21 Feb 2013

Senator Renan Calheiros - and Corruption in Brazil (again)

I do believe that corruption in Brazil is worse than a disease. It’s astonishing how it is rooted in the ground of our politics; it’s something as if it’s cultural, with no end in sight.

Senator Renan Calheiros
Brazilian politicians tend to protect themselves mainly when they are accused of several white-collar crimes. Politics in Brazil works as a powerful Mafia; they have the power of making laws to protect them and are always making agreements among parties to keep up with the power in their hands. As an example, I may cite the actual President of the Senate – Mr. Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL) - who is accused of corruption and, yet, was appointed by their mates (including the PT party of the President Dilma Rousself) to occupy this position.

We are trying hard to overthrow this accused of corruption by collecting signatures for a petition to impeach him. Brazilian Constitution says that if a total of 01% of electorate signs a petition, it should be considered law. As we have collected 1.6 million signatures so far, then we have gotten the necessary number to proceed with this. It was delivered to the National Congress yesterday (20 Feb 2013) and hope they will accept the petition as valid! But I’m not sure they will accept it..., as I have said, Brazilian Politicians as a whole (with rare exceptions) work together, as a powerful Mafia.

But, the people are to blame for that, as well. Unfortunately, Renan Calheiros was elected Senator by the State of Alagoas, a region located in the Northeast of Brazil. As we Brazilians know, in the North and Northeast of this country, education is not taken seriously - and the Mafia knows it! For them, the most uneducated people are, the best to all politicians. Like vultures flying over carrion, uneducated people mean guarantee of a politic banquet; they may perpetuate in their seats.

1.6 millions signatures were collected
I really hope it changes someday...

To see my country languishing in the hands of corrupts, actually leaves me in pain. I pay tributes, high (and all sorts of) taxes, I work almost 14 hours/day, for what? To see millions of dollars going down through the pockets of elegantly dressed criminals who are elected only to steal money easily – from the people!

Haplessly I have to deal with it... I was born Brazilian. All I can do, is to believe that the next generations will see a better Brazil with lesser or, almost nothing, corruption.

It may be a dream or a utopia...

For the time being, I want to see Senator Renan Calheiros OUT as soon as possible!

Again, let’s wait and see.
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