11 Mar 2013

The Next Pope

The crises faced by the Catholic Church have been fairly discussed in recent days, with the resignation of now Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and preparations for conclave that will elect a new pontiff. Reform of the Curia, leak documents, allegations of corruption and scandals of paedophilia, and other inappropriate sexual conduct, are among the major challenges for the next pope.

The Conclave
While the Church chooses another man “to represent God on Earth”, faithful followers are waiting eagerly to know who will be the man to take the power. Ones say it will be Italian, others say it will be Brazilian and others say the chosen name is North American. 
Well, if this man is “chosen by God” his nationality does not have any importance. But..., is he really chosen by God?

In my viewpoint, he is just one man as others humans. He is not chosen by God but by other men to represent a Church or a Feud. It’s not necessary to be religious to learn that the Vatican is a reign, so much so that the Pope uses a lucent gold crown! Inside this reign it’s impossible to know what’s going on and how things work. Nobody actually knows what’s behind the scenes.

The main concern of Catholic Church should be to clean its image before the world. Sexual conducts of its priests should be the main worry. In Brazil, at least, dozens of cases involving Catholic priests are always in the news headlines, but, nobody really cares. The power of Catholic Church in the world as whole is strong enough to ease those misconducts.

“The critical point is not to explain to people how the structure of the church works. It is already written, and anyone who wants to know about it can find information on the website of the Vatican. The problem today is to find a language that allows people to understand that Christ is salvation. This is the great crisis which we live today.” – said the Italian priest Antonio Marazzo, 60, who works as postulator of the cause of the saints for the Congregation of the Redemptorists and lives near the Vatican.

Well..., perhaps he is an extremist, but he has some reason.
By saying that, I may conclude that sexual scandals will keep happening inside the Church.
It was already announced by the Vatican that the new Pope will have to have charisma to be able to bring young people to Church, as the Vatican has been losing ground to other religions as Muslims (the world’s fastest growing religion), Buddhists, Evangelicals and so forth.

While the Vatican conceals dirtiness behind its curtains, savvy people look for God in other religions or even by reading the Bible and trying to understand by their owns. The history of Catholic Church is tainted by blood, prejudice and power – and nowadays, by sexual scandals (having paedophilia as the main concern). However, blindness gripped people in a way, that almost always police does not investigate such abuses. If it had happened to others religions than Catholic, perhaps, those religions would banned from earth (in Brazil, at least).

I admire people, who, even in the 21st Century, still follow a reign by believing the chosen man, a king, is sent by God!

I would rather try to follow God, the Creator, by reading and studying the Bible - and not by believing in anyone who says it’s “chosen by God”.

"Religion is the opium of the people" – Karl Marx.
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