14 May 2013

Communism in Brazil? The Country is Getting "Red"...

Hammers and sickles started shinning on Brazilian skies 

After the President Dilma Rousseff announced that will hire six thousands Cuban doctors to work in Brazilian hospitals, besides secretly giving Cuba 175 million dollars to help to reconstruct Cuban airports, I’m prone to believe that what I had suspected years ago – that this government is Communist, disguised of “good Samaritan” – has been coming true.
By observing the method of the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Labors Part) has been leading the country, it is easy to see that leftism is getting stronger than ever. The PT (part of the “acclaimed” ex-President Lula), has approached to countries like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc., where governments use populism to achieve their goals. 

To the world – that does not know what’s going on here – Lula administration is an example to be followed. However, we do know how corrupt PT is : the vote-buying scandal known as “mensalão”, is the worst in Brazilian history; Lula’s son “Lulinha”, was a zoo employee till 2003 and now is the master of telecommunications in this country; some Lula’s ex-ministers and politicians were tried, convicted of corruption besides other white collars crimes but were not arrested (Ex. Jose Genoino, Jose Dirceu, Joao Paulo Cunha, etc.). 

The Federal Police (perhaps the only Institution in Brazil that we Brazilians do have faith in) does an excellent job of investigation, try to arrest all of them but, justice free all suspects due to PT having justice in its hands.

The President Dilma Rousseff and ex-President Lula
It’s absolutely amazing the power and influence of Lula in the world. One of the most corrupt governors we have experienced so far has won lots of prizes from several countries and renowned universities (mainly for his ability of “combating famine and poverty”). He’s also invited by the New York Times to write a column weekly in its newspaper! Like Hitler, he uses his ability with words to convince people he is a good guy and cares for the poor – while fulfilling his desire power.

I hope I’m wrong but I see my country getting red... 
Comunism is getting closer than ever and all the world does is to congratulate this administration for eradicating misery. But, what should I hope from a President that’s an ex-guerrilla? Dilma Rousseff is just showing Brazilians her true colour, as it is impossible to keep wearing a mask forever.

The hammer and sickle has just started blinking.

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