23 Apr 2013

The Carandiru Prison "Massacre"- and the Human Rights

The Carandiru massacre took place in 2nd October  1992 in the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil, when military police invaded the facility following a prison riot. The massacre, which left 111 prisoners dead (102 shot by the police; 9 killed by other inmates), is considered a major “Human Rights” violation in the history of Brazil.

The text above mentioned was widely spread all over the world and something similar to it was cover of several magazines and newspapers in the globe. Human Rights was (and still ‘is’) the main centre of all this; they fully accuse police officers of massacring defenceless inmates by shooting all them, mercilessly.

Riot police officers dominating the rioters
For the Human Rights, the inmates are victims of society; are victims of police. The prisoners were good Samaritans that were already paying for their prejudice to society. In their views, the military police is the real cause of all this. It doesn’t matter if the inmates were assassins or not; what really matters is that the police stormed the penitentiary and shot human beings.

What the Human Rights never see is the violence committed by those bandits that kill for a pair of sneakers, for a watch or for a bike. In Brazil, What the Human Rights never see is how many police officers have fallen down during their duties – by that one’s the Human Rights will defend!!

Military Police ready to invade Carandiru in 1992
In 2012, more than 200 police officers were assassinated in São Paulo by bandits (some of those murders were commanded by the criminal faction ‘PCC’). It’s astonishing but, the so called Human Rights did not raise its voice to condemn the criminals or to defend the officers. The Human Rights remained in silence during all the period of the assassinations! Then, we Brazilians have learnt, that Human Rights in Brazil is the voice of bandits; they exist to protect them, solely.

This week, after passing more than 20 years of the “massacre”, some of police officers who took part in
the invasion were condemned to more than 120 years in prison, each one. The Human Rights celebrated this as a milestone in the Brazilian justice! For them, it is what should have done decades ago. The world also vibrated with this news (as if the countries really knew what happens here). But, we Brazilians do not see this fact with the same eyes they see. We Brazilians live in fear of violence. We Brazilians live in houses surrounded by barbed wires to avoid being invaded by the assassins that the Human Rights will defend one day. We Brazilians know that there are errors and mistakes committed by the police but we also know that they put their lives at risk to protect us.

What let me frustrated is to know that the Human Rights only exists in Brazil to protect bandits. The common citizens, the commuters, the police officers, the society as a whole, are not part of its “human” views. I have never heard anything coming out from Human Rights Watchdog in regards to the death of hundreds of military police officers who died to protect citizens, in 2012! It has never happened! But it is ready to point out officers when assassins are killed by police.

Assassins, burglars, thieves, pickpockets, muggers, rapists, etc. are all well protected by the law – and by Human Rights.

Blood is seen on the ground after the confrontation
By watching “the show” of the trial, we were presented with the police officers being accused of killing a band of good men and, the bandits who died, portrayed as the best men, husbands, brothers, uncles, etc. on earth. They were unarmed and so, should not be killed (in the prosecution’s view).

If you are not Brazilian, perhaps will not understand why I’m supporting the police after such a “massacre” and why I’m so angry and frustrated with our “justice”. Well, violence committed by bandits around here is of such seriousness that it is impossible to argue the contrary! Every day there are news about thefts, rapes, stabbings, shootings and so forth. As if it was not enough, now, bandits have been attacking victims inside restaurants... We have no peace even to have a dinner with a friend or family!  Underage guys (16, 17 years old) take advantage of the law to lead robberies! They cannot be arrested and so, they kill and do everything they want to humiliate their victims. My country, Brazil, is governed by corrupts that do not care about safety and education... It’s sad, but it is true. Burglars, assassins, paedophiles, etc. will always find refuge around here; unfortunately.

After dominating Carandiru, police officers prepare to transfer the inmates
I do support our police officers. For me, all of them are heroes! They killed people who deserved to be killed. They killed assassins, thefts, rapists and so forth. One hundred and eleven bandits have died but it is nothing compared to thousands of police officers and victims who have been dying every day for decades! The Human Rights doesn’t see it; human for them is only bandits. However, to me, the real “Human” is the one who wears a uniform to combat criminals – and not the one who will try to kill me to take my wallet.

The only thing I’m really sorry for, is the inmates’ families. Their mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in many cases had nothing to do with it. They also paid a high price.

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