1 Jul 2013

At the End, Dilma Rousseff did not Attend the Match - World Confederations Cup 2013

The Brazilian team has beaten World Champion Spain 3-0 yesterday, but the coveted trophy was not handled over by the President of the country, as it is usual. The reason? Because the president Dilma Rousseff, was wary of being booed again and did not attend the match!

Yes! We Brazilians are tired of corruption and disrespect and are taking to the streets to
Protesters near the Maracanã Stadium
show off our discontentment with governments. Neither the vice-president Michel Temer went to the Maracanã Stadium! Almost hidden, who delivered the trophy to the players was the Federal Deputy of Brazilian Communist Party - PC do B - Aldo Rebelo.

You’re time is coming, corrupts...
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