9 Jul 2013

Brazil will Investigate NSA in Illegal Spying Activities

Almost all Brazilian News have been telling us about how American spying agency NSA has been doing to spy countries around the world, including Brazil, for years, as the leaking of documents by American whistleblower Edward Snowden states. After the release of the  document to the O GLOBO Newspaper detailing how the American government did to track millions of  Brazilians by using internet tools such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail besides telephone calls and so forth, the Brazilian government took drastic measures to find out if there’s any Brazilian company involved behind it.

It was said that Brazil, alongside with Russia, China, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela, is among the most tracked countries in the world. Brazil, as the document says, is the Latin America’s most ‘bugged’ country and the NSA not only spied on ordinary people, but also Companies and the government as well. Armed with this information, Brazilian Federal Police and government agencies initiated criminal probe of NSA spying.

Federal law enforcement officials and other agencies announced yesterday, with the support of the President Dilma Rousseff and Ministers, that they will conduct far-reaching criminal and civil investigations of the US National Security Agency's illegal spying activities carried out in Brazilian soil or abroad if it involved Brazilian nationals.

There’s a possibility of the American ambassador to Brazil in Brasilia (the Capital of Brazil), Thomas Shannon, being summoned to attend a closed-door meeting in the Congress and Senate still this week, to explain why it did occur and how long it’s being happening, among other issues.

Thomas Shannon denied any wrongdoing by the American spying agencies and preferred to blame Brazilian media of doing “sensationalism”. He also played down all those information and said that the “excellent relationship with Brazilian intelligence services and police was distorted” - by the documents obtained by the O GLOBO.

My point of view:

More than five years ago while talking to my friends, the subject “spying through internet” was aroused. At that time, we were asking ourselves, why “free” services such as Google, Skype and Facebook were available for any one without (us) paying even a cent for using them. I remember when I said that it could be an American army’s tool to track down anybody they want around the globe, keeping themselves almost invisibles. Well, now we know that it was not used by American army (or at least it was not proven yet), but by the American spying agencies.
I’ve come closer than ever!

Now, Edward Snowden, the whistleblower, is living somewhere - supposedly in an Russian airport - and several countries, mainly the Latin American ones, have offered him asylum. If he chooses to go back and stay in China, there’s a high probability of he never being caught by the American Justice. If he decides to go to Russia, for sure he will be squeezed by the Russian secret service FSB and could be used as high bargaining counter when some Russian spy is arrested in American soil.

If I was Snowden, I would remain in China and would not stay in Russia or any Latin American country. China is one of the world’s fewest countries where the hand of the US does not reach out. As we could see in the last week, the President of Bolivia’s airplane was delayed flight from Moscow and was held up in Europe under suspicious that Edward Snowden was aboard. Bolivia said the plane from Moscow was forced to land in Austria after Italia, France, Spain and Portugal denied permission for it to enter their airspace. The Bolivian President Evo Morales has since blamed the US government for pressurising the European countries into the ban, which has caused a diplomatic furore.

Attitudes like those above mentioned countries, show us that they are totally dependent on the US and will do everything they want to please their master. They showed no respect by the President of a nation and preferred to obey the US by forcing the airplane to land in Austria. If European countries are submissive at this level, what to expect from them if Snowden come to a South American country? An end of relationship? A war? An invasion?

Perhaps is exactly this lack of respect by the US and some European countries, that Latin America is getting ‘red’ and is approaching more and more of Russia and China. The most disrespectful those countries become to Latin countries, the most South America is prone to approach and trade with China and Russia.

I have already said before, that the fewest institutions we still have faith in, in Brazil, is the Federal Police that always does excellent jobs. Let’s see what they will discover behind all this. If actually there’s something wrong, for sure, they will find out something; I’m not sure if they will be allowed to say what they will discover, but I’m keen on getting news about it. If the US had really spied on us, we will know it; all is possible. Perhaps Snowden has talked too much and most of all this is bullshit, but perhaps it is true and the mess is worse than we can expect.

We must wait and see.
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