23 Jun 2013

Protest Throughout Brazil

At this time, I have chosen some banners, signs and displays, people are carrying during the protests that have been taking place all over Brazil. Some sign come from abroad, from Brazilians who also took to the streets in the country they are living in, to show their support to São Paulo (and Brazil as a whole).

"There's no lack of doctors. There's lack of better working conditions"

"Japan, I change our football for your education"

"We want schools and hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"We've come out of the Facebook"

"São Paulo is like the whole world; all united against oppression"

"We sorry for the inconvenience, we are changing Brazil"

"Or (politicians) stop robbery or we stop Brazil"

"We want hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"If it (government) will import Cuban doctors to improve health system,  I want
Swedish politicians to put an end to corruption in Brazil..."

"Political reform, NOW"

"Brazil without corruption"

"End the secret ballot" (Politicians in Brazil vote secretly during debates)

21 Jun 2013

President Dilma Roussef Speech on Protests

Finally, President Dilma Rousseff came to TV to unveil her plans in an attempt to change  her image and to show that what people have been demanding in the protests, such as education, public transportation, health service and so far will be taken seriously. She also has said will take one hundred percent of oil royalties to invest in education, as well as “thousands” of foreigners doctors will be drafted from abroad to improve health service. 

For sure, when she said it, millions of Brazilians have thought: “Why does she intend to bring foreigners doctors in to work here if what we actually want is investment in hospitals, ambulances, equipments, etc ?!”

She did not convince me. I may forecast more protests ahead...!

Dilma Rousseff is Mesmerised by the Protests

As for governor of State of Ceará, Cid Gomes, President Dilma was mesmerised by the protests that have spread throughout the country. Even so, after a cabinet meeting today, Dilma is not sure if go to TV and make an official announcement or if she stays away of all those protests. Her advisers say that if she goes and make an speech she will bring the problem to her arms but if she does nothing it would not be a good idea as well. But, for the time being, she will prefer to stay out of all this and pretend those manifestations are not because her government, but only because the 20 cents!

What a President we have!!

Let's remember it in the next election. 

20 Jun 2013

Protests in São Paulo

A police officer refuses to obey order and had to hand over his gun to his commander and go away!

This happened last Thursday when the police attacked protesters when they're pacific demonstrating on the streets.

Dilma Rousseff Playing Dumb on TV

While protests go all over Brazil, president Dilma Rousseff went to TV to say that she "is proud that to many people are fighting for a better country." As if she had nothing to do with it!! It's unbelievable to see the president playing dumb on TV!

17 Jun 2013

Brazilians are waking up! Protests now are all over the country!

Finally, Brazilian people has woken up!

A protest that has started in Sao Paulo two weeks ago, it is now gaining strength and has been spread all over the country! It's commenced because the rising of public transport fares but the real intention is to bring people's attention to corruption that is almost part of this government. 

Let's go Brazil! Let's show our dissatisfaction with those parties and politicians that only think in their pockets!

Riot police firing gas and rubber bullets on pacific protesters.
Those police action prompted other protests!

Today, 17th June, protesters started marching heading to Paulista Avenue.

15 Jun 2013

Dilma Rousseff booed at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013

President Dilma Rousseff was booed today at the opening of the Confederations Cup before the match between Brazil and Japan, at the National Stadium Mané Garrincha, in Brasilia. At the rostrum, she made a brief speech, declaring officially opened the competition, but received boos from the public that packed the arena in the federal capital city.

Seeing the public reaction to Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who was beside her on the tribune and also made an official pronouncement, asked fans to have education. "Friends of Brazilian football, where is the respect and fair play, please?" Said the Swiss leader, increasing the embarrassment of the moment.
Before that, Blatter made ​​a short speech. "Dear friends of football, we all gathered today for a veritable spirit of football in the country five times champion of the world. A great pleasure, on behalf of FIFA, to welcome and thank the Brazilian authorities, led by President Dilma Rousseff," said FIFA president in Portuguese.

Dilma was twice booed by the audience when it was officially announced and when it was cited by Blatter. She stayed with the face closed off beside the Fifa chief and just declared open the competition. "I declare officially open the Fifa Confederations Cup 2013," told visibly embarrassed by the situation.

Despite a recent poll indicates that she would win a second term in the first round (in 2014), it is a sign of people’s dissatisfaction with her government. 

It seems Brazilians are getting tired of populism..., at least there's some kind of manifestation showing so, and I do hope we get rid of this burden. 

14 Jun 2013

Protest Against the Bus Fare or Something Else?

An estimated 10,000 protesters converged on the streets of Sao Paulo's central area on last Thursday - the fourth day of the protests, against bus fare raises.

A protester is seen here defying the Police - Sao Paulo, 13th June (Photo by José Patricio AE)
The protesters clashed with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd who have been protesting in the financial heart os Sao Paulo, at the Paulista Avenue.

A man attacking the police with a stick
According to the Police there’s no exact number of injured but the main newspapers of Brazil say that there are more than 100 injured so far. The Police also said that 13 officers have been injured in confrontation. Two journalists of “Folha de Sao Paulo” newspaper have been wounded with shots of rubber bullets in the face.
State Governor Geraldo Alckmin branded the rioters "vandals" and promised to act hard to avoid a repeat of the violence that occurred Thursday. For him, "The police acted with professionalism," he said, rejecting claims that they had used excessive force.

Demonstrations have been also taking place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the host cities for the Confederations Cup which starts on 15th June. It looks like it is not only because R$0,20 cents of Real that people are protesting.  On the contrary, it’s a sign of dissatisfaction with the actual Brazilian politics. The trigger for this chaos started when months ago the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced that the government would have to spend more than US$18 billion to be able to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 - whilst there’s no investment in basic stuffs such as education, health, social programmes, etc - besides endlessness scandals of corruption in all spheres of government.

In a few days, if the Police do not shot protesters with real bullets (I hope they do not do it), 
A riot police officer firing non lethal weapon (I suppose so)
demonstrations will spread all over the main States of Brazil to show to the government that we are not satisfied with lies an false promises.

So, an act who started as a protest against the bus fare, will be known as a protest against corruption in Brazil!

4 Jun 2013

Brazil - Violence without an end in sight

Violence, violence, violence... Brazil is getting worse than ever! 

Everyday there’s a new case of violence. This country has been delivered to bandits - by our governments! Rapes, kidnappings, assaults, shootings, arson, stabbings, assassinations, etc. are almost “common” in the news. Every day there’s news about a new case of banditry.

I’m really concerned about the poor tourists who will come to the World Cup thinking that Brazil is a heaven... For the assailants they will be like a delicious cake in a big party!
I feel myself ashamed for having to live in such a country where bandits have more value than workers...

Are you coming to the World Cup? Be prepared to be robbed (or dead).

I’m sorry but this is true.

This image shows a taxi driver being robbed.