4 Jun 2013

Brazil - Violence without an end in sight

Violence, violence, violence... Brazil is getting worse than ever! 

Everyday there’s a new case of violence. This country has been delivered to bandits - by our governments! Rapes, kidnappings, assaults, shootings, arson, stabbings, assassinations, etc. are almost “common” in the news. Every day there’s news about a new case of banditry.

I’m really concerned about the poor tourists who will come to the World Cup thinking that Brazil is a heaven... For the assailants they will be like a delicious cake in a big party!
I feel myself ashamed for having to live in such a country where bandits have more value than workers...

Are you coming to the World Cup? Be prepared to be robbed (or dead).

I’m sorry but this is true.

This image shows a taxi driver being robbed.

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