10 Feb 2013

SEX! Is It a Taboo, yet?

This simple word is capable of attracting attention of millions of people! We are always thinking about sex; It’s like something we die for. It give us pleasure, a sensation of peace of mind, ecstasy, etc., and yet, it is almost deemed as a sin for lots of cultures.

All normal humans make sex (or love, you choose). But, it is still considered taboo for many cultures and persons. Why?

We watch violence on TV, films, news, etc., and we do not feel uncomfortable with the scenes. It may be someone being stabbed in the chest or shot in the head, hanged or committing suicide. Anyway, we do not feel as disturbed as if it was a sex scene, mainly, if it’s in front of our parents, relatives or colleagues.

Why do we make sex, enjoy it, but do not feel comfortable even to talk about it freely with our closer friends? We were born from sex and will keep up with our race - by making sex! Then, although we live in the 21st Century, are our minds recalling us back to beginning of the centuries when the subject is sex?

There are that ones who are going to blame Catholic Church for it. Others, accuse history and traditions. However, the true is: during thousands of years, we never changed our minds when the subject is sex, or, advanced at snail’s pace on this matter.

So, Am I wrong? Is this something so special that must be deemed as taboo?

Hope to find answers before I die.
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