2 Apr 2013

A Rape in Rio de Janeiro - A Shocking News

The criminals
Saturday, 30th March, two foreigner students were brutally attacked by three monsters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The couple had not their names divulged by authorities so far, but it’s known that the man is French, 23yo and the girl is an American aged 21.

Both students came to Rio on an exchange. They lived in an apartment in Copacabana, and also studied at a college in South Zone. On Saturday night, the couple decided to go to Lapa, but the night that was supposed to be of fun, turned into a nightmare.

This shocking news came to spot after the confirmation by police officers that have arrested three men accused of doing this unthinkable act, in a van, used to transport commuters.

The couple underwent moments of terror for about six hours - time that remained under the violence of those criminals. The young Frenchman, 23, was handcuffed and beaten with a wheel wrench, while, according to investigators, was forced by criminals to see the American girlfriend of 21 years, being beaten and raped repeatedly.

The abuses occurred throughout the way to Lapa. The vehicle stopped just long enough for the suspects take turns to rape the student and to drive the van. From Rio, they went to Niterói, in the metropolitan area, where the monsters used used the card’s victims to withdraw cash and buy drinks and energetics in a petrol station. The investigator said that those drinks would be used to the "party of evil", as a criminal confessed.  According to the officer, their intention was to "satisfy their lust”.

Well, I do not want to proceed with details of this absurd! It is too horrible to me to continue with this narrative.

I feel deeply sorrow for this couple who came to Brazil to have fun and find a terrible situation like that. What drives me crazy and frustrated is to learn that politicians do not care about it!! The Brazilian Criminal Law, from 1940 (yes, our criminal law dates from earlier 40’s!!) will not change in years to come! What lets me ashamed is to know that those men (if no one kill then in jail, as for the “criminals’ rules” rapist must be killed), will be freed in 05 to 10 years – and then, ready to commit crimes again!

I’m tired of violence in Brazil! I’m tired of living in fear; I’m tired of being ashamed for living in a country where politicians just think about themselves, are not worried about population needs and steal money and hopes!

By looking at disgraceful news like that, my hopes start vanishing... I would like to believe on the contrary, but I have no reasons to think so.

I would love to live in a country where I could go out without fear of being robbed or stabbed. I would love to live my life free of these terrible thoughts that surrounds me since when I wake up to go to work till the way back home late night. But it is my burden. I’m Brazilian; I have to cope with this.

I’m sorry for this American girl and her French boyfriend; I feel frustrated. All I can do is to pray for them and their families...

My hopes are dying out...

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