15 Jun 2013

Dilma Rousseff booed at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013

President Dilma Rousseff was booed today at the opening of the Confederations Cup before the match between Brazil and Japan, at the National Stadium Mané Garrincha, in Brasilia. At the rostrum, she made a brief speech, declaring officially opened the competition, but received boos from the public that packed the arena in the federal capital city.

Seeing the public reaction to Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who was beside her on the tribune and also made an official pronouncement, asked fans to have education. "Friends of Brazilian football, where is the respect and fair play, please?" Said the Swiss leader, increasing the embarrassment of the moment.
Before that, Blatter made ​​a short speech. "Dear friends of football, we all gathered today for a veritable spirit of football in the country five times champion of the world. A great pleasure, on behalf of FIFA, to welcome and thank the Brazilian authorities, led by President Dilma Rousseff," said FIFA president in Portuguese.

Dilma was twice booed by the audience when it was officially announced and when it was cited by Blatter. She stayed with the face closed off beside the Fifa chief and just declared open the competition. "I declare officially open the Fifa Confederations Cup 2013," told visibly embarrassed by the situation.

Despite a recent poll indicates that she would win a second term in the first round (in 2014), it is a sign of people’s dissatisfaction with her government. 

It seems Brazilians are getting tired of populism..., at least there's some kind of manifestation showing so, and I do hope we get rid of this burden. 
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