14 Jun 2013

Protest Against the Bus Fare or Something Else?

An estimated 10,000 protesters converged on the streets of Sao Paulo's central area on last Thursday - the fourth day of the protests, against bus fare raises.

A protester is seen here defying the Police - Sao Paulo, 13th June (Photo by José Patricio AE)
The protesters clashed with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd who have been protesting in the financial heart os Sao Paulo, at the Paulista Avenue.

A man attacking the police with a stick
According to the Police there’s no exact number of injured but the main newspapers of Brazil say that there are more than 100 injured so far. The Police also said that 13 officers have been injured in confrontation. Two journalists of “Folha de Sao Paulo” newspaper have been wounded with shots of rubber bullets in the face.
State Governor Geraldo Alckmin branded the rioters "vandals" and promised to act hard to avoid a repeat of the violence that occurred Thursday. For him, "The police acted with professionalism," he said, rejecting claims that they had used excessive force.

Demonstrations have been also taking place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the host cities for the Confederations Cup which starts on 15th June. It looks like it is not only because R$0,20 cents of Real that people are protesting.  On the contrary, it’s a sign of dissatisfaction with the actual Brazilian politics. The trigger for this chaos started when months ago the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced that the government would have to spend more than US$18 billion to be able to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 - whilst there’s no investment in basic stuffs such as education, health, social programmes, etc - besides endlessness scandals of corruption in all spheres of government.

In a few days, if the Police do not shot protesters with real bullets (I hope they do not do it), 
A riot police officer firing non lethal weapon (I suppose so)
demonstrations will spread all over the main States of Brazil to show to the government that we are not satisfied with lies an false promises.

So, an act who started as a protest against the bus fare, will be known as a protest against corruption in Brazil!
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