24 Feb 2013

Do Richies Go To Jail in Brazil?

She did not stop in a blitz called "Lei Seca" (literally, "Dry Law") who prevents drivers to drive
 under alcohol effects. She also tried to buy off police officers.
Well..., at least for the time being she is in jail.

21 Feb 2013

Senator Renan Calheiros - and Corruption in Brazil (again)

I do believe that corruption in Brazil is worse than a disease. It’s astonishing how it is rooted in the ground of our politics; it’s something as if it’s cultural, with no end in sight.

Senator Renan Calheiros
Brazilian politicians tend to protect themselves mainly when they are accused of several white-collar crimes. Politics in Brazil works as a powerful Mafia; they have the power of making laws to protect them and are always making agreements among parties to keep up with the power in their hands. As an example, I may cite the actual President of the Senate – Mr. Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL) - who is accused of corruption and, yet, was appointed by their mates (including the PT party of the President Dilma Rousself) to occupy this position.

We are trying hard to overthrow this accused of corruption by collecting signatures for a petition to impeach him. Brazilian Constitution says that if a total of 01% of electorate signs a petition, it should be considered law. As we have collected 1.6 million signatures so far, then we have gotten the necessary number to proceed with this. It was delivered to the National Congress yesterday (20 Feb 2013) and hope they will accept the petition as valid! But I’m not sure they will accept it..., as I have said, Brazilian Politicians as a whole (with rare exceptions) work together, as a powerful Mafia.

But, the people are to blame for that, as well. Unfortunately, Renan Calheiros was elected Senator by the State of Alagoas, a region located in the Northeast of Brazil. As we Brazilians know, in the North and Northeast of this country, education is not taken seriously - and the Mafia knows it! For them, the most uneducated people are, the best to all politicians. Like vultures flying over carrion, uneducated people mean guarantee of a politic banquet; they may perpetuate in their seats.

1.6 millions signatures were collected
I really hope it changes someday...

To see my country languishing in the hands of corrupts, actually leaves me in pain. I pay tributes, high (and all sorts of) taxes, I work almost 14 hours/day, for what? To see millions of dollars going down through the pockets of elegantly dressed criminals who are elected only to steal money easily – from the people!

Haplessly I have to deal with it... I was born Brazilian. All I can do, is to believe that the next generations will see a better Brazil with lesser or, almost nothing, corruption.

It may be a dream or a utopia...

For the time being, I want to see Senator Renan Calheiros OUT as soon as possible!

Again, let’s wait and see.

10 Feb 2013

SEX! Is It a Taboo, yet?

This simple word is capable of attracting attention of millions of people! We are always thinking about sex; It’s like something we die for. It give us pleasure, a sensation of peace of mind, ecstasy, etc., and yet, it is almost deemed as a sin for lots of cultures.

All normal humans make sex (or love, you choose). But, it is still considered taboo for many cultures and persons. Why?

We watch violence on TV, films, news, etc., and we do not feel uncomfortable with the scenes. It may be someone being stabbed in the chest or shot in the head, hanged or committing suicide. Anyway, we do not feel as disturbed as if it was a sex scene, mainly, if it’s in front of our parents, relatives or colleagues.

Why do we make sex, enjoy it, but do not feel comfortable even to talk about it freely with our closer friends? We were born from sex and will keep up with our race - by making sex! Then, although we live in the 21st Century, are our minds recalling us back to beginning of the centuries when the subject is sex?

There are that ones who are going to blame Catholic Church for it. Others, accuse history and traditions. However, the true is: during thousands of years, we never changed our minds when the subject is sex, or, advanced at snail’s pace on this matter.

So, Am I wrong? Is this something so special that must be deemed as taboo?

Hope to find answers before I die.

8 Feb 2013

Fighting on Drugs

Fighting on Drugs

I see governments around the world spending billions of dollars “to fight drugs” in a declared war against this cancer that has been spreading out faster than any other infection. It’s like governments are really interested in combating this problem. However I think different...

The price of drugs
Drugs move trillions of dollars per year.

The drug lords are influent people who take part in several spheres of governments even indirectly. I mean, there are several of them who finances political parties or candidates and pose as entrepreneurs or businessmen. They are the lords of the world.

How to explain this endless fighting on drugs? Why drug dealers do not take drugs? Are armies and police incapable of coping with this problem? How many people have died so far, as a result of this war? Afghanistan is the world’s largest exporter of opium and heroin.  How does it reach countries such as the US, Mexico, Brazil, Holland, etc., if the transportation system of that country is so outdated? Do human beings are so greedy that accept bribes to permit all sorts of drugs to enter into their countries? What should be done to obtain an efficient result on this problem? Do people must be arrested for doing drugs?

Well, to answer all those questions may not be an easy task. There are lots of books on this subject and it isn’t in this blog that I will have a valid answer and, it is not my intention. By writing here, I just want you to think about this issue.

Cigarettes, Alcohol, Unprescribed Medicines

A drunk girl
A friend of mine said “Alcohol and cigarette are drugs, as well. They are also stimulants and alter people’s behaviour in a relaxant or aggressive way.” I agree. I would add that once someone gets addicted to alcohol or smoking is very difficult to him/her give it up. The amounts of people who die in consequence of those substances are astonishing! A research made by Brazilian statistic Institute ‘IBGE’, revealed that about 290.000 people in Brazil die every year in consequence of smoking – and it’s never informed on TV! It is an expressive number. If we analyse how many persons die every year as a result of alcohol, this number goes further. Many cases of car accidents and crimes in general occur in consequence of alcoholic drinks and it is not considered “drug” by authorities.

Propagandas are everywhere stimulating people to drink and smoke. At each day that goes by, smoking and beverage consumption by teenagers grows faster. To get wasted is something deemed as funny by friends and it’s almost a sense of pride. Of course, sometimes it occurs occasionally for some ones and in specific occasions, such as parties, and it is really for amusement only. However, here in Brazil, there’s a growing concern about young people who are getting addicted to alcohol and cigarettes - let alone crack, marijuana and cocaine – and they are only teenagers!

There is, also, concern about the use of unprescribed medicines and pills by an increasing number of people. That’s to say, it isn’t only cocaine, meth, crack or alcohol that population has been looking for. Pills and medicines that alter persons’ mental conditions are on the top of lists of “drugs” that have been killing lots of people around the world, so far. 
Why do People Take Drugs?

By learning about this, I ask myself... “Why do people want so eagerly to change its mental condition? Is it an effort to forget our reality? Is depression the real reason behind all this? Has life being so cruel to those persons or it is only curiosity about what happens ‘if’ drugs are taken?” Well, as I have never taken any kind of drugs – and I’m not that curious to learn by myself (I do prefer to believe in the experts who say and show how bad drugs are) – all I can do is to conjecture, as I always do in my Blog.

In my viewpoint, a huge part of those persons who take drugs, do this for curiosity, pressure of the environment they are frequenting at the time (parties, friends, schools, etc.), or are trying to get out of reality for some reason. In any case, it must be deemed as worrying by the Health authorities. One think is one get a drink occasionally, another thing is to do not be able to live without alcohol going through the veins.  


Whether drugs should be decriminalised or not by Brazilian government, is a matter that must be deeply discussed prior to taking any attitude or measure towards a final decision on the subject. After all, who buy drugs is contributing to the increasing of organised crimes around the world (even more in this globalised world), and are not unaware of it. They do know they are against the law. However, I believe that users (in most cases) should not be arrested for doing drugs; it’s not worth it. Perhaps they could pay for it by assisting poor communities with important services or attending classes where the danger of drugs for the body and mind is taught. The ones, who are seeking help to leave drugs aside, should be helped.

Los Zetas, from Mexico and their arsenal to fight for drugs
Of course, when an individual buy drugs such as meth, cocaine, marijuana, crack, heroine, etc., he/she is cooperating with all kinds of crimes such as assassinations, kidnappings, corruption, robberies and others sorts of crimes. Nevertheless, arresting addicted individuals is not the solution. It would be more effective if the big sharks were put behind bars, but I guess, it will seldom happen. Who owns money has the power of buying everything and everyone, including governments, police officers, judges and so for. Most of human beings are just like this; corruptive.

So is it like a cancer?
Perhaps it is.
I cannot see many changes ahead.

Fighting a Losing War

Poppy seeds that will be transformed
in Opium - Afghanistan.
How long American forces have been fighting Colombia’s guerrilla FARC, and consequently the drugs trading in the Colombian territory? Decades! What’s the good of it? Maybe both countries have some other agreements than simply combating drugs and guerrillas, I don’t know. Although they have been working together for ages, side by side, there’s few advance in eradicating drug trafficking in that country. Or there’s no interest in putting an end to this trade or the real reason of having North American forces on the South American soil is a strategy that has absolutely nothing to do with fighting on drugs. It must be observed that in the 80’s and 90’s it was far worst and several improvements were achieved, but, this menace still exists.

While the police, the customs borders and army forces try hard to solve this problem, in the cinema and music this issue is considered quite common. Artists take drugs and speak freely about it. Musicians sing and show it off on their clips. While a side is struggling to win this war, the other side – the high society (artists, players, socialites, etc.) and all sorts of persons who have some kind of influence over population – are making propaganda of it. The ones, who could change people’s mind about drugs, do the opposite.

Then, What to Do?

To let people take drugs and kill themselves (and their families and friends) is not the best choice. Some should be done to avoid it. Education and propaganda, in my point of view, are the best options. Propagandas could be announced in the cinemas, magazines, radios, TVs, etc., and education ranging from the realm of a structured family to a High School.

I don’t know if it will ever happen someday. But I must have faith on it.

Thanks for reading.