19 Jul 2013

The Rapist is Free; the Victim is arrested - That's Dubai!

Four months after complaining about a rape that had happened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Norway's girl Marte Deborah Dalelv was sentenced to 16 months in prison for it!

It’s outrageous but it’s true. 

According to the local law, a rapist may only be sentenced if he confesses the crime or is seen
Marte Dalelv
practicing rape by four MALE witnesses. As she reported the rape, Marte was convicted of having sex outside of marriage and for perjury. She also was found guilty of having ingested alcoholic beverages on the night she suffered rape (in the UAE, drinking is not allowed).

According to information from the Norwegian website “VG.no” in the day she complained, Marte was subject of mockery of the authorities, they would have asked her if she "was making the complaint for not having enjoyed the sex."

Looking at this I ask myself: What a heck does Dubai is? Do they still live in the Stone Age? All that apparent modern society is to hide its prehistoric mind? Do women mean nothing for them? Is it the Emirati concept of modernism?

It’s hard to believe that a rape VICTIM is sentenced to spend 16 months in prison while the rapist is free! I see that Dubai is only one more Arabic country pretending has changed its way of thinking about the world, while conceals its true roots.

You will never read this Blog, Marte  Dalelv, but at this exactly instant my prays go all for you. I really hope you can get out of this country as soon as possible and so, go back to Norway and your family.
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