12 Mar 2013

The topless of the Danish Athletes - Ooh, what a sin!!

Danish athletes in Ipanema beach - Rio
After having their pictures widely published in the mainstream media in Brazil, the Danish athletes were ashamed for going topless on the Brazilian famous Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro. I’ve gotten amazed with such news – and not because they took off their clothes, but in reason of “nudity” and “sex” being something so normal around here. All TV programmes show some kind of sexuality or nudity.

Well, of course they will never read this Blog, but yet, I would like to leave them a message:

Do not worry about it! Our press is sensationalist. Nowadays people have been making sex on the Brazilian beaches (mainly in Rio de Janeiro) and nobody cares! During Carnival, nude “models” are absolutely normal (Carnival is the party of sex). Sex is everywhere! It isn’t a topless that will make you ashamed of. We, Brazilian men, love sexy women and you all are lovely.

Topless isn’t allowed in Brazil because Brazilian government is hypocrite. While it allows 04 days of sex party in Carnival, besides all kinds of sex and nudity in soap operas, BBB, films, etc. it forbids women of going topless in the Brazilian beaches.

I saw your pictures and found them amazing! You all are beautiful girls. Don’t worry about this repercussion.

Thanks for reading!

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