endless money and, the highest taxes and fees concerning transportation in Brazil are directed to those companies.

Brazilian agencies used to control, inspect and charge airlines
By reviewing some ludicrous regulations made by ANAC, acronym for National Civil Aviation Agency, the agency responsible for the regulation and the safety oversight of civil aviation in Brazil, I could affirm that the real purpose of this branch of the government is to skim the money off, most of what, by charging exorbitant fees for flight delays or by applying rules that are difficult of being accomplished by the companies.

Aviation in Brazil pays high prices for everything. There are so many fines to be applied in case of delays that are impossible to list all them here. However, I will bring to spot some interesting cases:

ANAC charges US$ 5.337,00* to assess a flight simulator with views to the approval and examination training and US$ 1.550,00* to do the first analyse of Manual of General Maintenance.  The INFRAERO, acronym for Airport Infrastructure, the agency responsible for administrating the main airports in Brazil, also charges high prices for taking off, arrivals, time spent on aprons, radio communication, etc. The petrol that should have a reasonable price since we have PETROBRAS, is the major reason for increasing debts on the companies.

 PETROBRAS refinery
So, I ask: why does the government charges so many high taxes on airlines? Is it necessary to charge that amount to review a manual? Have Brazilian airports structures that are worth to charge those prices? We are among world’s largest oil producers and yet, it’s cheaper to fuel an airplane in Argentina than in Brazil!! It’s absolutely incoherent!

Our airports are saturated, old; there is lack of investment in runways, in structures to receive airplanes, to “find” vacant room on the aprons and even to disembark passengers; investment in navaids (navigation aids) run at slow motion. Only half a dozen of airports have ILS (instrument landing system) – a basic aid that allows airplanes to land with precision in adverse conditions. 

Another governmental agency – ANVISA, the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, made a point of fining GOL Airlines because inspectors of this agency realised that some of flight attendants who are selling sandwiches on board (aka BOB – buy on board), were offering the product and handling the money at same time – even the products being well packaged and the flight attendants wearing plastic gloves. This agency, supposedly, should inspect all restaurants, pubs, fast-food chains, etc. such as McDonald’s, where the person who charges you, sometimes, is the same who will take your soft drink, French fries and sandwiches - without washing its hands! But not. It is efficient only to inspect airlines.

Guarulhos is overpopulated
Brazilian media also sees aviation as a delicious dish. 
During the summer, when storms occur frequently, several media cars and trucks are seen positioned in front of the major airports with their satellite antennas point out to the skies, their personnel prepared with camcorders and reporters eagerly looking for some ‘victim’ of the chaos. They look like vultures flying over carrions or awaiting a dying animal to come to its end to snap at it as soon as it falls.

The same doesn’t occur to other means of transportation.

Congonhas - two runways, only one supports big jets
If a bus, a tube or a train delays, there are no high fines or penalties. On the contrary, it happens on a daily basis and nobody cares about it! Delay is almost part of the Brazilian culture in the cases above mentioned. Nonetheless, for aviation, it is an exception. The airline that, for some reason, delays (even if weather conditions are to blame), it will be fined in several thousands of dollars and in some cases, millions of dollars or, the airline must pay accommodation, meals, etc. to the affected passengers. Apart from taking out money of the company, it will also be headlines on TVs, newspapers, electronic media and so forth. A photo of an airplane is displayed on the covers of the issues and all Brazilians are prone to think that “that” pointed airline is not a good option to fly.

It is how things work around here.

Viracopos - one runway, one small passenger terminal
While Brazilian government does not put money to improve conditions for the airports, we see them gradually languishing day-by-day and getting overpopulated at each year that goes by. Airports in São Paulo (Guarulhos International, Viracopos International and Congonhas), in Rio de Janeiro (Galeão International and Santos Dumont), in Porto Alegre, in Recife, etc. are on the brink of having their operations ‘more’ restricted than already are today, in reason of not being able to support all necessary demand. 

As for the airlines, well..., they keep trying to survive this suffocation.

*Values extracted from: https://sistemas.anac.gov.br/gruinternet/ControladorGru?cmd=BuscarAreaInteresse

13 Mar 2013

Endless Scandals...

Cardinal Roger Mahony holding a snake
The American Cardinal Roger Mahony and a former priest were forced to pay nearly $ 10 million in a settlement regarding four cases of sexual abuse against minors. According to the lawyer of the victim's, the diocese has paid more than $ 700 million to about 550 raped victims, apparently, under the blind eye of the cardinal. Mahony, who retired in 2011 as head of the largest Archdiocese in the United States and went to Rome to attend the conclave to elect the new Pope, was accused of helping the paedophile priest and circumvent the law by sending him to a treatment centre administered by the Church, before bringing it back to the Ministry in Los Angeles.

Eight dioceses have declared bankruptcy in the country. The faithful have required (and still requires) more control and punishment, and episodes of paedophilia have contributed to the increasing detachment of Americans to the faith. Catholicism is the religion in the USA that least keeps in adult life, as a research made by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has showed.

There are so many cases of misbehaviours by Catholic priests that are impossible to list them here. I just ask myself: How is it possible to people accused of sex crimes to vote and choose a Pope?

It has happened.

A Gay Sauna (before the conclave that has chosen the Pope)

After ending the conclave, which has set the name that will assume the post of Bento 16 after his resignation, a somewhat unusual investment of the Catholic Church has been discovered. According to the British newspaper "The Independent", the religious institution has spent 23 million euros invested in apartments of a building that is home to no less than the biggest gay sauna in Europe!

The cardinal that perhaps will “sweat” more due to the proximity to the venue is Ivan Dias, head of the Congregation for the evangelization of peoples, 76 years old. The religious, who has taken part in the conclave alongside his colleagues, lives on the same floor of the sauna!

The discovery appears in a delicate moment for the Church, which still is recovering from speculation about the resignation of Benedict 16. It was said that the resignation of the German theologian took place due to the presence of homosexual Cardinals inside the Vatican. The building houses at least 18 apartments dwelt by Cardinals – responsible for choosing the next Pope!

The local press also found that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, invested in this property in 2008. It was done thanks to generous tax benefits received by the Catholic Church during the Government of Silvio Berlusconi.

The most astonishing of it all: the property is recognized as part of the Holy City!! It’s comic! 

With more this case in an endless series of news about sex scandals inside the Church, the new Pope, the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, should admit that a huge part of its priests are homosexual, and also should stop with this hypocrisy of preaching that is against gay marriage.