13 Mar 2013

A Gay Sauna (before the conclave that has chosen the Pope)

After ending the conclave, which has set the name that will assume the post of Bento 16 after his resignation, a somewhat unusual investment of the Catholic Church has been discovered. According to the British newspaper "The Independent", the religious institution has spent 23 million euros invested in apartments of a building that is home to no less than the biggest gay sauna in Europe!

The cardinal that perhaps will “sweat” more due to the proximity to the venue is Ivan Dias, head of the Congregation for the evangelization of peoples, 76 years old. The religious, who has taken part in the conclave alongside his colleagues, lives on the same floor of the sauna!

The discovery appears in a delicate moment for the Church, which still is recovering from speculation about the resignation of Benedict 16. It was said that the resignation of the German theologian took place due to the presence of homosexual Cardinals inside the Vatican. The building houses at least 18 apartments dwelt by Cardinals – responsible for choosing the next Pope!

The local press also found that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, invested in this property in 2008. It was done thanks to generous tax benefits received by the Catholic Church during the Government of Silvio Berlusconi.

The most astonishing of it all: the property is recognized as part of the Holy City!! It’s comic! 

With more this case in an endless series of news about sex scandals inside the Church, the new Pope, the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, should admit that a huge part of its priests are homosexual, and also should stop with this hypocrisy of preaching that is against gay marriage.
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