23 Jun 2013

Protest Throughout Brazil

At this time, I have chosen some banners, signs and displays, people are carrying during the protests that have been taking place all over Brazil. Some sign come from abroad, from Brazilians who also took to the streets in the country they are living in, to show their support to São Paulo (and Brazil as a whole).

"There's no lack of doctors. There's lack of better working conditions"

"Japan, I change our football for your education"

"We want schools and hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"We've come out of the Facebook"

"São Paulo is like the whole world; all united against oppression"

"We sorry for the inconvenience, we are changing Brazil"

"Or (politicians) stop robbery or we stop Brazil"

"We want hospitals in the FIFA's standard"

"If it (government) will import Cuban doctors to improve health system,  I want
Swedish politicians to put an end to corruption in Brazil..."

"Political reform, NOW"

"Brazil without corruption"

"End the secret ballot" (Politicians in Brazil vote secretly during debates)

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