26 Mar 2013

A Coffin in the Parking Lot

Five tanks with formaldehyde and corpses, as well as a coffin with remains inside, are seen
A coffin is seen in the parking lot
in a parking lot. This real story has been dragging on for more than eight months at the Biomedical Institute of UNIRIO (University Federal of Rio de Janeiro); since the campus of Anatomic started its repair works. Students are not having practical lessons of anatomy, so far.

— They started working during a strike, but have not finished it, yet. And at this very low pace it’s not going to end anytime soon. – said a student who preferred not to say its name.
In a note sent by the press office, the UNIRIO claims that problems in the conclusion of construction materials and design changes led to delay the works, but the prediction is that the recovery of the room will be finished at the end of May.

The note adds that the parking lot was chosen "due to the urgent need of Anatomical recovery and the impossibility of transporting the bodies to another location". According to UNIRIO, acquired pools are being used for this purpose and filled with formaldehyde solution, ideal for proper conservation of bodies.

The University also states that the pools have been routinely monitored to verify its integrity and that the canvases that are covering the tanks are not becoming focus of mosquitoes, although the use of formaldehyde in the water already impedes the proliferation of larvae.
The most incredible in of this is that, nobody really cares about coffins standing in a parking lot with bodies inside. It’s something like “it’s normal; it could be anywhere”. The main concern is if mosquitoes will be widespread due to the accumulation of water on the canvases. There’s no respect for the corpse that was once a human being and now is being used for studies.

I ponder whether it could happen in the USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea and all over the countries that take education seriously... Of course, it would never happen! I guess that such news in those countries sounds like something surreal! Coffins in a parking lot? It only happens in Brazil!

Whilst education is not priority in this country, all kinds of absurd news come to surface – and I’m listing only one curious (and sad) fact. I hope one day we have a serious government, not a populist one, which really makes every effort to improve education around here.
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